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May 12, 2015 - 2 comments

How to Get Free SSL/HTTPS on a WordPress Site

By now, most people know that Google considers HTTPS as a ranking factor. With that said, not everyone knows that you can actually get this for free with Cloudflare and in a couple of minutes.

Find out how now:

This will be an ultra quick guide on how to set up an SSL certificate on WordPress, with Cloudflare already operating on your site.

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WordPress Plugins Needed for SSL:


Here's a quick run-through:

First plugin allows you to change multiple Cloudflare settings directly within your WordPress installation/site.

Second one stops any redirects(back to http) that might occur.

Still with me? Hopefully.

Now go ahead and activate the plugins, go to settings, and fill in the details for the Cloudflare plugin.

Stuck already? Check out the (Get This?) links next to each section. Here is what I put for my settings:

Okay, now that you finished that, go to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and go to General under Settings.

Change your Address for WordPress(URL) and Site Address both to https.

It should now look like this:

Now here is what will happen - your WordPress site will now log you out and ask you to log back in with https.

However if you navigate to your WordPress site again, it doesn't automatically change to https, so that sucks.

Here's how you change that:

Go to and navigate to Options > Cloudflare Settings. Find "Page Rules", use CTRL + F, don't waste your time.

I want all my pages to go to https, so I would use* as a rule. The asterisk(*) is a wildcard, which means it is for any URL.

Now toggle 'Always Use Https' and confirm it with 'Add Rule'.

Here's what it should look like:

AND you're done! Your site should now force https beliefs on every single one of your visitors.

If the lock on the left side of the browser is still red, check this tool out:


Let me know if you guys have any questions!