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Apple’s Search Engine, Mastodon’s Rise, and Getting Clapped – This Week in Marketing Ep. 2

Jacky Chou: [00:00:00] All right guys. Welcome to this week in digital marketing. I’m with my co-host James de Lacey. And I am Jacky. This week we’re gonna be going over one marketing tip from each of us. Made dot com’s, 7 million sale or 3 million sale. Apple search. MAs a huge increase in users.

Our first thoughts, what it is and Google’s recency study. It’s actually not Google’s, but but yeah, let’s just go over it today. So what are you working on this week? 

James De Lacey: Man, I’ve got a shit ton of stuff going on with obviously Black Friday coming up, but I’m actually changing both my sites into subscription models cause I want their monthly recurring revenue.

So that’s been going down at the moment, getting everything. Moved over. I’ve launched it on one site, but I, and then I’m gonna launch the Black Friday promo next week. And then the other site, I’ve almost finished getting everything over, and then it’ll all be under subscription on [00:01:00] that one.

Yeah, it’s pretty far. 

Jacky Chou: Yourself? Cool. Yeah, could we dive a bit deeper into that? What kind of subscription are you talking about? Yeah, sure. 

James De Lacey: So this is through. A white labeled app. So essentially it’s training programs on the app, and then all the payments stuff are processed through that under one subscription.

Use Zapier to piece it all together where they get invited to a Mighty Network community and when within that community, I’ve got coaches from. Depending on the site, but I’ve got different coaches from little sport, etcetera, that are in there that can essentially help whoever is the customer and when they’re part of it.

So all that’s under one subscription. There’s also online courses in that community too. So I’ve kinda just put everything together where it used to be one of sales, for example, the funnel was , training program or one time off of the training program and then upsell into courses. And at one point it was up selling’s community, but I just pieced out to automate one subscription and I’m gonna slowly increase the price 

Jacky Chou: [00:02:00] over time.

Yeah. Cool. Did you which app are you using for the community? Mighty 

James De Lacey: Networks I’m using for 

Jacky Chou: the community, my networks. Oh I think you mentioned it, sorry. Yeah. And how are you liking it far? How much does it cost you? 

James De Lacey: It’s not cheap. It’s like a, Oh, I’m paying monthly, so 120 bucks a month.

Holy fuck. That’s pretty expensive. Yeah. But it’s all in, it’s basically all inclusive, like you’re all inclusive. Software. So you have all your, you can host all your videos on there. You can do your live q and As on there. It records and saves it and stuff. So I was like, ok, that’s worth it. In terms of that, I was out between that and circle and I’m a member of a group on of a community, on circle.

I like it. It just looks real basic. And circle’s basically is Facebook without the colors ? So yeah, I mean it circle’s still good for that stuff too, but I think for what I was, after my network seemed to fit, I mean I was gonna just get the free route and use like Discord and [00:03:00] Facebook and stuff and I was like, ah, then you know, you don’t own the traffic or you don’t own the the, your own little platform.

And Discord is, I think, better geared towards. I guess the younger crowd or 

Jacky Chou: crypto? Crypto neck beards. Yeah. . Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Nice. Excuse me. Yeah, for this week I’m personally working on far and away stuff, so that’s our D brand. We have a popup. Going live this week in London, Central London, near the Soho area.

Oh yeah. Pretty stressful. No, but that’s in collaboration with a branding agency. So they got five different brands through in a store and we’re actually seeing a huge uptake in. UK sales from that because it’s in a pretty prestigious area in London. And did, how is TikTok, 

James De Lacey: Your TikTok videos going 

Jacky Chou: for far and away?

It’s not great. Yeah, that was a flop. Yeah it did okay on Instagram, so it got like 15 K views, so that’s [00:04:00] pretty good. Excuse me. Gotta cut that one out. And for my other brands, yeah, I’m the same as you may. I’m still recovering. Yeah. For the other brands, it’s going pretty well, I would say. I’m not sure if you saw the Twitter thread. I’m doing like the challenge, gonna do two ticks a day, every day for three months, and that is going incredibly well. So we’re in the architecture niche, so we got like very creative within certain things. And it’s so far not much traffic driven directly to the site, but it’s getting, we’re getting a lot of followers on Instagram and YouTube.

TikTok we haven’t been able to craft yet. Yeah. How do you recommend you get on that? I’m not sure what kinda videos you can do, but Yeah. I hate 

James De Lacey: TikTok talk anyway. TikTok sucks, man. , 

Jacky Chou: hopefully we can get you to come around throughout these episodes. Besides that, we also have like agency work. We’re prepping for Black Friday similar to you, so we have a link building [00:05:00] service and I’m sure you’ve seen that.

Right now we’re also editing long form YouTube videos for our architecture site that’s popping off. We have a video right now, sat at 23 K views, and that was just launched a week and a half ago. So that’s a huge dub. Damn. Yeah. Wild. It’s just I feel like YouTube’s kind of one of those self-fulfilling prophecies.

So it’s like you you get organic views and if you embed. In your website that already ranks Yeah. Pushes more views and the more views it gets, it ranks higher on YouTube, so it’s kinda, And then you push it back onto your own website, so it’s like pretty sick. And that’s going extremely well.

Yeah. So I’m pretty bullish on YouTube right now and yeah that’s pretty much what I’m working on this week. I’m not sure if you do this with. Wife yourself, but I think on my first million pod, they kinda push that. You give your partner a handwritten note every morning telling her what you’re doing.

But I guess you work pretty closely with your partner, right? [00:06:00] So generally knows. Yeah. Yeah. One of my brands is, 

James De Lacey: is mainly that other, my other brand is done together, so we’re pretty 

Jacky Chou: much yeah, exactly. Cause talking on stuff. Yeah. Must be nice. For me my girlfriend might not know what I’m doing throughout the day cuz it would be like a full eight hours before I even speak to anyone.

And so I just kinda started off the day by writing her a note and that’s, Dude relationship 

James De Lacey: with device 1 0 1 here on the podcast. Now we’re exactly, we affiliates for dating sites. Now we 

Jacky Chou: stuff on here. Yeah. . Yeah. Cool. I think we wanted to start off the pod with one marketing tip from one of us.

What you have for yeah. I’m just, What have you implemented? Something that I’m just. 

James De Lacey: Yeah, currently doing with my review style content, I don’t think, it’s not anything groundbreaking for anyone, but I don’t see, I don’t see many sites doing it and none are my niche. So essentially doing your [00:07:00] best, whatever it is, article as your main topic, and you have all your long tails within there.

And I’ve just been literally doing individual reviews on the products in my big review. And interlinking them. And that’s 

Jacky Chou: just been killer. So 

James De Lacey: that’s something very basic that I’ve found. And that’s regardless of search volume, like my individual reviews, they don’t have any search volume.

No one searching that shit. There’s literally no articles or no reviews of that product on Google because no one’s searching it. But I’ll still write it and I’ll still link that back to my main review and link my main review to the 

Jacky Chou: individual class review as well. So it would be like, for example, Best protein powder 2022.

And then number one would be Optimum Nutrition Chocolate. And then you would write, Yeah, Optimum Nutrition Chocolate Review and link back to it. And the best protein powder would link to that as well. Yeah. Okay. And I’ll do that 

James De Lacey: for most of the. Most of the product if I’m game or do for every product, but [00:08:00] at some point I’m just like, No, I’m sick of writing.

Writing. How many of these? But they’re short man. Cause individual reviews can’t be that long, especially when it’s on, if it’s on opt, nutrition, protein powder, I’m gonna cover things like. Taste mix, ability, ingredients nutrition like macro 

Jacky Chou: breakdown. And price maybe. 

James De Lacey: And then cover pros and cons, stuff like that. And then by that time it’s like a little of 500 words, that’s nothing. But just be able to link that back to the article and then link the article back to that ends up being, yeah, that’s just been really good. 

Jacky Chou: Yeah. Yeah, that sounds good. And you said 500 words typically, and do you always try the products you review?

Cause that seems to be an issue with some niche site people on Twitter, right? Yeah, I’m 

James De Lacey: doing that The articles I’m writing, yes. I’ve got my writers, a couple of my writers that I’ve had write some without, but they’ve got knowledge in the niche cuz they coach and use the stuff. But the best thing is I already ranked for these [00:09:00] articles, but I’m in the process of eventually start buying more of the stuff and then just being able to continually update.

The article update the publish date, update with new pictures, new content, all that kind of stuff over and over again as they get more stuff. So that’s the plan. And just literally have every review article with original pictures. Original everything. Yeah. Original video, all of it. So 

Jacky Chou: that’s the plan.

Yeah. Cool. Yeah, I think that goes in well into my marketing tip. It’s more geared towards niche site owners. But it was, I think I tweeted this out a couple weeks ago as well. I typically do it once a month or once every two months. And I change the publish date to most recent date for my blog posts.

And I do that for sites I’ve owned for a while. Sites I wanna push from ranks five to 10 up to top five, and. That’s one of the things I do when I buy a website. I I write, I immediately change it to [00:10:00] generate press theme, slap on a nice theme, design it nicely, and change all blog posts to most recent date.

And that typically gives it a jump. And then I would optimize the blog posts after the jump to try to. And go from there. Oh yeah. It’s actually, and the thing is some crazy success. 

James De Lacey: Yeah. Yeah. And the best thing is if you do the articles so they’re good enough and then you got excuse to keep going back and just updating little bits and you can change the publish date, update little bits, change the publish date over and over again.

And then I’m with them, man. Like the recency thing is 

Jacky Chou: huge. Yeah. And I think sometimes I, when, if I’m lazy, I don’t even change any content. You just changed the date. Yeah. And that pops up immediately. It’s, it works extremely well for tech niches because tech’s all about recency. And it’s pretty well that it works.

I think another one that I wanna speak on [00:11:00] was your original content images or like the, we call it UGC and dsc, so that means like user generator content. When you write review. You typically take some nice photos and then you post it on your website. Hopefully who will see that it’s original content.

But what happens if we’re trying to build new sites or reviews at scale and we’re unable to purchase all these things? Or if it’s a huge, I don’t know, you can’t purchase every single MacBook out there, for example. Yeah. And you wanna review them? I an unethical hack would be to Sharpen up your canvas skills and just add the, add some stock image in or images you find on Amazon.

Remove background, add in your own background, take a picture of your table, add in the own image, and then it’s original content. And if you wanna get a bit more smart with Google’s unable to find images that you. So what that means is like you just flip them, just flipped them and, yeah.

Do that. I wasn’t [00:12:00] able to find it. Yeah. Just new original images coming. Through and yeah, that works well. 

James De Lacey: We can search Facebook marketplace too and just download those pictures of people. Say you should message them and ask them if you can use it, but you can always just download and do the same thing.


Jacky Chou: They won’t, they probably won’t do that. A bit unethical, we’re just trying to make the money online, , 

James De Lacey: just click, just get, click the button and get 

Jacky Chou: those cookies. Yeah, man. . Anyways, Yeah. Moving onto the next topic. I’m not sure if you saw or if you’ve ever heard of this brand.

It’s called and they haven’t they? Yeah, there were. I’m a bit more into the space, so this actually. That’s a huge surprise to me. But To give the audience a bit more background is a D to C company. So that means directly to consumer. It was a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange, valued at about a billion dollars about a year ago, and they just went bankrupt and they sold their brand name, so ie.

The domain name, and all their [00:13:00] branding for 3 million. That’s a huge loss because they raised about 135 million US dollars to date in, like VC funding Angels, et cetera, et cetera. They were also doing about 500 million in annual revenue and they went bankrupt. They were also. Other brands such as Touch of Modern, which was doing 120 million in annual revenue and they also went through something similar and they sold their assets for 7 million.

So I think, Damn. Yeah, it’s pretty wild cuz it’s similar to what we spoke about with the Facebook layoffs. So what happened is pretty much they saw a huge surge of consumer. Behavior during Covid because everyone’s shopping online and after Covid died down, or yeah, after Covid died down, the [00:14:00] consumers didn’t come back.

They, or they didn’t come back as they expected it. And they were running all projections based off of that, and they were unable to sustain themselves because there were no massive layoffs throughout the. So they had a huge turn. It’s just revenue dropped like a rock. So pretty much their burn rate was way too high.

And now they’ve gone bankrupt. But I think this is more on the side of the leadership. This is something like, for example, we spoke about how people blossomed Mark Zuckerberg, but he pretty much would save Facebook in this This scenario because Maid didn’t do anything of the sort, They didn’t cut down drastically.

They didn’t cut down everything to a slow burn. They kinda just ran into the ground, And I think this is a pretty strong indication of what’s to come. I hate preaching it every week, but I think the slow down in consumerism is a pretty, pretty strong indicator. And we have a couple things looming in the market, which is pretty scary.

But yeah, you should check out 

James De Lacey: what’s happen. What would you, if you bought that domain, if you bought that [00:15:00] branding and domain, what would you do with it? 

Jacky Chou: Would you rewatch it? Yeah, pretty much. I think they were sold to another online retailer called Next or something like that, and they’re probably gonna operate it as is, and they’re gonna absorb the branding.

Run it in house. So all their personnel I’m not, I haven’t seen, I haven’t read much about next, but I’m sure they’re running profitably and they’re probably gonna run it with their in-house team, with their own yeah. Processes and sourcing team, et cetera, et cetera. Because I think Maid was also hit with a lot supply chain issues.

But all that is fine now, I’m sure. Yeah. Yeah. So I think right now someone spoke on the, I when I first posted this, someone commented in the thread Twitter thread that D TOC is gonna see a lot more pain in the coming months because what happened is during Covid, a lot of them got tons of VC funding.

And what D toc typically what you do is you try [00:16:00] to capture as much a market share as possible. So you burn a ton of cash running ads in the hopes of being profitable one day. But if Covid hit, it’s yeah it’s going Covid slowed down. It’s post slow down, gonna, it’s gonna be terrifying for a lot of them.

Yeah. So I think a couple of these e-commerce aggregators, so what they do is they, E-com sites, DDC sites they’re gonna have a field day in a couple months. It’s gonna be a lot of pain in q1, I think. Damn. 

James De Lacey: Yeah. It’s interesting isn’t it? Like obviously with rates and inflation and all that too, coming along with it.

It’s, Yeah. People aren’t spending as much money. 

Jacky Chou: Yeah. That’s also gonna translate to niche sites as well. So who’s paying for these display ads? Who’s paying these affiliate commissions? So that’s gonna have a trickle down effect onto us in the coming month. I think we’ll feel it, probably Q two q3 and it’s gonna, yeah, there’s gonna be pain.

I think I’ll try to offload some niche [00:17:00] sites in January just for whatever multiples I can. And hold the big ones for a long time. Nice. Yeah. Yeah. Have you looked into Apple search engine at all? They’re doing one, 

James De Lacey: right? Yeah I heard they’re doing one and honestly, that’s probably the only thing that would actually, in my opinion, rival Google.

Because it would be set as the default on an apple on an iPhone. So every iPhone user would ideally be search by searching on it. So that would capture at least enough market cap for it to make it probably viable for people to start looking to try and rank 

Jacky Chou: on it. Yeah, I think it’s fuck so smart of them to do this.

Cause you know how they destroyed Facebook, right? With the iOS privacy update. We value privacy, so we’re not gonna let Facebook track. But we track you so 

James De Lacey: their own, but they bring out their own. Yeah, their just, 

Jacky Chou: That’s a good play. Yeah. I’m not sure if that’s gonna trigger any antitrust issues in in the US Cause that’s pretty much a monopoly then, right?

[00:18:00] Cause they destroy their own competitors and launch their own. Those a similar product. So interesting to see what, what’s gonna happen and. But I think you’re right. Google needs some competitors, even though we both probably rely heavily on Google traffic for our revenue, but I think it’s good to have some extra players.

I don’t know if you get any other search engine traffic, for example, like Bing or not much is that some sites which are sat on at like 15 to 20%. Funny enough, it’s actually. The AI sites that get a lot of Bing traffic. Oh really? Yeah. It’s wild. But it’s probably because of the Rank Math, Instant rank api, if you’ve ever checked that on Bing.

It’s like actually instant index. So if you haven’t installed that, definitely install that one. Yeah, I’ve played around with 

James De Lacey: that a bit, but [00:19:00] I just bing just, I don’t know why Bing just doesn’t like my sites. How many thousands of traffic from Google, But then Bing is just like a few people a day. . 

Jacky Chou: Yeah.

Yeah. Have you heard of the Twitter’s new competitor? 

James De Lacey: No. I’ve heard of the name, but fill me in, fill the audience. Cause they’re probably in the same 

Jacky Chou: boat as me. Yeah. So I think Macone is a German corporation. Their whole idea is so they’re run by a nonprofit. It’s pretty interesting. They’ve been growing extremely fast, especially after Elon bought Twitter.

It’s slightly different from Twitter because it’s a open source platform. So that means all the code is you can probably copy it immediately and run it by itself. . But it’s ran on several different like servers or instances. So think like each server would have its own terms of [00:20:00] service. So let’s say you’re allowed to have hate, hate speech in one of them, and another one is it’s more highly regulated in this server.

So it’s has its own nodes or like own groups of many communities, people, lets just say that. So many Twitters. So actually I think this in. Would prevent it from having a huge knock on effect. It’s just having some success right now because of Elon taking over Twitter. But I think just because of this, it makes finding your friends like pretty hard on

So that in itself, that’s it’s a no for me. It’s gonna be, it’s gonna be dead in a couple months, I think. But it’s pretty interesting to see how it just picked up. It was actually. Like six years ago and it just caught on. Oh shit, it’s funky, it’s slow. I was like browsing it. It’s not built to scale, so I think, so you gotta, you 

James De Lacey: gotta select which like little mini community or node you [00:21:00] want to be on and you can switch between them. 

Jacky Chou: So they have a discovery area as well, I think like their home. They’ll like, just show you a bunch of shit that’s having a bunch of engagement from different nodes or servers or, I don’t know what they call instances.

Yeah. And you can decide to join them based off of the discovery on the homepage. So I guess there’s a bit, it’s a bit better in that sense. But yeah, this is gonna be a tough one. They the CEO might be able to execute properly cuz they’re getting some good press. But I feel like it might be one of those clubhouse things where it just blows up and then blows down really quickly.

So yeah, I think they had some weird names for things. It was like a tut is like a tweet and a boost is like a retweet is like a very obvious copy. It’s a but boost, I guess that makes. 

James De Lacey: Have you heard of, There’s another, I wouldn’t say similar app, but another app that apparently blew up.

I think it was called Be Real and [00:22:00] it was trying to like, it was almost like a hybrid of Yeah. You do use it. Yeah. I have 10 friends on that. For personal or for ? 

Jacky Chou: No, for personal. Just it’s funny to see what friends are doing during random times during the day. It’s kinda like Snapchat. It reminds me of Snapchat.


James De Lacey: Yeah. Cause it’s only for 12 hours, isn’t it? Like your picture or video, 

Jacky Chou: whatever you post. Yeah, exactly. It’s more I think it’s geared towards more candid photos of yourself and like what you’re doing at time. So it keeps your friends updated. It’s not like those aesthetically pleasing photos, but tick’s copying right now.

I don’t know if you saw they have like now or something like that. It’s exactly the. It’s like direct copy. Oh, so savage. They’re kill it. They’re kill it . Yeah. Yeah they did a Zuck on that. It’s pretty savage. . 

James De Lacey: That depend though if but no. If potentially gets banned in the usa then 

Jacky Chou: what? I’m going, I’m a YouTube shorts guy now, 

James De Lacey: VPN post for the Chinese market.

Jacky Chou: [00:23:00] Yeah, exactly. Yeah. I, I have Chinese TikTok actually, so I got to see what kind of products they’re working on next. It’s pretty interesting to see. I don’t know. Yeah, you can change your location on the app store and then you can download TikTok. It’s called Do. And you can see the types of, you’re pretty much gonna see what’s TikTok gonna be like in two years in the US market.

So they’re gonna have like integrated e-commerce stores. It’s one click shops. So people do live streams and then they’ll have a hovering like buy now button. And it’s it saves all your details. You just click purchase and you buy off these live streams. It’s a huge thing in China actually.

So for example, my friend’s cousin, Yeah, my friend’s cousin would be like,

Yeah. Yeah. So my friend’s cousin would be like, Yeah, I’m gonna end the night just like watching some live streams and buy, buying shit I don’t need. And it’s like part of their daily routine now. It’s wild. 

James De Lacey: Isn’t, wasn’t Instagram going to do something similar? They were gonna in [00:24:00] integrate the shop into the live streams and things like that?

Oh, Or maybe it was YouTube. I think it was YouTube that was going to do it. One of the platforms was 

Jacky Chou: gonna do that. Yeah. It’s a great idea. I think you, yeah you don’t use TikTok, so that’s a, it’s a shame we can’t talk about it. But they, they have that right now. There, there’s like live streams of like people.

I dunno, building their own products or, I think there’s a huge market right now in the US if there’s someone like hand pouring candles for eight hours straight and then you’re like pouring some dude’s candles write James on it and you ship it out, there’s, that’s what happened, That’s what’s happening in China and it’s the same algorithm, so yeah let’s hope it gets banned so we don’t have to deal with that

James De Lacey: Yeah, exactly. 

Jacky Chou: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, let’s head to the last topic. It was I’m not sure if you, if I sent over the link, but it was like some agency did a study of Google reviews on for local seo. Do you do any local seo? [00:25:00] Oh, none. 

James De Lacey: But you were talking about relevancy and you talked sorry, recency earlier.

Anyway, and obviously this applies. To actual testimonial reviews too, it 

Jacky Chou: seems. Yeah, exactly. So it’s more for local seo they did, they saw a correlation that with rankings versus review recency. But this might be like one of those core correlation is not causation type of thing. Cause if you have more reviews recently, it.

Show that you’re in more active business because you have more traffic, cuz you’re number one on Google. You know what I mean? So it might not actually be the correlation, but it’s an interesting review. Everyone should look through it. It’s essentially says the more recent reviews you have, the higher yield for seo.

And I didn’t actually believe that, but maybe it. From a more consistent point of view. So I don’t know, the top Italian restaurants will consistently get five star reviews [00:26:00] throughout. It’ll be months and then they’ll be, Google will see, okay, this is probably a good business. Let’s Let’s send them, keep sending them more traffic.

You know what I mean? But it’s interesting to see what We’ll keep going because it feels like Google reviews are easily abused. You can just be, send it to all your friends, 50 friends and just yo me up with a five star that’s 

James De Lacey: could just 

Jacky Chou: us. You could. You also risk getting your Google My Business location taken away.

Yeah. But yes, you can easily do this. I think you can buy it. I think the market rate’s two to $10. Google. I didn’t, I’ve never done it. Don’t come after me. But yeah, it’s two to 10. If you want Yeah. Link my bio. , you said this. Yeah. New service coming through unique ips on all Google accounts.

No I think it’s a interesting play. I think if you, if there’s any way for you to convert something into local local seo, you should totally do it. If you ever have a aspiration to own a gym, yo, [00:27:00] that’s that’s the way. Dude. Gyms 

James De Lacey: don’t make money, man. Gyms are fucking money 

Jacky Chou: pits. For real.

Who’s the guy you’re telling me? Alex Hormo with? Jim Launch doesn’t do anything.

James De Lacey: Yeah, but that’s selling fucking whatever packages to like, he’s growing the gyms and obviously gyms start to make money, but man, but gyms are like, The amount of stuff you’re paying and the member like, and there’s so many different models. Obviously like 24 Hour Fitness you’re banking on the numbers model, right?

$10 a month or Planet Fitness, $10 a month, just churning members. Then you’ve got maybe more boutique model where you’re charging what, a hundred plus dollars a month or $50 a month. But man, you’re paying for equipment, upkeep, rent, lease, whatever it is, or your utilities on top of that. And then your coaches, you have to have coaches in there.

You have to turn through coaches, you have to manage that. The hours, most people come early morning, late evening, so you got those hours to fill. Man, I’ve seen too many gyms not make [00:28:00] money like. It’s so not worth it. . 

Jacky Chou: Yeah. I think it’s getting into, it’s getting pretty competitive, but I’ve looked into the model before because after seeing Al Rosi, I think there, there are ways, Yeah, you have to upsell them on like personal training shit.

And like protein powders, your own private labeled protein powders. So it would be like Yeah, exactly. The Lacey Protein and it’s literally a generic protein powder that everyone has, they just sell it for double the price. Yeah. But yeah, I think if you ever wanted to get into personal training, I guess that’s the way, Yeah, man I’ve, 

James De Lacey: I’ve done a personal training in my time, obviously before.

There’s a way to make money while working for free and professional sport. That’s how professional sport works. If anyone’s wondering, you work for free for however long, and then when you get into professional sport, they pay you fucking. So most people who work at professional sport have to have something on the side, , and that’s what they do.

But it’s damn. Yeah, it’s personal training sucks, man. . [00:29:00] Yeah. Professional sport is like that. And contracts don’t matter. Nothing. You can win whatever, but if the head coach goes as a support staff, you’re likely to go as well. Literally like mid season you can just be cut, whatever, doesn’t matter.

shit like that, it’s pretty 

Jacky Chou: crazy. Fuck. That’s why you gotta build the audience and then, you can eventually sell your own product as a athlete. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah, that’s, Maybe we can speak on that another day. We can maybe go over someone’s an athlete who probably wasn’t paid well during his time as a professional athlete and did well after, after his tenure as a athlete.

I think there’s a lot of stories with that. For sure. There, there’s a couple. Yeah. It could be tank coaches. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, I think it’s time to wrap it up. Thanks everyone for listening. If you liked what you heard today be sure to subscribe. I d s smash that five star button on [00:30:00] Spotify.

If you’re listening there, hit like on subscribe and leave a comment. It helps us And reviews. Reviews are, yeah, reviews and shit. Yeah. Yeah. Fuck us up with that. Thank you. Yeah, take it easy. Cheers.