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High Google ranking in 2015 will be increasingly dependent on content and the quality of it. Majority of people still don’t know how to write content that engages readers. If you are looking to buy content, I will tell you now you will be paying around 10-15 dollars for 100 words of well-researched articles.

At this rate, you will be spending around 5k-10k filling your site and building authority. I just started off and if you’re like me you definitely don’t have that kind of cash lying around. I will show you how to motivate yourself to write search engine optimized content and build some domain authority.

Here are the 7 things to note when writing SEO articles:

  1. How to choose your topic
  2. Word flow and structure
  3. LSI friendly articles
  4. Topic research tactics
  5. Methods for no hands writing
  6. Reasons why people aren’t reading your content
  7. Images
  8. How to BlackHat content for your websites(Bonus)

Choosing a Topic

When it comes down to it, being a superb content marketer and writer all roots from the chosen topic. Forget all about keyword and competition research while choosing your topic. The keywords and topics should fit nicely with a proper niche finding process.
Note the following points:

  • You shouldn’t click bait when writing about your topic. You can in your Meta description but they are already on your site, so give them some damn good info to keep them coming back.
  • This might be weird but due to on-site SEO, you should use stop words as little as possible (a, it, the).

Word flow and Content Structure:

Remember the main goal of writing excellent articles is reader engagement. You killed it with the title and putting your link out there, but will they even read it? I personally skim through it quickly before I commit to the read. Here’s how I personally structure articles and a bit of reasoning on why.

SEO article flow

Look how I try to keep readers engaged by introducing new and interesting topics consistently. Authority sites tend to have 1000 or more words on each page and you break it up into subsections to reduce bounce rate.  You should try adding a couple videos or pictures in between.

LSI(Latent Semantic Indexing) Friendly Content:

The method of ‘keyword stuffing’ no longer works and will get you a swift Google penalty. Nowadays Googlebot uses the Latent Semantic Indexing system; what this means is that they analyze your content by removing articles (the, but .. etc) to conclude what your article is about. Take a look below to see how keywords are becoming less significant and how the importance of LSI content is increasing.

seo articles lsi


From a quick skim you can tell this short paragraph is about cosmetics. What I did here was researched the topic thoroughly and presented the science of the product instead of keyword stuffing. This gives Google the impression that there is valuable information here and they will reward you for it.

Researching Topics with Ease:

Most the time I’m doing more research than actually writing. This is also the reason why I hate writing about topics I’m not passionate about. You must really love what you’re going to write about to do such extensive research. I recommend having some nice snacks and John Mayer in the background (half joking). You want some reputable sources for your SEO articles so here are a couple sites I visit regularly: – Damn good data with sources most of the time! – I use this while doing research for papers, why not now?

Too Lazy to Type? There’s Something for That:

Are your fingers spraying blood from typing? I know that feel. You still don’t have enough money to hire people to write for you so the tool Dragon by Nuance is ideal. Out of 800 words, you will probably have to fix 2-3 mistakes. This might be tough for non-native English speakers, but definitely try it out. If you don’t want to pay for software, there are always other ways out there :-).

Flesch Reading Ease:

So you aced your title, killer topic and wrote some damn good content, but notice people still aren’t finishing your article. You are probably getting impatient thinking you know how to write SEO articles yet your readers are still not engaged. This is most likely because the language you’re using is too advanced. Remember a large majority of people online are still in school. They even came up with a formula to check the readability of a block of text.

flesch reading ease



Just because your score is low doesn’t mean your content is bad, it just means you’re targeting a smaller group of people. Essentially you are trying write simple enough for the majority while not questioning the intelligence of the smaller percentile. If you’re buying your articles, good companies will allow you to specify the readability. A good tool to use can be found here.

Images and why


Maybe I should’ve added this in the SEO content and structuring section, but add some pictures in your articles. Not just normal pictures but stock photos – they are compelling and engaging. Look, the photo above probably kept you reading.

Here are some sites that offer free stock photos:


Death to the Stock Photo


Blackhat Content:

I am not responsible for any copyright infringement or lawsuits you might receive with this method – however if you are too lazy to write or English is a second language, this is a good method to get SEO articles. Please note, this method requires Dragon by Nuance.

After purchasing/downloading Dragon, search on Youtube informative videos in your niche. Use a mic, turn on Dragon and press play. Voila – unique, quality content. Go back and do a quick read through to catch any mistakes, and you’re all set. It works well, and very fast!

Parting Words on SEO Articles

Stop spinning articles in 2015, seriously, just stop. I can’t stress it enough, your money sites should have no spun articles. Wwith authority sites you’re trying to build a loyal community of readers. Write your content with your audience as a priority.

Now get out there and write some damn good content!


I moved to Germany on a whim for an internship at a mobile application marketing company. It is in Berlin where I have found my calling in Online Marketing with a focus in SEO. I specialize in local SEO and strongly believe in White Hat SEO.