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The Ultimate 7-Minute LinkedIn Marketing Trick

My bootstrapped company Indexsy helps businesses build an online presence.

Like many of us out there, we get visitors who come and sign up for our newsletter, and we have people who just immediately leave our site.

We spend tons of time trying to understand the latter - we are trying to define the users who are not opting in to our free SEO audit.

While doing some research on email marketing and all that good stuff, we uncovered the ultimate LinkedIn marketing tip for you guys.

We discovered everyone has an email list, you just need to access it.



Step 1. Signup/Log In to LinkedIn

I actually put a lot into my LinkedIn profile, and make an effort to constantly update my profile. Back when I was on the hunt for a job, I constantly cold-connected with industry professionals.

What was the result? I have 2137 people who either gives two shits about me OR are potential clients.

Alright, here's the actual trick..

LinkedIn makes it ridiculously easy to export your contacts/connections.

Here's how to navigate to the goods:

Hover over the Connections to prompt the drop-down, and click on Keep in Touch.

Click on the Settings icon(gear icon, top right) and get to a page like this:

LinkedIn Growth Hack


And boom, I have a list of over 2000 emails.



Step 2. Get on Mailchimp

Go grab a free account and navigate to the Lists tab and hit Create List. After filling out all the options you can navigate to the list and import subscribers.

mailchimp growth hack

Watch in awe as Mailchimp matches the first and last name as well as the email address for you.

That is all you need, skip the other columns and information.



Step 3. The World is Your Oyster

This LinkedIn marketing tip is so effective it's silly. The actual trick lies in the highly targeted list. If you are active on LinkedIn then your name should be at least familiar to them.

In the digital marketing world, this is as good as it gets, the crème de la crème.

Here is the email template I used to flood my site with hundreds targeted traffic and led to 10 leads:

email marketing


There are a million ways to apply this LinkedIn tip.

Need a job? Send out a quick message, I'm certain one of your contacts are more than happy to refer you to the right opportunity.

Raising some money for cancer research? This method would be a couple folds more effective than your average Facebook status.

Trying to find someone worth of your Nigerian money? Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

This has potential for abuse, but I can't teach people how to be a good person.

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John Brooking
June 2, 2015 at 1:15 pm

Hi Jacky
Thanks for the great tip!
I shall add that to me arsenal!

Peter Marks
June 3, 2015 at 10:22 am

This trick is violating Mailchimp rules. You cannot send unsolicited email with Mailchimp, which this “trick” is telling you to do. So, if you do this, be aware of that and also that you may piss of your LinkedIn network.

    Jacky Chou
    June 3, 2015 at 12:56 pm

    The great thing about this method is that you are providing legitimate, quality posts to your network. Haven’t had a spam notice yet, but fingers crossed!

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