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5 Must-Haves in Your ‘About Us’ Page: Simple Content Marketing

Businesses and bloggers know that the About us page is one of the most popular pages - readers are always curious to see the face behind the screen. Nobody likes reading an ultra formal page written in third person.

This is your chance to show off your sass or drop that terrible one-liner.

When was the last time you went back and revised your About us/About me page? See this page as another search engine optimized post, you should be constantly going back and optimizing it. This is your chance to tell your story and sell yourself, a crucial content marketing opportunity. I highly prefer writing in first person, unless it is a corporate site.

Write to keep your users compelled, I'm an awful writer and definitely still learning. I like to dance back and forth from technical and creative writing. Draw them in and blast them with images.

I'm reading the above text and I'm already getting bored, so here's an image to keep you interested:

about me

Something About Audience Targeting via Quicksprout

As corny as it is, see this as an opportunity to connect with your readers emotionally. I rather write about what type of socks I like than writing how amazing pushing Excel sheets are at my last job.

Without further filler here are the 5 crucial aspects you should include in your about us page:

  1. Define Yourself: Who are you, why should they care, and how are you different from everyone else?
  2. Core Message: What question are you trying to answer, what should your readers take away from reading your content?
  3. Core Mission: Why did you start your blog/company?
  4. Obstacles: What conflicts or hurdles have you encountered so far?
  5. Successes: How have you overcome the fore-mentioned obstacles? Which aspects do you see as successful?

How These 'About Us' Pages Rocked my Socks(Click to Skip to Section):


Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Told a story, and told it well. It went into extensive detail on the birth of the big idea and his journey to Thailand. The writer used great imagery that kept readers enticed wrapped the writing with great relevant stock photos. Like I mentioned earlier, everyone has a story to tell, you just have to learn to tell it well.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks



The about us page for überlin is written by humans, for humans. I dislike pages that are way too formal, especially if they are in the creative industry. Formality is great and all, but it does not sound as genuine and fluffy as this one. The photo of the dog is great too, pretty much just gives the feeling of family.


I Shot Him

This page breaks down all contemporary expectations of about us pages, and it works. I Shot Him rocks their own brand and is consistent with their theme. This is also a reminder that your about page should work with the theme of your entire site.

I shot him

That's it! Share your favorite sites with me and let's discuss it!

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