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EP4 This Week in Digital Marketing: AI Content, FB ASC, Elon vs. Apple

This week we went over a hidden gem of an AI tool, what we bought during Black Friday, Apple vs. Elon, FB/Meta the modern day phoenix rising from the ashes, and Twitter ad features.

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Jacky Chou: [00:00:00] Right. Welcome to this week in Digital marketing. I’m your host Jackie Chow and co-hosting me with me is James d Lacey. And yeah, we have a pretty exciting episode for you this week. We’re gonna talk about what we worked on this week some growth hacks or marketing tips from each one of each of us, and maybe some news that’s happening in digital marketing.

This is not very well prepared on my side. So hopefully this will be a fun episode that we can try out a bit impromptu. Yeah, I’ll imp type of thing. . Yeah. Thanks a lot James. Yeah, right. So what you working on this week? I know it’s Cyber Monday a couple days ago. Yeah, 

James De Lacey: it’s been obviously Black Friday, summer Monday.

I guess what I’ve been working on is kind of also ties into my, I guess my tip as well, so. I’ve, I’ve been trying, I was trying a few, something different with the email marketing where usually when you, when you send [00:01:00] something like that has sale, offer price, whatever it is, you go straight into like Gmail promotions, you don’t always hit the inbox.

And so I started playing around with trying to sell without using those words, which was quite difficult. So I thought, okay, I’d already kind of built, I started my. At the beginning of last week, so days have been good, but Black Friday was actually my worst day in terms of new signups for my stuff. And the email I sent out, I just thought, okay, everyone’s receiving sales emails today.

I’m gonna send out informational email, but I have like a PS for, hey, this is still live, or whatever. And oh, I’ve got pretty good open rates, but no one, not many people bought. So I was like, okay. So I’ll probably scrap that for the future. But I guess it’s, I just wanted to test it, you know? Like it means, it means I’ll get the inbox.

It’s informational with the catchy headlines. Someone might open it or more likely to open it than just like, Hey, buy this shit. [00:02:00] And then potentially go to at least go to the website to read the article or whatever it is and see that there’s the sale going to buy. That didn’t seem to, that didn’t seem to work how I thought it would work, cuz every other day has been better than that day.

So that’s just something that I, I thought I’d try and just test. And then obviously a tip that I guess everyone always gives as well with, with that is to send your final call or last chance emails for whatever you’re promoting. So I. Hours out an hour ago, just last chance. It’s literally like two lines in the email.

And we’ve had four or five sign up since, 

Jacky Chou: Sick 

James De Lacey: just from that and from blasting on social stuff like that. So literally just last chance, Hey, it’s your last chance to get blah, blah, blah, special. Here’s the link. That’s basically it. And that’s, yeah. 

Jacky Chou: Yeah. Facially. Yeah. I think uh, historically those. Yeah.

I think historically those perform the best, right? It’s like the last chance, once I’ve gotten a couple of those, I’ve forgotten about deals in the past. And for example, [00:03:00] for the software we’re using Riverside they just send me an email saying like, they have a Black Friday annual plan, 50% off two hours left.

So I gotta hustle after this. Mm-hmm. you purchase it, but yeah, probably gonna do that. Why not? And yeah, hopefully it continues to convert. Yeah, no, 

James De Lacey: that’s been good. Obviously there’s more sales or more 

Jacky Chou: sale periods coming out. Wait, how’s your affiliate side? With like consumer, like the consumer side been really 

James De Lacey: good actual product.

So, so with the affiliate stuff, it, it’s been really good. It hasn’t been as good as. Last year. But that’s, I think that’s only because the way the company did it this year. So the company actually released a new product around Black Friday, but didn’t really, they did it Black Friday, but it wasn’t the same, I dunno how you would say it.

I don’t think it was the same length or same push as it was last year. So, I mean, in terms of commissions, it still, still like killed it on that, but then obviously you had had another company coming after me as I showed you, [00:04:00] with a basically a cease and desist artificial letter . 

Jacky Chou: So that that was So the audience, what happened?

Exactly. I think it was they also sued a competitor, right? 

James De Lacey: Yeah. So they, I mean, yeah, it was that company. I don’t wanna say too much just in case there’s some legal shit or so I’m shit that goes on, but Oh, sure, sure, sure. Yeah. But essentially they did that suit another company. I promote that company.

I have a review that compares their product to the, to the other company’s product. And they didn’t like that. Mm-hmm. They thought it was a fake review for money kind of thing. And defamatory, which definitely isn’t. But I think the issue, actually, I don’t even wanna say what I think the issue is, just in case, but either way, I, I pretty much, after talking with the other company, I ended up just taking the thing down.

Cause it’s not worth trying to, you know, as a small business, trying to do whatever it is and. Basically getting, you know, money taken out of the bank account to fight something that’s just not worth it for one article. That doesn’t bring in that much anyway, . 

Jacky Chou: Yeah. Yeah. I think it’s this, I don’t know, I don’t [00:05:00] know how I feel about this because I think a lot of the times these larger companies tend to bully small publishers.

Oh yeah. Like submission, right? I’m not, Man, if I had the capital, I would just totally fight it just for the principal, you know, fuck these guys. 

James De Lacey: Dude, I, I’m there with you. I was pissed, but I was like, well, there’s like, I couldn’t do much about it. I was like, man, like I had all these ideas of things I can do.

Like I could still, I could still, cause I ranked for their brand keyword , but let them do a different products. Yeah, exactly. So I. Second or third place on their brand keyword. I mean, there’s still things I can potentially do in the future, but like mm-hmm. for now, it’s just, it’s just 

Jacky Chou: not worth it.

Yeah. Yeah. So you just took it down. Did you just you should just redirect it to their competitor with your affiliate code? Just one, one final middle finger, you know. 

James De Lacey: But the thing is, does that stay indexed then if you still redirect it? Cause then after 

Jacky Chou: No, no, [00:06:00] it’ll only only work for like a week.

But you know. Yeah. Well that review, you can send it to them, send 

James De Lacey: it to promoted , promote it. They can pay it to anyway. But yeah, I don’t wanna poke the beer there. Not at least at this stage. Maybe if I was multimillion, bloody, whatever, . 

Jacky Chou: Yeah, true that, true that, true that? Yeah. I think from my side this week I have been working primarily, yeah, heavily on the Black Friday.

Once again. Closing out some deals on the link building side, we had a stellar month this month. I think I just sent out a revenue update for Indexy. I think. We’re up like 10 K this month, so that’s solid. I tried a couple of different advertising channels, for example. Did yeah, place some ads on other people’s sites and it didn’t work too well, unfortunately.

I think I used the popular Like Twitter influencer in the SEO spaces site. I paid like a couple grand for it. Definitely didn’t break even. Only got like [00:07:00] two clients from it. It was worth Was it a banner? Was it a banner? No, it was like a com, like I think it was like second place on their website.

For, and it’s a Black Friday theme. Ok, 

James De Lacey: yeah, I know which, I know exactly which site you’re talking about. Cause I 

Jacky Chou: saw that. Yeah. Did not work at all, I think. But it’s interesting. It’s okay. It’s worth a try and this is just how it, how it goes. Right. And I also heard from number one that I didn’t convert for them either, so, but it’s just interesting.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. It’d be like that sometimes. Yeah. And this week I’ve been trying to do trying to growth, grow the podcast as much as possible. We have another. We have another sponsor this week, which we can talk about shortly. But yeah, I think one thing maybe from the tip mark, one marketing tip from each each of us I wanted to talk about like podcast growth hacks that I’ve found.

Hmm. As well as Twitter growth hacks. Podcast growth hacks. I’m not sure if you’ve seen our YouTube channel lately, James, but I’ve been hiring people to cut up other people’s [00:08:00] like popular podcast. And then posting clips on of them on our YouTube channel. So it be like tangentially? Yeah, it’s tangentially related.

For example, it would be like, you know, I would in the future maybe cut up some other marketing podcasts and then post a clips and if it goes viral, great. And we’ll sprinkle in some of our own clips in there. I think we have one, one clip with like five point K, 5.8. I see. And this can, yeah, I think you can replicate this other, under other verticals.

For example, if you have a basketball podcast, you can cut cool clips of, I don’t know, basketball players with like sick plays or like other basketball players and other podcasts and cut clips of them and just post it on TikTok, YouTube. Sure. It’s et cetera, et cetera. But yeah, I think this is something that no one’s doing right now, so we can definitely hop on this screen.


James De Lacey: no, I was gonna say, I guess, [00:09:00] but, cause it’s, say, your brand, do you think it does, I guess, justice or service to your brand, having other people’s podcasts on your shorts? 

Jacky Chou: I think views or views, and it’s a numbers game, right? Certain percentage of people will, will always convert. So certain percentage of people, if you get a million views, certain percentage of people will always subscribe.

And from the one that popped off, I think we only got like 20 subscribers, but we take those, you know, we only have two 80 subscribers in total. So yeah. Subscribe Now, what is that? ? Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Subscribe and hit the, hit the be icon comment, or the YouTube algorithm and review it on Spotify fire.

you guys are, you’ve listened 10 minutes already. Might as well get on . Yeah. And Twitter growth hack. I, I’m, I’m sure you’ve seen it. It was like revealing our AI tool. The yeah, so that actually goes into the sponsor for this [00:10:00] week. It’s links in the description. We get a small cut of it, and they also decide to sponsor this week’s podcast.

They’re called auto blogging and. You can get 20, I think 5% off with the code indexy. And I personally been using it for my AI only site. I use it to test keywords. I think we talked about this in the first podcast. We use AI to grow content at scale. And ai, because it’s so cheap, it enables me to test out certain keywords.

So my whole workflow goes like this. I export thousands of keywords on h. I post it using the the tool. So it would be thousands of keywords. For example, can dogs eat corn and like, can dogs eat xyz? I would post thousands of those. You build topical authority, great, yada, yada. And then for the ones that do rank, I would rewrite it with our, our in-house writer.

And for the ones that we don’t rank, we just like remove. [00:11:00] And for the ones. Do does rank, we would write it on our main site as well. That’s like maybe an authority site, like, I don’t know pet Smart or something like that. and so on and so forth. So that’s been my process. We’ve been able to replicate that in several verticals.

And James, what do you think of the tool? It, it looks disgusting. So it’s, it doesn’t look like jarvi. But that’s when you know it’s untapped. You know what I mean? It’s, it’s like, it works. It doesn’t need much. 

James De Lacey: You just, I did a, I did a trial of, of a keyword cause I’ve, I’ve tried to use other tools that spatter articles and it was pretty shit.

And then this one was the most human AI one that I’ve read. And I’ve tried a few different, played around with a few different AI ones. I don’t dabble much in the AI space. I kind write my own content. But in terms of AI content, Like that was, that was next level and they just announced they passed AI detectors.

So that’s an extra 

Jacky Chou: bonus for us as well, which is wild. Cause you [00:12:00] know, niche site, Twitter is super against ai, right? Mm-hmm. , they always say, Hey, we’re never gonna touch this. It’s so easy to detect. How are you gonna pass detection? Well, they pass detection. They just launched today, the passive detection.

Tried out, I think they have a $1 trial for five articles. You’re not gonna get that price anywhere. I’m able to sell it so, well, not, not because I get a small percentage of the affiliate cut. I don’t really care about that, but it actually works. I truly use it. It’s kind of like promoting hfs, you know, like you use it and it works well.

So why wouldn’t you? How much 

James De Lacey: traffic you getting on your AI blog now? 

Jacky Chou: I think we’re at like just yesterday we had three K views our users, so three k. Wild, right? Just on AI content. And it’s all informational. Yeah, all informational keywords. Google don’t come after me. I’m sorry. I did this. We’re, dude, this is for science, right?

Like I know you guys like Target penalized people just don’t do it. But yeah, I think I’m really excited about this because it works so [00:13:00] well, but at the same time, it is like, How do I say, not many people are using it right now. Mm-hmm. . So it’s similar to parasite seo. Yeah. It doesn’t work well for the sites that are used constantly for parasite seo.

So I find like this SEO or this AI tool works well because not many people are using it. It’s similar to, yeah, it’s, yeah, it’s more like the per isu. Have you tried, and 

James De Lacey: you probably the buyer intent articles on it at. 

Jacky Chou: It, it’s not great. It’s not great. Yeah. So maybe I’ve tried it for Uber Risk. The the watch brand, our watch publication we’re building in public and it’s not great, but it works okay.

As like a starting point. So they have a feature where you can, for example, it’ll be like best watches under 10 k. But it would maybe be better if you added in the headings yourself. So maybe like number one Rolex, number two X. If you [00:14:00] were able, if you, if you add in the headings, then it would be decent.

Still not great, but informational keywords are fucking insane. Then have you, have you posted any of them yet? No, I need to go through smaller 

James De Lacey: sos. Yeah, no, cuz it, it’s a text document that you have to download and I was like, damn, how is there a way I could automate it? I actually asked in their Facebook group, someone was saying they have some Excel script that like basically pulls all the text documents from their folder into the Excel file.

Then WP import the, essentially the CSV into the post. And I was like, ok, that’s, that’s over my head. I can’t 

Jacky Chou: fucking write Excel scripts. . No, I think it’s, it’s not that bad. I think. If you message the owner, I think he might be able to do it, but I’m not sure. I think if you order past articles, I think I, yeah.

Just let him know you’re from, you’re one of the host of the pod, I’m sure. He’ll, he’ll help you out. Yeah. Yeah, I think it’s, it’s something that only works on informational keyword. So I [00:15:00] know just by posting about it, we got like hundreds of responses. This is, don’t ruin this for everyone. Guys don’t, maybe don’t share.

Just did too much. You just did . Well, fuck, I this guy’s been messaging me, bugging me, like saying like, yo, we should mention it cause it’s working. So, So I was like, pay us. So he finally sponsored the podcast and now here we are. You know, he’s gonna get, he got the best, best shout out money he can buy.

Yeah, for sure. . 

James De Lacey: So was that on a new domain as well? So 

Jacky Chou: Yeah, it is. It is. How many posts were you publishing about? It was from a starter side that I bought. Gotcha. It had only like 10 posts before, but Gotcha. Yeah. I completely bombed it with, I think it. Like six K post right now. It’s, it’s not the, the spammy ones though, because the spammy ones have like 20 k plus posts.

The people also asked ones there was like a Reddi, a great Reddit thread that talked about these [00:16:00] spammers, they, they utilize a similar strategy, well actually I copied their strategy is, yeah, they have a separate site and once it ranks they would. On their own, all on their main site, but they, they used these people also asked content or keywords to find these zero search volume keywords that actually have searches.

So that’s what they do. So they spam, like spam the web for like, I don’t know, the longest of tales of keywords. And then once it. And you can see in search console that has impressions, they would write it because no one’s going after these keywords. So it’s a good way to like farm keywords. Yeah.

Yeah. Pretty interesting times actually, because, you know, with G B T four coming out Yep. Have you read about that? It’s like only a little bit impossible, trillions of. Yeah. Yeah, me too. Oh, I sold that across. We’re probably not the best people. Just talk about it. . Yeah, it’s like trillions data points instead of I don’t know what its now, but you know, bearish on writers nowadays.

Cause Yeah, for [00:17:00] example, just from this tool that we’re using right now, this is already better than I would say, majority of people who are not native English for. , but even with like professional writers, it’s, it’s structured in a way that is pretty good. Yeah, 

James De Lacey: yeah, for sure. For sure. I’ve had some shocking 

Jacky Chou: writers, and this beats all those.

Yeah. Where, where do you source your writers? 

James De Lacey: Funnily enough, fiber. That’s where I’ve had my best 

Jacky Chou: luck. And then you pulled them off of fiber. Yeah. Or did you just keep with them off through vi No, I take them. I take 

James De Lacey: them off. So if I have, but I, 

Jacky Chou: I just search for, that’s again, terms of service, man. If this podcast blows up, you’re screwed.

You’re out. , 

James De Lacey: I would just sponsor us and then it’s all good. . Yeah, I just, I just, I go for specialists, so I don’t, I’ll search like whatever is my niche [00:18:00] writer. And I’ll make sure they have a background in whatever it is. I don’t give a shit about the SEO sign and then I’ll, and then I’ll go from there.

Cause you can’t find specialists on Upwork and stuff, girls. They’re all SEO content specialists or SEO that you very rarely find someone who’s like a niche specialist on Upwork. So that’s why I go on, I go on fiber, at least I’ll find someone who’s advertising as, I dunno, vet dog, writer, trainer person 

Jacky Chou: or something like that, you know?

Yeah. Oh, smart, smart, smart. Mm. So like for example, if you’re looking for someone in your space, it would be what? Like a trainer you’re looking for trainer keywords. Yeah. Well, I don’t even like for 

James De Lacey: that. It depends on like depends on, so for those ones, I usually have my own contacts with that, that I’m friends with and stuff that I know, right?

Because. I was trying to suck balls. And 

Jacky Chou: that’s why you or in our training at, at everything . 

James De Lacey: At [00:19:00] everything. The training and the writing. So the, it comes through in the writing . Yeah. And that’s why I’m ranking because I can outran what they write cuz it’s like, man, this, so search, if you search a keyword I think it’s do pull ups work triceps.

The whole first page is the wrong answer. And I was like, what the fuck? 

Jacky Chou: Like, but I guess that’s the idea. So do pull ups work triceps or is that only a muscle up or whatever? 

James De Lacey: Yeah, the muscle up, depending on how you do it. But if you go onto the first page of Google, you see every single publication, pull ups are great for triceps, this and this.

You go, what the fuck? But that’s, damn, I guess that’s part of, part of Google is, what do they call it, consensus. Where they like to pull the general consensus of whatever it’s, but I’ve found that I can write against it and rank number one or top three and I don’t know why that happens. 

Jacky Chou: Authority 

James De Lacey: type of thing.[00:20:00] 

I don’t know cuz I’m not as authoritative as some of these other sites. So like there’s another keyword that basically about a supplement if the supplement’s worth it. And you see all the supplement companies, obviously cuz they’re selling the supplement. They’re like, yes, it’s worth it, this and that.

But I rank number one saying it’s not worth it. So. Interesting. Yeah. I don’t know what it comes 

Jacky Chou: down to, but. All right. Well, what do you have for marketing tip for the audience this week? 22 minutes in, and we haven’t even gotten into, I just gave 

James De Lacey: two of them. I just gave two marketing tips. Find your rider as a five and, and email people.

True. That , 

Jacky Chou: that, that was so, like, that was so candid that I missed it. Yeah, true. That true, that true That. All right? Yeah. Are there, were there, let’s go through the news. I mean, did you buy anything on Black Friday? Was there any dude, I bought anything? Like what did you 

James De Lacey: I bought lots of business experiences actually.

Jacky Chou: But Igram, exactly what do, what the hell? What was your favorite one? 

James De Lacey: Oh shit. Last night I bought a damn new phone. So [00:21:00] have you heard of Google Fight? 

Jacky Chou: Okay, Google Fire. 

James De Lacey: Yeah. What’s that? So Google Fire is, is, you know, like T-Mobile and all the fucking phone lines. Oh yeah. So they have their own phone thing.

So we’re at a friend’s place and they’re like, yeah, we just just bought a new Samsung S 22 for 300 bucks. And I was like, what the fuck? How’d you buy Samsung S 22 for 300 bucks? Like, yeah, if you just join Google. They, they’re doing a deal where you basically, you go onto, you just switch your number to them and you can buy a Samsung, I guess 22 for 300 bucks.

And I was like, holy shit. Like I’ve been need a new phone forever because this old one plus five, I mean, I think there’s one plus nine now. So I got this like five, this thing’s five years old. I can’t go onto Instagram without turning my wifi off. I can’t take videos anymore. It crashes . So I was like 300 bucks and then I changed to Google Fire and I paid the.

Money for a monthly plan as I do with this on prepaid, but I get unlimited data and I was like, [00:22:00] that is like the best deal ever. So that was my best deal. I mean, I bought some other stuff. What did I get? We got some baby stuff. Obviously we have our baby on the way into February, so we got some of that stuff and we got, I got some supplements as a business expense, and then I can obviously add them to reviews and 

Jacky Chou: things.

You’re not using it, you’re testing it, you know? 

James De Lacey: Exactly, exactly. Then what else did. I can’t remember what else I grabb and I just, all sorts of random stuff off sum. Nah, no, no, no, no. 

Jacky Chou: I mean I’ve done trash unless they, to us then it’s gold. . 

James De Lacey: Yeah, thatum comes in then everything they post on there is good.

Wouldn’t they buy? Oh, one thing I did buy on there a while ago, I don’t think it was by Friday, that was Send Fox, their emails off the email platform 

Jacky Chou: that is app mobile. 

James De Lacey: Yeah, that’s only one thing. I’ve bought it, not, not this, not this year. I’ve bought it previously. I don’t think it was on Black Friday either.

But as an email marketing software, it’s not bad because obviously it’s one time fee. It’s cheap, right? Yeah, [00:23:00] it’s cheap as shit. It’s like 2, 2 50 bucks for 25,000 subs. The only issue is you cannot turn off double optin, so you have to send the confirmation. 

Jacky Chou: Oh, that is annoying. That is annoying. I think it’s for, anyways yeah, the, the email software.

Twitter uses also has that, you know, the rev review, optin. Oh man. I mean, it is fine. I, I fine with double optin. You have higher open rates anyway, so. Right. 

James De Lacey: I don’t want people to double opt in. I want people to see my one time office. 

Jacky Chou: Yeah, so it turns out it turns out recession is canceled cuz Black Friday broke records this year, I think it was like 12% year on year.

Right. And Yep. I think that’s what, you know, I kept spewing for the first couple episodes I was saying like recession’s looming. But you know what? I still feel like it’s still looming because Black Friday is typically deals, right. People deal hunting. Yeah. So I feel like. They have like pent of demand.

They’re trying to, they still want to consume, but they’re waiting for a good deal. [00:24:00] So we’ll see. That’s what I did. We’ll, we’ll see if my people, yeah, exactly. 

James De Lacey: We waited for Black Friday to get a whole lot of stuff. Like, we literally, like even a few months out we’re like, we’ll wait until Black Friday . 

Jacky Chou: So, so yeah, it kind of fits, fits your theory there.

Yeah. So let’s see if this thesis turns out to be true. But we, we’ll see, I guess. And did you see the thing with Elon once again, he’s Elon visits Apple store. Is he gonna create his own phone? Probably not. I think it would be an app store if anything, but, Hmm. You, I guess you, you know about it, right?

Apple and Google essentially have a duopoly on the industry with the app store. And don’t they take like 30% of all revenue that goes through the app store? That’s, 

James De Lacey: I dunno how much they take, but I know they can take a damn on time to approve 

Jacky Chou: apps though. Mm. Have you developed app before? Is that why?

How do [00:25:00] you know? Nah, I’ve just 

James De Lacey: heard. I don’t even know how I know. I just, I just know that they take forever to, I think it must have been something that I’ve been part of. I dunno. But yeah, I think they take a while to approve apps and stuff 

Jacky Chou: like that. Yeah. Yeah. Could be way wrong, I think to give the audience a, a rundown of what’s happening in case you’re not in Vno.

I think Elon called out Apple for stopping all their advertising on Twitter. So there, there they were a huge client of Twitter for a long time and they’ve since paused it. And they’ve also given, issued a warning to Elon Musk for Twitter. Like, maybe not like breaching the compliance policies because right now they’re promoting what free.

That was their whole ethos behind the brand. And with free speech, it breaks some of the compliance issues of like hate speech on the terms of service. And now they’re going at it on Twitter. He’s calling out Tim Cook on Twitter [00:26:00] and no one’s responding. So I guess, we’ll, we’ll find out what happens.

It’s, it’s hard to go to war with the most valuable company in the world, but if it, if someone were to do it, it’d be Elon. I think this is more that no one wins. Yeah. 

James De Lacey: Is he releasing like a statement of what actually happens sometime soon from his 

Jacky Chou: side at least? Oh, see, I did not read it, but that would be insane.

Yeah, I think he is. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think I have heard from some reports that Facebook ads, I don’t, I know you, you probably don’t run heavy Facebook ads cuz you’re not in d to, or like, they’re not on the eCommerce side. But I’m, I’ve been hearing some reports that Facebook is back in terms of so you know how iOS kind of destroyed Facebook with their tracking?

Yep. So before, what would happen is, A user sees your product on let’s say your mobile phone on their phone, and then they purchase on their laptop. It was Facebook was able to connect it [00:27:00] via like, I don’t know, cross device tracking, but now they’re not able to do it. So they, like a lot of conversions are dropping off.

They have, they’re losing data points. So they’re, yeah, their ads aren’t working as well, so people spend less, but now apparently they launched something called asc. I forgot what the acronym stands for, but. Friend Roman had tweeted about saying like, oh, their advertising spend up is back because of this new feature.

So if anyone invests in Twitter or meta, it might be worth checking, checking it out again. And also couple more. Twitter ad features are rolling out as well. So conver conversion based optimization. Interesting dynamic ads. I think it’s pretty exciting times because with Elon at the helm, I think they’re rolling out features left and right.

Shit is breaking as well. I’m not sure if you’re following the protests in China, but I’ve seen a hashtag. Yeah. Pretty crazy. But with the hashtags on Twitter, they have a [00:28:00] lot of like spots and spam. I’m not sure if it’s like, I don’t know where it’s from, but it’s like sketchy as hell. And Twitter’s been like struggling to ban those.

Yeah. Cause they keep popping up every single day. It’s crazy. But yeah. Let’s, let’s see what happens. It’s times I, I’m, I’m especially excited for the Facebook side. Hmm. When the iOS update rolled out, like our advertising spend and conversions and like our performance dropping the fucking. So if, if Facebook is back, holy crap.

We’re back, baby. We’re gonna kill it. I think because Have 

James De Lacey: you tried software like click Magic though, to track conversions and things? Have you 

Jacky Chou: heard of Click Magic? Yeah, we not Click Metric, but with econ there’s a couple. So there’s likes, there’s Triple Whale, there’s also North Beam. We use North Beam.

So yeah. Okay. What they do, I’m pretty sure what they do is [00:29:00] they take other people’s conversion data and then they like match it with yours. So if, if your person, I, I dunno how that, how this works exactly. But yeah, it’s they use a lot of third party tools. I think this, but yeah. Very exciting times personally for the Facebook ads side.

Hopefully it works out. This will be great for the D TOC side. Yeah. And this iOS update killed a lot of public companies. I’m pretty sure it killed Casper. It’s gonna kill. It killed that we mentioned. It kills you talking about cast mattress? Yeah. Yeah. They’re, they’re like their sales are down. Ah, okay.


James De Lacey: Cause I was like thinking that, wait, are they gone? I saw their store the other day 

Jacky Chou: here in Austin. Yeah. Yeah. They’re struggling. I think they might they might either go under or they get, might get bought out by private equity Dudes crazy. You know, they’re, I think they’re trading below one times annual revenue.

Wow. It’s pretty crazy. Yeah. Yeah. So I think when I spoke [00:30:00] with people who do these, like e-com roll ups, they’re saying like, there’s a lot of blood ahead because people are down year on year on sales. But I think there’s like let’s say a glimmer of hope with Facebook coming back. If advertising can be back, then maybe everything will be okay again.

They need to. Right. You never know because, 

James De Lacey: because Facebook is, well, meta is kind of shitting the bid, and so they’re kind of having to 

Jacky Chou: at least do something. Yeah. Let’s see. I mean yeah, let’s, shall we wrap up this week? Anything to cover? No, man. I think this week we, we went sweet. We’re like more improv.

If you guys like it, let us know if you guys like a bit more s. Also let us know in the comments below. We’ve been trying everything, trying something different every week, so yeah. So smash, smash that like button and Yeah, for sure. And share it. Yes, please. [00:31:00] We’ve been growing very nicely and, and let’s here’s to continued growth.