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6 Email Marketing Strategies That Will Increase Your Clicks

…Sound familiar?

You’re frustrated because your emails seem to be getting through to no one.  Read on to find out how to Get YOUR Emails Read!

1.      Subject Lines Need To Be HEADLINES (yes, in capital letters)

I want to close your eyes right now. Now, imagine that the target of your emails is a young, social-media savvy office worker. She opens her inbox and sees 100 unread emails. Yours is a part of that long list.

Her fingers scroll down to your email. But…what’s this? Her eyes move right past the subject line of your email, and instead, she clicks on the email below yours that reads:

50% SALE – last chance @ Aritzia!!

Oh snap!

Now, don’t fret. It’s not the end of the world.

Let’s take a look at some of the types of things you could use in your emails to improve their click-rate:

  • How to: How to Double Your Revenue with one Little Known Email Marketing Technique
  • Humor: Forget Black Friday – Enjoy Wine Weekend
  • Shocking: How I lost 48 pounds in ONE WEEK
  • Testimonial: “MarketBeat made me $12,384.32 in one trade”
  • Time Sensitive: Tonight’s Deadline (Last Chance!)
  • Warning: Don’t Miss Out!

Symbols, free stuff, CAPITAL LETTERS – all of these help to make your email stand out!



2.      Your Readers Need to Know YOU

Communication is never one-sided – it is an interactive process involving someone on either side of the line! Just as you should know your audience, it helps to let them know YOU as well.

“Why do they care who I am?” you ask.

Well, would YOU rather read an email with personality or an email that looks like it’s been generated by a bot?

How do you prove you’re not a bot?

For starters, how about changing your email name from do-not-reply@abc.com (best way to PREVENT engagement with your readers, btw) to first.lastname@abc.com?


In addition, if humor aligns with your brand - USE IT!

Imagine having to go through hundreds of emails a day…what are you more likely to read? An email with a creative title or an email without?

What are you more likely to remember – an email that made you laugh or an email that only “spoke business”?

Depending on your business image, it may be okay to embed totally irrelevant – but hilarious – content in your emails, just to give your clients a laugh! Hey, happy clients are more likely to buy-in, right?

Let me give you an example from Bonobos. If you purchased from their website, you receive a confirmation email that includes a cute cat video. Make your customers happy, and you’ll be happy too!  

Although it had nothing to do with their brand, but you can be sure with little gems like that in their emails, Bonobos readers will be 10x more likely to open emails from them.

3.      Optimize for Mobile

We live in a mobile world where people are always on the go. Increasingly more people are viewing their emails on their cellphones instead of their computers. Those of us who don’t have gigantic Samsung notes, are not going to read your email if we have to keep zooming to see all of it!

Keep in mind that although a pretty layout with lots of columns and images look nifty on a desktop, it’s not so sharp when it’s been resized to a mobile-sized screen.

Instead, consider using responsive templates which will optimize your content for the screen it is displayed on (i.e. wider for desktop, shrunk for cellphones). Learn all about responsive templates here.

Also, they say that images speak louder than words.

…But not if I can only see a corner of it on my phone!

According to a research by Fractl, Buzzstream, and Hubspot, an ideal size for images is between 600-800 pixels. The same principle applies to fonts – the bigger, the better!

4.      Cash Out on Capital Real Estate

A.K.A the preheader text. What’s the preheader text, you ask?

Preheader text refers to the few lines that show up in the email preview:


Most people neglect to capitalize on these few lines. Instead, they waste valuable real estate on lines such as “having trouble viewing this email?” (Doh!)

I know you’re probably starting to sweat, thinking “Shoot, does my preheader text say that?”

Don’t sweat. Find out how to make your preheader text reads exactly what you want it to here.

5. Don’t Trap Your Readers  

Make the unsubscribe button clearly visible and easy to click. Some people think that if they hide the “unsubscribe” button really well, their readers will be forced to read their emails. Nuh-uh.

If readers are disengaged by your content, and are unable to easily unsubscribe…guess what? They’re just going to send you to their “blocked senders” list or worse, report you as spam!

You can make it easy for your readers to unsubscribe, yet still encourage them to stay on your subscription list by giving them the option of selecting which types of email to opt-out from (rather than an all-or-nothing approach).

Remember, your readers will LOVE personalized content!

6.      Give More Than You Take

Do you send out an email with free resources for your readers once in a while? One freebie per two emails selling your services? How about reversing that order?

Try sending your reader two emails that GIVE value for every one that TAKES from them.

  •         Emails that give value: provide free resources, tips, training videos (stuff they can use)
  •         Emails that take from them: asking them to buy something or provide you feedback

You may be protesting “Hey, this isn’t a charity organization!” but doing good is never a bad thing. Maybe your readers will want to buy-in to your products or services simply out of sheer gratitude for all you’ve provided to them!

Do YOU have any other tips for email marketing? Let us know what’s worked for you, and what you’ve struggled with!


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