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June 15, 2015 - 2 comments

How to Get Into Google News: 5 Quick Steps

Many people in the digital marketing industry overlook press releases, but I'm here to tell you that you're crazy if you aren't including press releases in your marketing strategy.

Enough about that, today I'm here to tell you how to get your content into Google News.

Google News watches more than 4500 news sources in the world. Your inclusion in Google News is not only a great means of getting powerful backlinks, but also a great way to increase brand awareness and viewership. The problem is, many marketing departments have difficulty with this without proper resources and steps.

1. Newsworthy Topic

First thing to remember is that you're not writing a blog post, you're writing a press release. You want something fresh and new that would actually present something of value to your readers.

This factor may seem obvious, but this is where a lot of people screw up. The whole point of a press release is to announce to the public of something newsworthy. You want to get into Google News? Then search what people are writing about in your industry.

Majority of you out there won't have something life-changing, so you'll have to get creative or hire someone(psst. we do this) who can whip up a newsworthy press release on any subject.

If you do it right, even the most boring corporate company would sound fun and appealing.

2. Writing the Content


Your press release shouldn't be a huge promotional piece - no proper news outlet would publish an ad. Following the first step you have found something newsworthy and enticing, and now you'll start your writing. If you can't write that well or just don't have the time for it, you can hire freelance writers.

While outsourcing your writing, be sure to notify the writers of your brand guidelines - this includes the tone of your 'brand' as well as style and voice. I personally write the way I speak, I believe that keeps things interesting but to each their own.

I'll tell you right now, if you're outsourcing, be prepare to spend money, professional editors aren't cheap. A $5 article writer on Fiverr will get you nowhere, trust me, I've tried. There is a reason why they will charge as much as they do.

3. Highlight things about your company

A ton of editors skim through hundreds of press releases every day, take advantage of this. Have something that will jump out at the site editor - just because they don't feature you today, doesn't mean they won't another day.

This is why I cannot stress enough about the importance of a proper About and Contact page.

I'll tell you why it's important to highlight exactly what you do and how someone can contact you. My friend in the UK has a local SEO client who would submit a press release every couple months; he always had the budget to hire proper writers who made the client's business sound interesting because the industry is actually pretty boring.

The client actually ended up getting a call from Huffington Post and featured his business in a post. The editor said he found the client through the press releases and while they didn't publish his story that day, kept it on file because it was interesting.

Does this happen often? Hell no, but why not do it right the first time?

4. Make sure your post adheres to Google's standards


Make sure the content your creating meets their standard, here are some things they pointed out:

  • Authority. Write what you know! The best news sites exhibit clear authority and expertise.
  • Accountability. Users tell us they value news sites with author biographies and clearly accessible contact information, such as email and physical addresses, and phone numbers.
  • Readability. Clearly written articles with correct spelling and grammar make for a much better user experience. Limiting your use of distracting ads and auto-load videos also allows users to more easily focus on your article content.

5. Submitting your press release

Now that you've met all the previous points, you have a damn good press release on your hands. All you have to do is to pay a quality site to distribute it, and Google News is yours. Here are some sites you can use to distribute it(mostly paid):


Most of these work quite well and can get you into some News sites. However with that said, to guarantee an inclusion in Google News requires quite a bit of testing.

Ending Note

I'm going to end this guide with this: focus on quality, find a writer that can truly 'wow' you with their writing and go from there. Pay for the quality and your ROI will be fine.

For more info on creating content worthy of Google News or if you're just too lazy to write, contact us to write for you(we guarantee Google News placement): hello[аt]


June 5, 2015 - 4 comments

How to Stop Email Spam(and Profit from Them)

Everyone gets email spam, your contact info is plastered all over the web.

No, I don't usually reply the emails written in terrible English and offering to destroy my SEO with combined Fiverr gigs.

Today I thought, 'fuck this, I'm going to do something about it'.

Here's what I did:

1. Take your average email spam offering SEO and/or web design services

Hi Dear,

I am Vanessa,

Manager Online Marketing

To introduce, we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified Indian Web Design and Development firm and have over 10 years of experience. We have been partnering various digital agencies all over US, UK, Australia and Europe.

As you offer Web Design and Development Services to your clients may I propose an association between the two firms. In these tough times, where it is hard to maintain the top line, we can help boost the bottom-line for you.

We can execute the Web Design or SEO projects on a white label basis for you at a much lower cost than what it might be in house - No compromise on quality!

Our Primary Services includes:

Web Design and Development



Web application development

HTML5 Development

Mobile web development

Do let me know if you are interested and we would be happy to connect with you and discuss more in detail about your project requirement.

I look forward to your positive responses mail.

Kinds Regards,

Vanessa Freed

Marketing Manager

Email id: [email protected]

2. Reply with Interest

Talk to them, pretend like you're actually interested in their terrible white label SEO services.

The key is to build some trust here, I doubt you'll have any problems here.

Ask them about what they offer in their packages, types of backlinks, onsite SEO and all that good stuff.

Hi Vanessa,

Do you offer review copies for your SEO services?
Send me your package info.

3. Bonus: Their Package

email-seoI won't go into detail about how terrible every is. Someone once covered that a lot of SEO services can be made by combining 4 or 5 Fiverr services, wrapping it up and selling it for x amount of money.

4. Ask for their Portfolio

It is completely normal to ask for their portfolio for validation. What did they give me?

A list of 10 clients and the keywords their ranking for.

5. Profit

Here comes the most crucial part:

Contact each one of the site owners after some brief analysis and inform them of the terrible SEO issues with their site(they will definitely have some).

Work your relationship building skills here:

email-marketingSo out of the 10 people I contacted, 4 of them replied and I actually closed a deal with one of them.

No need to stop email spam, use it!

So as you can clearly see, this was the easiest way to build a sales funnel. Remember, the next time you see someone from India emailing you, see it as an opportunity!




June 1, 2015 - 4 comments

The Ultimate 7-Minute LinkedIn Marketing Trick

My bootstrapped company Indexsy helps businesses build an online presence.

Like many of us out there, we get visitors who come and sign up for our newsletter, and we have people who just immediately leave our site.

We spend tons of time trying to understand the latter - we are trying to define the users who are not opting in to our free SEO audit.

While doing some research on email marketing and all that good stuff, we uncovered the ultimate LinkedIn marketing tip for you guys.

We discovered everyone has an email list, you just need to access it.



Step 1. Signup/Log In to LinkedIn

I actually put a lot into my LinkedIn profile, and make an effort to constantly update my profile. Back when I was on the hunt for a job, I constantly cold-connected with industry professionals.

What was the result? I have 2137 people who either gives two shits about me OR are potential clients.

Alright, here's the actual trick..

LinkedIn makes it ridiculously easy to export your contacts/connections.

Here's how to navigate to the goods:

Hover over the Connections to prompt the drop-down, and click on Keep in Touch.

Click on the Settings icon(gear icon, top right) and get to a page like this:

LinkedIn Growth Hack


And boom, I have a list of over 2000 emails.



Step 2. Get on Mailchimp

Go grab a free account and navigate to the Lists tab and hit Create List. After filling out all the options you can navigate to the list and import subscribers.

mailchimp growth hack

Watch in awe as Mailchimp matches the first and last name as well as the email address for you.

That is all you need, skip the other columns and information.



Step 3. The World is Your Oyster

This LinkedIn marketing tip is so effective it's silly. The actual trick lies in the highly targeted list. If you are active on LinkedIn then your name should be at least familiar to them.

In the digital marketing world, this is as good as it gets, the crème de la crème.

Here is the email template I used to flood my site with hundreds targeted traffic and led to 10 leads:

email marketing


There are a million ways to apply this LinkedIn tip.

Need a job? Send out a quick message, I'm certain one of your contacts are more than happy to refer you to the right opportunity.

Raising some money for cancer research? This method would be a couple folds more effective than your average Facebook status.

Trying to find someone worth of your Nigerian money? Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

This has potential for abuse, but I can't teach people how to be a good person.