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Our Xmas Ugly List: Vancouver’s Top 5 Ugliest Sites

Have you ever come across a website that was so ugly, you just had to cringe?

Well, before researching this article, I hadn’t. Because chances are, if your website is butt-ugly, I probably won’t be wasting my time on it.

But, it’s the holidays and heyat Indexsy, we like to give. So we’re going to throw in a free website redesign for any of the companies that are featured on our “ugly” list this year.

And by ugly, I don’t mean ugly-Christmas-sweater-that’s-so-ugly-it’s-cute ugly. I mean hey-your-website-is-so-awful-it-deters-customers ugly.

You’ll see what I mean. I mean, for Pete's sake, use a website builder, or hire a developer will ya?


vancouver's top 5 ugliest sites



  1. 3WGroup



Let’s start off the list with what may be the most boring thing you will see today.

First of all, those stock photos look like they were from the 90’s, when computers were the size of small cars.

Second, the landing page is seriously lacking in engaging content. Or any content, to be honest.

There’s no clear call-to-action, no value proposition, literally nothing that makes the audience want to purchase their services. 

In fact, with the current design (or lackthereof), I’d be surprised if anyone were to even stay on the page for longer than 3 seconds.



  1. NazI Jew Creative Anarchy



Now, even though I’m considered Millennial, which means we get offended by anything and everything, I consider myself pretty laidback. I mean, I love dank memes and I wrote a whole blog post featuring my favourite meme: Pepe.

However, I was slightly disturbed by this site.

At first, I thought I had accidentally landed on the homepage of some anarchist cult, due to the company’s rather creative name.

Then I realized, OK, it’s design company that’s trying a little too hard to stand out.

The sci-fi theme is cool and all, but the design of the website itself is a little distracting.

I’m no grammar-Nazi (pun intended), but when there’s a glaring grammatical error in the headline, I’m not sure if I can take anything else seriously:


Kind of reminds me of this awesome tattoo:


We all make mistakes, which is why proofreading is pretty important, especially when it comes to your website’s headline.

As well, the arrows below suggest that the audience should read the content in one direction, but it brings you in a full circle, which forces readers to scroll back up.


That’s confusing-should you scroll back down to continue browsing? Or is that the extent of what the company wants you to read?

Although the website definitely stands out, it didn’t blow my mind.

Which means it looks like their art director may have to cut off his genitals, as promised:




  1. Echelon Media Group



Just when I thought I could go about and life the live I love, another ugly website catches my attention.

Similar to our first offender, this site has no clear CTA, and no real value proposition.

For one thing, their video player is outdated and hard to navigate. The navigation bar also disappears when you click on a video sample:


For an company that deals with media content, their website is seriously lacking interactive media that’s engaging and appealing.

P.S. Do people still watch DVDs??



  1. BSI Biodegradable Solutions



The first thing that struck me was that the landing page looked purely one dimensional.

The links don’t stand out (you can’t tell which text is a link and which is static). It’s not until you hover over specific text that you realize it’s actually a link in disguise.

The background image looks like it was taken with a potato, with the resolution equal to that of a VHS tape.

The image colors and the text also clash, with the white text on bright yellow background, which is distracting and causes the audience to skip to more readable text.

Again, no CTA, unless they really just want us to follow them on Twitter.

Overall, I think they have the right idea but just need to work on the site’s aesthetic and design.



  1. INC Business Lawyers



I get it, if you’re looking to incorporate your company, you don’t really care if your lawyer has a fancy-schmancy website. You just want a solid, reputable attorney that you can rely on to do the job.

But that doesn’t mean that law firms can skimp out on their website. Any website that is easy on the eye and simple to navigate will always win over ones that are ugly and overwhelming.

Unfortunately, this site falls into the latter category.

When I first clicked into the site, I paused to wait for the CSS to load.

It never did.

That’s because the site literally has no CSS (or design) elements to it.

The links are the standard “link-coloured”-blue, there are no images (other the ugly ad at the top of the page), and all you see are walls of text.

The font is generic and rather small, there’s an overwhelming amount of information on each page, and let’s be honest-it’s just plain ugly.

Oh and if you take a look at the blog, it’s probably the most unappealing thing ever. The whole purpose of a blog is to engage readers to read the content, which is hard when it looks like this:


I mean, do you want to “Read more”?

Not really.

In terms of textual content, this site is off the hook. Just add some images, some interactive, engaging content, maybe use a colour other than blue and black, add a background, change the landing page… basically change the entire website, and we’re good to go.



And that’s all I have for now, the 5 ugliest local websites that made our Ugly List this year.

Stay tuned.

If you liked this post, or have other ugly sites you want to be featured, comment below or email us.

Or, read my post on the Ultimate Instagram Strategy Guide (yep, it's a mouthful) HERE.

If you’re offended by this post, relax. We’re just offering our opinion and our expertise to help other companies succeed.

At the end of the day, at least your website doesn’t look like this:



Happy Holidays!


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