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How to Do SEO – A Free Way to Know Your Competitors Site

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In fact, when you do keyword research on the internet you are performing search engine optimization.


SEO is a complicated and long process. Some people simply neglect to perform it because they see it as a step to nothing. What they don't realize is that SEO is the first step in a highly complicated process. Search engine optimization will help you get onto the first page of Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing (if you have relevant links) and to the first page of your competitor's website.

Before doing SEO, I found out that most of the "free"simple" solutions to search engines don't work very well. They merely make the search engines slow down your websites. A better alternative to web content building is search engine marketing.

SEO works best with a good reputation. You can market a product, service, blog or whatever you want to for free, but you cannot use those same methods to do free SEO. Those methods are fine if they do not require a lot of money. If you must pay for SEO, be sure you have done it right the first time.

Another reason to pay for SEO is that there are so many people trying to offer you a product or service for free and that you may be more likely to purchase their product if you know your competitors have a website. The same is true if your site is being developed. You may have someone offering you a SEO website for free, but if you know someone else has the same website, why wouldn't you buy their website instead?

Once you have optimized your website for those keywords, you should have a better idea of what your web copy should be like. Does it make sense? Is it readable? Does it engage the readers?

If you have done your SEO research and you are still having trouble getting your website up in the rankings, then how to do SEO may be just the thing you need. As the old saying goes, first do no harm! If you know that you have to pay for SEO, do so only if you are sure you need it!

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