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October 17, 2021 - No Comments!

What is Extended Detection and Response? | XDR Security

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) is a security tool that natively merges multiple security products into a unified security operations system that integrates all licensed components. Essentially, XDR allows an enterprise to have a more comprehensive yet simpler outlook of potential threats across the whole technology landscape. The tool is primarily designed to help security teams:

  • Identify highly sophisticated and hidden threats.
  • Track threats across various system components.
  • Boost detection and response speed.
  • Investigate threats more efficiently and effectively.
  • Lower the costs of security operations.

XDR was an evolution on previous security tools and systems that were limited to only a single security layer or those that only perform event correlation without the response component, such as Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) or Network Traffic Analysis (NTA). As much as such systems are still useful, they often generate a larger volume of alerts, require more time for investigation and response to events and require more management and maintenance. Therefore, XDR offers an alternative solution to point security by providing consolidated tooling and enabling security teams to work more efficiently and effectively.

How Does XDR Work?

XDR solutions feature three key capabilities:

1. Analytics and Security Threat Detection

For XDR solutions to work effectively, they rely on a range of threat detection analytics. Some of the typical analytical features include:

  • Internal and external traffic analysis - ensures that compromised credentials, malicious insiders, as well as external attacks are promptly detected. XDR monitors and analyzes both internal and external traffic to identify threats, including those that have already bypassed your system's perimeter.
  • Integrated threat intelligence - consolidates information on known attack methods, sources, tools and strategies across attack vectors. Threat intelligence allows XDR to learn and gain insight from attacks on other systems and utilize that information to detect similar threats in your environment.
  • Machine learning-based detection - includes semi-supervised and supervised methods that combine to identify threats based on behavioral baselines. Machine learning technologies allow XDR to detect zero-day and non-traditional threats that occasionally bypass signature-based methods.

2. Investigation and Response

As soon as suspicious threats are detected, XDR provides the necessary tools for the security teams to establish the severity of a threat and respond accordingly. The following features are included in XDR to help with investigation and response.

  • Related alters and data correlation - tools automatically group related alerts, put together attacks timelines based on activity logs and prioritize events. Therefore, the security professionals can quickly determine the root cause of the attacks and possibly predict what the attackers intend to do next.
  • Centralized user interface (UI) - allows security analysts to investigate and respond to events using the same console. This naturally speeds up response time and makes documenting the responses simpler.
  • Response orchestration capabilities - allows response actions to be implemented directly through XDR interfaces, including communication between tooling. For instance, XDR updates all endpoint policies across the entire enterprise in response to an automatically blocked attack on one endpoint.

3. Dynamic and Flexible Deployments

XDR solutions are also built to provide additional perks over time, such as:

  • Security orchestration - enables integration and leverage with existing controls for unified and standardized responses. These could also include automation features to ensure that policies and tooling are deployed routinely.
  • Scalable storage and compute - XDR utilizes cloud resources that can be scaled to meet your data and analysis needs. This makes sure that historical data remains available, which is useful for identifying and investigating complex persistent threats or long-running attacks.
  • Improvement over time - capitalizes on machine learning to ensure that XDR solutions become more effective at detecting a wider range of attacks over time. This, plus threat intelligence, helps to guarantee the maximum number of detected and prevented threats.

Why Do Enterprises Need XDR Security?

Historically, security teams have always been stretched thin, often required to stay at par-if not ahead- of the ever-growing number of potential threats and attacks. Attackers are constantly finding new ways to successfully sidestep and exploit traditional security control, using more complex tactics, techniques as well as procedures (TTPs). Therefore, it becomes increasingly important for Security Operation Centers (SOCs) to build platforms that can intelligently consolidate all relevant security data, and improve effectiveness and efficiency at threat detection and response capabilities.

It follows then that enterprises ever more need a cohesive security operations system to protect their entire landscape of technology assets, including legacy endpoints, mobile and cloud workloads, without overloading staff and in-house management resources. Consequently, enterprise security and risk management professionals should consider the security advantages and productivity value an XDR solution presents to their assets.

What are the Security Benefits of XDR?

An XDR platform can offer the following advantages to your enterprise:

1. Improved Prevention Capabilities

Using threat intelligence and adaptive machine learning, XDR can help ensure that solutions can solidly protect your assets against the widest variety of attacks. Furthermore, endless monitoring, plus automated response, block threats as soon as they are detected to prevent damage.

2. Granular Visibility

XDR offers full user data at an endpoint, banding together with network and application communications. It includes information on access permissions, specific applications in use and the exact files accessed. Getting full visibility across your entire system, including on-premises as well as in the cloud, allows you to detect and block attacks faster.

3. Effective Response

Robust data collection and analysis enable you to follow the trail of an attack path and reconstruct attacker actions. This offers the information needed to track down the attacker wherever they are. It also presents valuable information that can be applied to bolster your defenses.

4. Greater Control

With an XDR platform, you can both blacklist and whitelist traffic and processes. This guarantees that only approved actions and users can access and enter your system.

5. Better Productivity

A centralized system reduces the number of security alerts and vastly improves alerting accuracy. This translates to fewer false positives sort through. Additionally, it's also easier to maintain and manage an XDR solution since it's an integrated platform rather than a combination of several point solutions. Finally, it equally minimizes the number of interfaces that the security professional must access during a response.

XDR Use Cases

XDR platforms support an expansive range of network security responsibilities. They can also help to support specific use cases, based on the maturity of your security team. The following three use cases correspond to the tiers used for classification by security professionals.

  • Tier 1: Triage - An XDR platform can be used as the primary tool for collecting data, monitoring systems, identifying malicious events and alerting the security team. Therefore, the XDR forms the foundation for further efforts, including a hand-off to higher-level teams.
  • Tier 2: Investigation - Security teams use XDR solutions as repositories for analysis and information on events. The information obtained, combined with threat intelligence, allows the teams to investigate relevant events, evaluate viable responses and train security staff.
  • Tier 3: Threat Hunting - The data collected from the XDR can be applied as a baseline for executing threat hunting operations. The operations are meant to proactively look out for evidence of threats that might have been missed by systems and analysts. The data used for and collected during these processes is equally useful for threat intelligence since it improves on the preexisting security policies and systems.

What Should You Avoid with XDR Platforms?

As much as XDR platforms are a substantial improvement over traditional security tools and several EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) systems, they're not foolproof. That said, they still present the most robust and tightest protection for your investments, particularly when the implementation is executed effectively. To get the highest level of security from your Extended Detection and Response solution, ensure you avoid the following three common mistakes:

1. Complexity of Integration

For XDR solutions to be effective and efficient, they have to integrate smoothly with the preexisting solutions. If integrating with XDR requires too much work or custom plugins, you'll end up losing out on a chunk of the productivity gains. Furthermore, you might have to forgo some of the control and visibility that set XDR apart from its alternatives.

Taking advantage of native integration allows you to implement a new XDR platform quickly and offers immediate protection enhancements. Therefore, it might be worth the trading off not getting all the preferred features but then not having to maintain or build the integration from scratch.

Similarly, when you need to integrate extra tooling with your platform, it's best to prioritize those that come compatible. Generally, it would help if you always were cautious of applications, tools or services that need additional integration work.

2. Lack of Sufficient Information

Automation is a big part of why XDR is highly efficient by automating tracking, alerts and responses, thus reducing your security team's workload. That said, automation needs to accomplish more than simply sandboxing processes or blocking all traffic. A solid XDR platform should include automation that adjusts to current system conditions and provides appropriate responses based on multiple parameters. This allows the platform to monitor unknown devices more closely and promptly restrict potentially malicious access.

3. Operational Complexity

Ideally, XDR platforms are meant to ease the efforts of security and response teams. Therefore, a capable platform extends beyond interfaces and dashboards to configuration and maintenance requirements. That means the ideal XDR does not include native services and functionalities (that don't need external add-ons) but also allows for settings to be easily set, changed and updated. 

October 17, 2021 - No Comments!

Top 25 Best SEO Tools (Paid and Free) of 2021

It can be a time-consuming and challenging process to do SEO without access to the best tools. As an SEO professional, you want to finish more tasks in less time.

The internet has evolved, and major search engines such as Google are now looking at a different kind of information when determining their search results. Some of these things include correct keywords, links, content structure, among many other features, that will make your site rank higher on Google.

This is not only important for organic Google search results but also for PPC (Pay Per Click) and other marketing campaigns. To ensure you adhere to the ranking rules, you need to be using the best SEO tools.

Whether you want to best terms to use or identify the issues with your website, there are SEO tools to match your every need. SEO tools also help you to complete tasks as fast as possible and to perfection.

Therefore, to help you step up your SEO, we have a list of the best SEO tools you should consider, both paid and free SEO tools. We also have a list of factors you should consider before choosing an SEO tool. 

1. Ahrefs Keyword Tool

Ahrefs is our top pick when it comes to the best SEO tools. It is a compact tool, five in one, where you can analyze your target customer's searches, conduct a site audit, analyze your competitors, determine the top-performing content, and track your progress.

 Ahrefs Keyword Tool

Ahrefs has a competitive analysis feature to analyze your competitor's backlinks and use them as a motivation for your company. The site audit also shows you the sections in your website that need improvement, for example, checking and fixing broken links in order to rank better in search engines.

You can also find out what information your visitors are interested in by checking the best-performing pages and contents within your website.

Suppose you are starting a new blog but have no clue what content that will perform, you can use Ahrefs content explorer to determine the best content ideas. It conducts content research for you, to help you know that the best content that exists in your industry. This way, you can ensure that your blog content will outperform your competitors’ content.

All you need is an idea, which you will type on the tool’s search bar, and it will show you pages that have content around your general idea, low competition topics, and link building prospects.

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the best free SEO tools that helps you know your website’s rank in Google SERP. Formerly known as Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console will provide you with data same as Analytics but in a more simpler and straightforward way.

It focuses on two main areas; search and optimization. It helps you understand how Google users see your website and suggest ways to optimize your content for better ranking in Google search results.

 Google Search Console

Google Search Console is one of the best places you can be assured of reliable keyword data and data on how Google crawls and ranks your site. You get some of the best insights just from checking the dashboard.

All you need is a Google Search console account, which after registering, you will be given a code to add to your website. With this account, you can control how your website is seen and what gets indexed.

It’s a very useful tool, especially for new websites, and it can be hard to imagine doing SEO without access to the Google Search Console. This is because it allows the website owners to submit web pages for search indexing.

3. SEMRush

SEMRush can assess your rankings and identify changes you need to make to rank higher. It conducts an SEO audit of any website and shows the number of backlinks and search traffic the website has.

SEMRush SEO Tool

It boasts the Domain Vs. Domain feature, where you can compare your website to your competitors. With this tool, you can do topic research, keyword research, a competitive analysis among many other things.

SEMRush is an On-Page SEO tool that will suggest you ways on how to improve your site's performance. It provides you with your website’s search data, traffic, and that of your competitors.

Simply create an account with SEMrush, type in your domain, and it will quickly determine the number of backlinks, the traffic, the keywords you're ranking for, and the competitors. It also provides an overview of the link type and anchor text.

This kind of information will help you analyze better the backlinks to any domain and find you the best keywords for your campaign. It is known for accurately measuring the quality of your content and the major issues that are making your content rank poorly.

With the free version, you can conduct up to 10 searches per day. However, there is an option to upgrade if you need to do more searches.

4. Moz Pro

Moz Pro is an all-in-one SEO tool that will track keywords on different search engines, give you full access to the SEO for chrome extension and SEO insights, provide you with a one on one help and also 24-hour support.

In short, Moz Pro features backlink analysis, site audits, keyword research, site crawls, among many other benefits. It provides you with SEO solutions that will help your website rank at the top. It enables you to find the SEO issues and show you how you can fix them.


MOZ Pro will determine broken redirects, missing title tags, and also ensure they help those who need their assistance. You also get a MozBar tool that you can download for free to see the SEO metrics while browsing any page on your website.

There is also MozCon, which is an annual conference they have, which you should attend if you're looking to learn more about search engines.

Some SEO experts have praised Moz, with the fact that it is always up to date despite the constant Google algorithm changes. If you’re looking for keyword recommendations or a site crawl, Moz Pro is a tool you should definitely consider.

With this tool, you're assured of excellent insights into how your website is performing and how to improve it.

5. UberSuggest Keyword Planner

Ubersuggest, an SEO tool developed by Neil Patel, is a keyword tracking tool that determines the best keywords and also the search volume. With hundreds of keyword suggestions, you can easily find the right terms or phrases to use on your website.

It is an excellent tool for both paid PPC and organic SEO. Their data includes the performing keywords and keyword volume, the seasonal trends, CPC, and competition.

The biggest questions of SEO is knowing how you're performing, what your competitors are doing, and finding ways to improve your strategy to appear at the top of search results.

This tool will help you achieve all the above three things by finding you a keyword worth targeting and the competitiveness of the keywords.

Getting started with Ubersugest is simple. You need to simply type in a domain or a keyword into the search bar.

UberSuggest Keyword Planner

Once you type the phrase and search, you get the best keyword ideas, and you can filter the results to get the ones that match your needs. You need to select the keywords that will help you create good content that will rank highly.

You can do a lot more with Ubersuggest, and you also get a free Ubersuggest Chrome extension to use right from the SERPs.

6. Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner tool is an excellent resource for generating keyword ideas based on up to ten seed keywords or from a website or URL. It shows you a keyword list that will help in your PPC campaign.

Google Keyword Planner

By using this tool, you get a variety of keyword and ad group ideas, you can see how different keywords are currently performing, and you can even combine different keywords in the list to create new phrases.

The Google keyword planner has four options that include;

  • Searching for keywords ideas by either typing a phrase, website URL, or a category.
  • Combining two separate keywords to create new keyword ideas.
  • You can see the trends and search volume of keywords ideas.
  • Gives you a performance forecast for your keywords based on average bids and your budget.

There are different parameters that you can use to filter the keywords to match your needs. Furthermore, you can add a phrase or a term that you think is a potential keyword, and this tool will give you the data for the term or phrase.

However, this Keyword Planner may have some limitations, such as a lack of absolute search volumes, but it’s still great for finding keyword ideas and better than using a traditional keyword research tool.

7. Answer The Public- SEO Topic Researcher

Answer the Public is a free SEO tool that allows you to find suggestions of topics to write about on your blog. It gets the questions from Google's to autocomplete search results.

Answer The Public- SEO Topic Researcher

You can use this too to the specific keywords and topics to create content. For example, if your site focuses on the fashion world, this tool can help generate topic ideas around keywords like shoes, bags, trousers, jeans, etc.

If you're looking to hire freelancers to create content for you, you can easily find the featured topic ideas around the industry you're into. It gives an extensive list of featured long-tail keywords and the common questions asked around the topic.

To get started with Answer The Public, all you need to do is search for the industry and download the list of topics ideas that are currently trending. It only takes five minutes to do this, making it the most effective and efficient way to come up with topics that are SEO optimized.

8. SpyFu SEO Tool

With Spyfu, you can search any domain and be able to find out any keyword the site has bought from Adwords in the past 14 years. You will also be able to find ways to connect with these domains using methods such as social media, email, etc.

SpyFu SEO Tool

It offers five main functions; keyword research, SEO research, domain overviews, PPC research, and SERP checker. An admirable feature of this tool is the Spyfu Kombat, which is easy to start and understand. It comes in handy, especially while doing keyword research.

If you're doing digital marketing and would like to know the keywords that competitors are ranking for in order to generate keyword ideas from them, then this is the tool you should be using. You can also use this tool to see if there is room for improvement for an already running PPC campaign.

All you will be required to is input your site and compare it with the competitor's site. You will be able to find out the keywords that your competitors are not ranking for, both in paid and organic searches. Next, you can come up with content that will target the keywords that are performing.

Spyfu can also help you determine the non-performing keywords, which you may need to update with new ones, especially if you're looking for optimization. Spyfu is one of the best marketing tools that will ease the work for marketers.

9. WooRank

Woorank is an SEO tool that shows you ways to improve both your on-page and off-page SEO. It offers free and paid versions to track and report your site's data.


Most SEO tools tend to show you the problems with your site and do not show you how you can solve them. However, with Woorank, you get to see the issues with your site as well as ways you use to fix them.

You can add your competitors to determine which keywords they are using targeting so that you can do better. These tools can also help you find security issues, duplicate content, etc., and recommend ways on how you can fix such issues.

With this tool, you're also provided with data that shows you how different keywords have performed over time in search engines. From both the content and technical SEO perspective, you're able to get a better understanding of what your site is lacking.

10. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free SEO tool that should always be included to complement other tools. It shows you how much traffic is your site is having and the kind of people visiting your site.

Google Analytics

A lot of their data comes directly from Google, so it one of the tools that can be trusted to give you insights concerning the necessary actions to be taken.

It has the following main features;

  • Campaign Parameter Tracking- You can use this to find the campaign that is generating the most traffic and conversions.
  • Goal tracking and Funnel Conversion Path- Use this to determine how many customers are converting and study the path used in converting.
  • Audience Reports- To help you understand your audience, their gender, age, and the devices they are using to access your site.

All you need is to create a Google Analytics account for first-time users, then add your website domain. You will be given a code, which you copy and paste on every page of your site.

By doing this, you will get data such as the number of visitors on your site, the time spent on the site, the bounce rate, things that are sending more traffic, among many other important features related to your site.

11. KW finder

KWFinder is a keyword research tool that helps you find the best long-tail keywords that are not very competitive.

Apart from using this tool to find the best keywords, SEO professionals also use this tool to run an analysis on backlinks and SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

You get a good number of new keyword ideas to use on your site in order to rank higher. Furthermore, this tool features a rank tracker that helps you know your ranking and tracks your improvement based on one key metric.

The process of finding the keywords is similar to most tools. You need to type a word or a phrase, select the target country and the language, then click on find keywords.

KW finder

There is also an option to find the keywords by searching the domain and entering the target country. It is an easy way to find the seasonal keywords and hot topics that will boost the search engine traffic and help your website rank higher.

12. Keyword Tool

If you're looking for a keyword planner that is similar to Google Keyword Planner, then you should consider the Keyword Tool. It’s also similar to conducting an incognito Google search, although with more added value.

Keyword Tool

Keyword research is one of the most important things that need to be done if you're hoping to improve your search engine optimization.

Keyword Tool offers lots of relevant keyword suggestions for your industry. All you need is to enter is a word in the search box, choose the desired search engine, and target country.

The tool will then give you the best keywords ideas. You can get over 750 search terms for every keyword research. It also includes long-tail words, and you can filter the results based on the country, platforms like Google, YouTube, Amazon, etc., and the language.

You can also filter out negative keywords. If you’re looking for specific phrases your target audience is using, then you should do keyword research using this tool. You can generate up to double the number of keywords with the Premium version.

13. All in One SEO (AIOSEO) For WordPress

All in One SEO for WordPress (AIOSEO) is one of the best SEO tools. It is a WordPress plugin that is used by over 2+ million people and a comprehensive toolkit to help you achieve higher rankings in search results.

It is easy to set up, and you can select the best SEO settings for your business. This plugin will show you an on-page analysis with a checklist to help you optimize your posts and pages.

All in One SEO (AIOSEO) For WordPress

This AIOSEO tool includes;

  • A smart meta tag generator where you can use different values like the date, in your SEO title and descriptions. This means you won't have to update a post just to change the titles.
  • A rich snippet schema markup
  • Smart XML sitemaps
  • SEO health check
  • A built-in social media integration to add Open Graph metadata.
  • A built-in WooCommerce SEO tools for eCommerce sites.
  • Full control of RSS feeds
  • Other useful features such as Robots.txt editor, local SEO, video SEO, etc.

It also comes with different SEO user roles, so you can get help with managing crucial SEO features without handing over control of your website.

If you're in search of a beginner-friendly SEO WordPress plugin, then you should consider installing this one. It is perfect for all websites, including e-commerce, businesses, blogs, news, etc., and you don't need to install multiple plugins since it is an all in one.

14. Majestic SEO Tools

Majestic SEO tool is one of the oldest SEO tools, and since their launch in 2011, they have consistently proven to be a reliable SEO tool.

Majestic SEO Tools

It mainly focuses on backlinks, which is an important factor when it comes to SEO performance. They have a number of useful features, which include;

  • The Majestic Million- This feature lets you see the ranking of the top one million websites.
  • The Site Explorer - It gives you a general overview of your site and the number of backlinks that are there on your site.
  • SEO keyword tool-To help you find the best keywords to use in order to rank higher.
  • Site comparisons
  • Tracking your rank.

In addition to the historical index, which has received a lot of praise online because of its speed, users can also search for Fresh Index that is crawled and updated every day.

The upgraded version features more useful features such as a record of referring domains, IPs and subnets, bulk backlink checker as well as an open site explorer.

The Majestic integrated site explorer feature has received some negative comments because it looks outdated. The majestic tool does not also have the Google Analytics integration.

15. SEOQuake

SEOquake is one of the best free SEO tools that come in handy when you have little time but need to analyze a lot of URLs. It’s an extension that acts as a link analysis tool and displays an SEO overview of any given page.


For each URL, this tool conducts the following things;

  • An on-page site audit
  • Assessing both your internal and external links
  • Website comparisons to compare your performance against your competitors.
  • Keyword analysis such as keyword density

SEOQuake boasts an easy to read SEO dashboard and an export feature that allows downloads and sending data to different people.

This SEO tool supports different browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Mozilla. Once you have installed the extension, a toolbar will appear in your browser. You can now conduct an SEO audit of any website.

The SEO toolbar displays the domain's age, the total number of indexed pages, social shares, and external links. Instead of individually checking the sites using a standalone tool, with the SEOQuake tool, you can view the real-time data as you browse.

This tool determines if you have any errors on your site and suggests ways on how you can fix them.

16. Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the most underutilized SEO and research tools. Most people tend to ignore this tool, not knowing it can do wonders for their SEO. Google Trends gives you more information regarding a keyword and also offers great insights into the trends of a topic.

Google Trends

It shows you how a specific topic has performed over time, which can be valuable information at any stage of a business’s growth.

The use of Google Trends in your SEO journey is recommended to find out and capitalize on the trending topics and avoid creating those topics that people seem uninterested with.

To get the trending topics, search for keywords in any country, and you will be provided with all information regarding its performance.

Some of the information you're likely to see are the rising queries on the topic, top queries, interest depending on the geographical location, and interest in the topic over time.

If you're looking for trends in your industry or country, then this is one of the best SEO tools to use.

17. XML Sitemaps Generator

A sitemap is another way to have a high ranking website. It is defined as a file that has information about the pages, videos, and other files on your site and how they are related.

Most search engines like Google read this file to crawl your website effectively. A sitemap will inform the search engine which files are important on your site and also give important information about these files.

The XML sitemaps generator will allow you to easily create a sitemap for your website with both XML and HTML variants.

To use this tool, you just need to enter the URL of your website, and it will start generating the sitemap. The results of this sitemap will include the number of pages, broken links, XML file content, and a link to the sitemap file.

XML Sitemaps Generator

You can easily get your sitemap without any registration. The tool sends you an email of the generated sitemap, and you can put it on your site.

With XML Sitemaps, you can create both HTML and XML sitemaps to improve the crawlability of your website. Both of the versions are beneficial to the user and the search engines.

With the free version, you can create a sitemap of up to 500 pages, but if you have a more prominent website, then you may need to upgrade to the premium version, so as to create an unlimited number of pages.

18. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is another SEO WordPress plugin that is very popular. This plugin allows you to optimize your web pages to rank higher on search engines.

Yoast SEO

You can easily add SEO titles and descriptions to the posts and pages, you can also add Open Graph metadata and social media images to your posts.

It comes with a lot of features to ensure your content is optimized. Some of those features include built-in content analysis, duplicate content management, meta keywords and description, XML sitemaps, social features, rich snippets, etc.

The XML sitemap is automatically generated for all your content, making it easy for search engines to crawl your site. With this tool, you can import your SEO if, in the past, you have been using a different SEO plugin.

The built-in readability score shows an analysis of the readability of your content, making it easy to edit your content to make it easier for your users to read and understand.

19. Siteliner

One of the main ways of ensuring your content performs well is checking if there is any duplicate content. Duplicate content will hold you back in your search engine, and this is where Siteliner comes in; to help you check if there are any duplicate pages.


To use this tool, input your URL on the search box, then press Go. The site will scan all the pages on your site and will give you the following information;

  • The percentage of duplicate pages, common content, and unique content on your site
  • The number of broken links found.
  • Skipped pages
  • Comparison with other sites in terms of average page size, page load time, number of words per page, text to HTML ratio, duplicate content, common content, internal and external links per page, total links, and inbound links per page.

From there, you can now analyze each category one by one and ensure you make the corrections to improve your SEO performance. You can also download the report as a PDF and save it for later.

This is a free tool and is has unlimited monthly checks of up to 25, 000 pages. If you exceed this limit, you will be required to pay 0.01 for every page.

20. Screaming frog

Screaming Frog conducts comprehensive technical audits of any site. It is a desktop program that works as a log analyzer and a website crawler and can be installed on any PC.

It helps in improving the onsite SEO by fetching data & auditing for common SEO issues. To get started with the screaming frog SEO software, you need to download the program on their site.

Screaming frog

Once you have installed the SEO software, open the tool and enter the URL you wish to crawl, then click on start. The tool will then collect all data related to the URLs entered for further review.

This tool will help determine the following onsite SEO factors;

  • Server errors
  • Broken links
  • Duplicate pages
  • Blocked URLs.
  • Analyze title and meta descriptions, their length, and relevance.
  • Outlines if there are any missing elements.

Furthermore, this tool integrates with Google Analytics, where the users of Screaming frog are able to error reports. It extracts a set of URLs and analyzes the crucial things like the meta tags and the broken links.

This tool will save you a lot of time and with the free version, you can crawl up to 500 URLs. If you wish to crawl more URLs, then you need to upgrade to the premium version.

21. Google PageSpeed Insights

One of the most important features to consider during SEO analysis is the page loading speed. This is because the better the loading speed, the increased user experience, and also the higher the rankings.

Google PageSpeed Insights is a free tool that allows you to know the speed of your site and also recommends ways to improve it.

To use this tool, enter the URL on the search box, then click analyze. This tool will do a scan to determine the speed and the user experience of pages on your website and will provide you with a score.

This can be done on both desktop and mobile versions. The different ranking scores include;

  • FAST (90+) - It means that your website a great loading speed, better than most other sites.
  • AVERAGE (50-90) - This means your website has an average loading speed.
  • SLOW (Below 50) - This means that your website's loading speed is SLOW.

To increase the chances of appearing at the top of Google's search results, you need to have a score above 90. If your page is below 90, be sure to check the suggestions this tool provides on how you can improve the performance of your pages.

Over the years, the page loading speed has become one of the top-ranking factors for mobile searches. So, the Google PageSpeed Insights SEO tool is essential to help optimize your website and also for a great overall user experience, which in turn increases the search traffic.

22. Incognito Google Search

An Incognito Goole search is a Chrome browse option that allows you to browse in private mode. It is a great way to find the most popular terms within your niche.

All you need to do is open the Chrome browser, then on your right, you will find three dots, click on it, and from the list, choose New Incognito Window.

Incognito Google Search

You can now browse under the Incognito mode without the need to track cookies and saving browsing history. Because the autofill options are not influenced by your previous searches and browser history, the auto-fill keywords and the search results are in the exact order that Google would rank them.

This is an excellent research tool if you're looking to rank higher or find popular keywords. However, it would be best if you combined it another SEO analysis tool on our list, for in-depth analysis.

23. Rank Math

Rank Math is an alternative WordPress Seo plugin to AIOSEO and Yoast SEO. It is a fast-growing plugin with a user-friendly interface that allows you to optimize your website to rank higher in search engines.

Similar to Yoast SEO, this tool also comes with a setup wizard that allows you to import data if you've been using a different SEO plugin before.

Rank Math

There are many features of Rank Math which you can add meta title, description, and Open Graph metadata to posts, generate an XML sitemap, local SEO, connect to Google Search Console, and control management to access plugin features based on user roles.

Rank Math will allow you to give a post or a page a maximum of five keywords for optimization. Its setup is exactly like for Yoast SEO. It uses a content score that runs from 0 to 100 to show how well you have optimized your content.

If your content score is 80 or more, it will turn green. So, while using this SEO analysis tool, you need to ensure that your content is well optimized until the score turns green.

Rank Math has a good scoring system for keyword optimization, and it starts listing suggestions for keywords as soon as you start typing the focus keyword as well as longtail keywords, which is a useful feature for SEO.

24. SERPs Rank Checker

The SERPs Rank checker helps you how every page or post is performing based on the keywords. You can easily search for the keyword and domain or the keyword alone on both Google and Yahoo search engines.

To get started with SERPs Rank Checker, simply fill in the keyword you want to track and the domain. This tool will check the rankings of the domain entered for the particular keyword selected.

By doing this, you can easily track the rankings of your site on selected locations without manually having to check them on Google and no need to use a VPN. You will also be able to see the current ranking of your website depending on the device used.

SERPs also offers other free SEO tools like Keyword Research Database and Google Location Changer. With the use of the Location Changer, you will be able to track the ranking of your keywords on different locations.

You can easily track the rankings of keywords without having to check them on Google manually. While using the free version, you can only check one keyword at a time. However, if you need to track up to 1,000 words, you will be required to update to the Premium version.

25. SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is among the best free SEO tools that allow you to analyze your site's SEO issues, generate data and suggestions you should act upon. It also helps you understand your competitor’s SEO profile and create reports that you can act upon.

SEO Site Checkup

To get started with this tool, you need to enter the URL of your website in the search box, then press on Checkup!. The tool will conduct an analysis of the URL and provide you a content score out of 100. The higher the score, the better your website's SEO is.

The tool will analyze the on-page features, like meta tags and keyword usage. It will also check the speed and security of the site and conducts a 404-page test, canonical tag test, and a data test. Furthermore, it also analyzes the mobile design to ensure that the site is mobile-friendly or not.

This tool also gives you suggestions on how you can fix the issues such as security, speed, page metrics, etc., for a better ranking in search engines. With the free version, you're limited to up to five check-ups per day, although you have to create a free account to check more than once a day. If you need more checkups, you need to purchase the premium version.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an SEO tool

Choosing the right tool for SEO is going to make your work easier. If you're looking for an SEO tool to use, we have put together a list of some essential features you should consider.

1. Keyword ranking

The most important part of SEO is the keywords. If this is what you're looking to find, then your tool should have a rank tracking feature for keywords to be able to find the best terms or phrases to use.

A useful SEO keyword ranking tool should include the following;

  • Ranking- To show how the different keywords are ranked and where your site appears in SERPs.
  • Search volume: An SEO tool that includes search volume for a keyword is a plus.
  • Competitor rank tracking- Great SEO tools have the ability to add and track competitors.
  • Changes- The SEO tool should show the historical changes in your keywords rankings as well as your website ranking.

2. Technical SEO crawler

Technical SEO is an important feature that allows Google to find, crawl and index all the content on your website. Most SEO tools will only find a robots.txt file or a sitemap, but a useful tool should be able to crawl your site the way Google does.

It should be able to find issues that Google checks, such as;

  • Broken links and pages- A good technical crawler should find links to pages that show error codes.
  • Duplicate content:-A good SEO tool should be able to identify duplicate content and also the technical issues that are causing duplicate content.
  • HTTP and HTTPS conflicts: These two indicate how secure or not your site is. However, secure pages with insecure items can pull you down. Your SEO tool should find images, videos, CSS, etc., that are hosted on insecure URLs.

3. User-friendly interface

An SEO tool should be easy to use and not have a complicated or intimidating interface. It should only take a click or two to figure out how it works. If the tool is giving you trouble, then you should probably find another one.

There are several things that make SEO tools easy to use, they include;

  • A straightforward layout and easy navigation
  • An accessible help center or knowledge center, where you can know how to work around the tool.
  • Clear and concise reading and data about the current status of your website's SEO.
  • Helpful customer support.
  • Easy to read and understand English or your preferred language.

Your tool should help you learn more about SEO and not make things hard for you, especially if you're a beginner. If you feel like a particular tool is making things complicated for you, it's probably not the right tool for you.

4. Mobile Optimization

A mobile-friendly site is a way to go because traffic from mobile devices tends to be the biggest when it comes to organic visitors, so much that Google has been going the mobile way first when indexing pages.

SEO tools should determine how mobile-friendly a website is and what needs to improve it. The tool should check on;

  • Speed- How fast a web page loads on a mobile device.
  • Mobile compatibility-Does any of your web pages use web technologies that are not compatible with all mobile versions and browsers?
  • Touchscreen-How easily and fast can a user click on something without accidentally clicking on another one or missing the button?
  • Mobile view- Do the web page ratios fit different devices' mobile screen width?

Mobile-friendliness is a top-ranking feature for Google and should be ignored.

5. Budget

The SEO tool you choose should be according to your budget. If your budget is small or rather you have no budget for it, you should consider using the free SEO tools. On the other hand, if you have a budget for it, then the premium versions tend to better with more features.

Fortunate enough, most SEO tools will give a free trial period or have a free version, so you can try using them before committing. However, big websites might require the premium versions because


The SEO tools on this list are simply the best currently. They provide you with insights about your website that would otherwise require a lot of time to generate.

Some tools may have different functions such as keyword research tools, rank checkers, link building tools, page speed checkers with others have all features in one tool. It's up to you to choose one or several that perfectly matches your needs.

Discover what are the issues with your site and things you need to improve to rank higher in SERPs. The success of your site depends on you.

Take time to try out several tools before making a decision to ensure that your chosen SEO tool will not only make your marketing easier but will also lead you to growth. 

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Buying Backlinks Online – Should You Do It in 2021?

If you have been in the SEO world for a while, you know how things have been changing and some factors play an extremely important role in improving Google ranking. And one of the ways to rank on the first page of Google, you need real, and quality backlinks.

But where can you get quality backlinks? Of course, you can buy links from reputable brands in your niche and increase your domain rating.

That said, what is the process of getting quality links to grow your backlink profile? What are the do's and don'ts, which reliable sites can you get links to, will links increase your DR?

In this post, we will endeavor to provide you with accurate and credible information surrounding buying backlinks.

What is Backlink Buying?

Backlinking is the process of getting other websites to link back to your site. It can be a black hat SEO, white hat SEO, or somewhere in between. With that, backlink buying can take diverse forms and shapes depending on how it's done, who does it, and for what purpose.

Buying backlinks can be in the form of:

  • Guest posts - We recommend Rhino Rank, Outreach Pete, and/or FatJoe (opens new tabs)
  • Sponsored posts
  • Niche edits or link placement - We recommend Indexsy, we rank #1 on Google for "niche edits" so.. 
  • Product reviews
  • Paying for a link to be published in another site

Why Do Brands Buy Backlinks?

There are two major reasons that a brand will seek link building services - to get faster results and to save time.

1. Buying Links Saves Time

Any link building strategy you choose takes lots of time to accomplish. And it is even harder when SEO, content marketing, and outreach services are not the core of your business.

Let's take an example of getting backlinks through outreach,

  • Create high-quality content optimized for Google and other search engines
  • Prospecting for link building opportunities
  • Vetting to see whether you qualify for the opportunity
  • Building a rapport with every prospect
  • Request for link building on the websites
  • Wait for a response and customize the content for different sites
  • Test different outreach approaches
  • Create high-quality content for the approved sites
  • Hire a freelance writer if you don't have inhouse writers
  • Monitor and repeat the process

This is a best-case scenario of getting backlinks. And since you've other things to do, focusing on link placements can disorient you from your primaries, necessitate that you train your staff or hire freelancers to assist you to reach a bigger audience, enhance brand awareness and increase organic traffic.

With all that it is better to outsource the whole link buying process to a service provider devoted to link building campaigns for increased search engine rankings.

2. Faster and Better Results

When buying links, you are outsourcing this role to a provider with high DA, and the staff is skilled in link building services. Most of these outreach companies have established relationships with reputable bloggers in almost every niche. They've also tested various link building strategies and know which works better for what industry.

As such, you'll be focused on other areas of SEO such as the content idea, creation, and optimization. Combining efforts from both parties, you will get results faster.

3. Buying Links because of Competition

If your competitors are buying high-quality backlinks to rank high on Google and other search engines, you may be forced to include that SEO service to have a leveled playing field.

If you try and avoid it, your competitors will be miles ahead, rank better, and increase their clientele base.

So besides saving you time, and getting better results, if your industry demands that you buy backlinks, it is important to keep up with the trends and be able to reach your target audience.

Is Buying Backlinks Safe?

Since buying backlinks is something you want to do to grow your domain rating, how safe is it? And is there something you can do?

Well, buying links is a safe process when your provider follows a white hat SEO approach and upholds industry best practices. If your provider is skilled and experienced in link building, they will ensure maximum safety and privacy. So nothing to worry about.

That said, buying links is a black hat SEO as it goes against Google's TOS. And since there's a thin line when it comes to link-building, and SEO is getting competitive by the day, we still encourage you to get links from reputable brands.

When buying links avoid the low quality, cheap, irrelevant, and non-niche specific backlinks. These links by PBNs (Private Blog Networks) will have a negative bearing on your profile and it's easily detectable by Google, which may jeopardize your site.

Only trust brands that have proved track records, show integrity, and are committed to helping you gain a competitive edge without compromising your website.

What to Look For in a Link Selling Website

There are many websites to buy backlinks from and all claim to further your SEO efforts and ensure you rank better.

But there a few things that you need to look out for in a website before engaging them for a link building service. And these are:

1. Adequate Information Regarding Different Types of Links

Website owners might have heard about a need for a link building campaign but not conversant with the various types of links. A good website will provide helpful and comprehensive information to help you make an informed decision.

They will also explain in layman's language how to keep yourself safe from going against Google's TOS and safeguarding your website.

If anything is still unclear, the right provider should have a support team to clear any doubts prospective customers have.

If all you find in a link building provider is about sales and hype about being number one on search results, be careful. You might be duped, and the brand may not be using industry-best practices.

2. Quality Backlinks

Since you don't want to get links for the sake of it, you want to get link vendors who are serious about growing your profile with high-quality, real backlinks.

One way to assess that is to check the quality of links of their site. Find out about their DR, DA and also rankings on Google and other search engines.

Also, check whether links on their sites are natural or appear forced. Those are little link schemes that can tell you a lot about the quality of links.

You can check on their policies and terms. A good brand will talk about quality links as opposed to spam links and will have a guarantee to stand behind its services.

3. Your Website's Safety on the Longterm

Google bots crawl and index web pages on a regular basis. When SEO experts use black hat methods and try to cheat the system, this can increase the rankings in the short term. But reputable link vendors will not do this.

Rather, they emphasize on the best practices that will increase your search results rankings steadily. You want a provider who will help you create content with backlinks that ensure safety and longevity.

4. White Label Reports

White label text links are unbranded making them perfect. You want a text that you can customize to suit your individual needs.

But getting backlinks with rights reserved makes it to transfer or even resell. For the long-term well-being of your website, check for white label link building vendors.

5. Affordability

One of the common questions that website owners ask is how much link costs.

Some link building service providers are costly and this depends on the type of link you want and from which website. Do-follow links and no-follow links do not cost the same.

Also, if you want paid links in high-authority sites it will be more expensive but will increase your organic traffic and increase search engines' rankings.

Take your time to check the different prices and commit to buy backlinks that you can afford. After all, backlinks are not the only determinants to rank high on search engines.

Where Can I Buy Quality Backlinks?

It's clear that buying links is something you should consider for your site, but who is selling them?

Some popular places for selling links include:

  • Manual Outreach
  • PBNs (Private Blog Networks) disguising as real sites
  • Brokers
  • Webmasters and contributors

But when we talk about paid links, what are the above sites selling? They will be selling any of this:

  • Guest blogging opportunities
  • Features or interviews
  • Contextual links on webpages
  • Backlink to existing content on the site
  • Community posts
  • PBNs

How Much Do Backlinks Cost

Like everything else in SEO, there is no easy, simple answer to this. There are many factors that come to play when you decide to buy quality backlinks.

We'll discuss the major link buying pricing factors to help get a clearer picture when preparing your SEO campaign.

1. Link Quality

Older sites with high domain authority are pitched more as their link quality is high. As such, they charge higher and mostly have a limited number of link placements per month. One way such domains use to limit applicants is to increase prices.

If you are just a beginner without a huge budget, that may not be the best site to pitch to.

2. Content

Sites with optimized, engaging, and excellent content don't have a hard time finding other sites to trade links with. They are usually picky and their partners can be pricy.

Content that is ranking well on search engines is easy to find partners. If you have a new site, you should consider using available tools to measure SEO and hiring excellent writers to craft high-quality content.

This way, you'll be a step closer to getting guest blogging opportunities.

3. Industry

Your particular niche will determine the cost of links. For example, buying links in the finance industry can be more pricy than the gardening niche. Any niche that attracts a fast flow of money translates to more expensive links and vice-versa.

4. Creative Control

When pitching sites to buy backlinks, you can choose to protect your brand's integrity with certain rules and requirements or you may choose to take a care-free approach.

For instance, you can give a specific anchor text to use. Since this process may increase the link placement process, you'll have to pay more.

5. Brand Strength

When pitching for partners in backlinking, your online presence matters a lot. If you have a renowned blog with countless social shares and blog comments, your emails are likely to get answered sooner.

You will get more offers within a short time and maybe less.

However, if your website is new, and not known, it will take longer and you will pay dearly for placements in high-quality domains.

6. In House Costs

If you want Google to index your site but don't want to hire freelance writers, you'll need the efforts of a couple of your in-house staff. This also involves outreach efforts for link placement.

When considering the cost of buying links, you shouldn't forget to factor in your employees' time.

Do Backlinks Still Work in 2021?

According to Moz, backlinks still work in 2021. It does not matter whether they are paid links or natural backlinks. Of great importance is the quality of backlinks.

Since backlinks are a vote of confidence on your website, it sends positive indications on Google bots that you have some sort of authority in your industry. When Google notices an unnatural backlink, it imposes Google penalty, which affects ranking significantly.

So, if you want backlinks to work for 2021 and beyond make sure to do the following:

  • Get high-quality backlinks from high-authority sites in your niche
  • Combine links with high-quality content that is optimized for search engines and your target audience
  • Use the links naturally and an anchor text that's informative
  • Check the authenticity and excellence of the link vendors before buying links
  • Understand the various types of links and which ones are likely to enhance your profile and increase organic traffic
  • Be on the lookout for the trends in the link building services and follow suit.

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SEO for Insurance Agents in 2021

SEO for insurance agents is a growing space as insurance companies are facing competition, just like other companies in the international and local market. And there are various SEO strategies you can use to stand above your competitors and make yourself among the top insurance agencies. One best and reliable way is to make yourself visible through search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO will increase your Google ranking, increase organic traffic and ultimately convert your visitors to customers. But how can you achieve you this while everything related to SEO seems complex and wide?

We will provide you a detailed outline of SEO services and internet marketing strategies that you should incorporate in your business operations to reach more clients and increase sales.

1. Have a Website with Premium Hosting

The first step in SEO campaign is to have a website. Without it, you do not have online presence and you will limit your visibility by potential customers.

Buy domain (website name) from a reputable company that offers excellent and prompt customer service, is reliable and also affordable. Don't opt for free websites for your business as this limits your control and it can also get spammy with adverts.

Get premium hosting from a reputable brand. Premium hosting enhances the users experience in your site, has fast loading time, and allow you customize your website to suit your particular site's needs.

Google and other search engines place serious emphasis on premium hosting. Insurance companies with such will rank higher on Google and attract more clients. So, you want to increase ranking and appear on Google, invest in premium hosting.

2. Enhance the Your Website's Security

Another important step in SEO for insurance agents surrounds users' security when they visit your site.

You cannot separate search engine optimization from users' experience. As an insurance company, you may require your customers and prospects to fill in some details such as name, email address, contact information and sometimes financial details, meaning you need a secure system to store this data and not expose it to third parties.

Consequently, you need to buy an SSL certificate. SSL is an abbreviation for Secure Sockets Layer. Your website will be prefixed as https and not http. And this extra layer of security is a ranking factor. You'll have a lower bounce rate as visitors will feel safe in your website and stay. This will give Google algorithms an indication that you have a credible site that visitors trust.

In today's world an insurance agency cannot gain a competitive edge without trust emanating from a secure website.

3.Optimize your Website Pages

This is a search engine optimization process that involves keyword research. You want to make sure your insurance agency uses terms that meet searchers' intent. For example, when creating your landing pages such as home page or about us page, use target keywords and location. You may use 'best auto insurance services in New Jersey'.

This way, you will utilize the local search results and anyone searching for an insurance company in New Jersey may be referred to you. You can convert that lead into a customer.

Worried about which keywords to use to rank high? You don't have to be worried because there are free and premium keyword research tools that will provide search volume, keyword difficulty, related keywords and competitors ranking keywords.

Some of the tools include Moz, Ubersuggest and Ahrefs. You can pick the tool that suits your needs.

Another way you can optimize your site pages is by the use of header tags. This includes H1, H2, H3, etc. This headings improves user experience through proper organization and attractive appearance. Use of lists and numbering is also another way of optimizing your pages and posts for search engines.

4. Insurance Agent in Content Marketing

Another SEO for insurance agencies revolves around content marketing. This is a longterm strategy that involves creating high quality content or blog posts related to the insurance business.

As visitors trust you to provide relevant, accurate and credible information surrounding the insurance industry, they're more likely to trust you for insurance services. Your content marketing efforts will pay off by converting.

Besides quality content, you want to create content that appeals to search engines. This involves researching relevant keywords with low difficulty but substantive monthly search volume. Avoid keyword spamming.

Content marketing will drive traffic on ongoing basis and for the long term when you keep your content fresh and updated. You can also do reviews on various insurance services such as auto insurance, health or even life insurance. Skillfully, recommend your products in such reviews as a soft way of selling..

If you cannot match up with all the digital marketing trends in creating content, you can hire an SEO expert on freelance basis.

On your insurance website blog, avoid being too salesy but focus on providing engaging, helpful and informative posts to build loyalty.

5. Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Once you have launched your site, the next major thing should be the installation of Google Analytics tracking software. It is free and will take a few minutes to install but it's one of your primary sources of valuable information about your website's performance.

To install Google Analytics, you need to sign in using your Gmail account and create a Google Analytics account for your website, by filling all the details on the prompt.

Google Analytics

Since the internet enough bots crawling websites, you want to filter your Google Analytics to only human data. Otherwise, you will get inaccurate metrics that will affect the quality of decisions you make.

If you cannot interpret the results you get well, you cannot use it well. As such, you need to know how to analyse the reports and what SEO strategy to use to improve performance.

6. Invest in Social Media SEO Campaign

In 2020, over 3.6 billion people are using social media. That is a huge number! So when you incorporate social media in your SEO strategies, you'll grow your sales significantly.

Start by researching to know which social media platforms your target audience is using. For instance, if you specialize in car insurance and your target population is millennials, you can get started with sites such as Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook.

The next step is to create relevant content. If it's Instagram, know what appeals to the audince and how to create posts. Embed images, videos, and also provide contact information like phone number.

The long term goal of social media for insurance agents should be to grow a loyal audience, and feed them with regular, fresh and engaging content. You can even share links of your blog posts or Youtube videos to further grow your reach.

If you create website content, share it via social media and it goes viral, you'll increase your visibility, organic traffic and Google ranking.

Therefore insurance agents should not shy off from social media- it's a rich source for leads, when done professionally.

7. Link-Building for Insurance Agency

Another SEO for insurance agents include link building. As an agency, you should focus on building relevant and high-quality internal and external links.

Internal links refer to linking to other pages in your website while outbound refers to pages in different but relevant websites. When another website links back to your website, that's called a backlink.

Links are extremely important to Google bots as they mean that users can navigate your site better and your content is authoritative. For better ranking use keywords or informative words as anchor texts. For example, don't use terms like click here as anchor text to link to the contact page. Instead, use 'contact us' as the anchor text to the contact page.

Another thing that an insurance agent should keep in mind is getting quality backlinks. One simple way is to look for guest blogging opportunities. Here, you will create blog posts that allows you to link to your website naturally.

An important SEO tip here, ensure you get backlinks from websites with high metrics such as domain authority and domain rating.

A natural way of getting backlinks can be to be an authority in your niche. Create high quality, informative and comprehensive posts such as guides, and other websites in the insurance industries will link to you. This may take a while but it's achievable by being that resource for everything insurance.

When it comes to link building for insurance companies, quality superceeds quantity. Get links from sites with high website traffic, within your niche and have high metrics.

Since securing such opportunities may be an uphill task, you can consider earning links through outreach services.

8. Regular On Page SEO Audits

Another insurance SEO activity involves on-page audits.

On-page SEO audits for insurance companies are necessary as the SEO world is highly dynamic and Google keeps changing its algorithms, which affects your website's performance.

It's like today you have new social channels, new schema data types or even new linking methods. You may not know where to focus your insurance SEO efforts. The best place to start is to audit your website.

This digital marketing exercise involves using tools to crawl your website to see SEO performance. Since this process checks a number of factors, you'll need to pay to use. Some popular tools include SEMrush, Moz or Screaming Frog. If you are a beginner, Moz and SEMrush may be more user-friendly although they may not provide as much insights as Screaming Frog.

You'll get insights about your meta titles, metadescriptions, links, and even header tags.

8. Create Compelling Meta Descriptions

A metadescription is a form on insurance SEO that increases clicks. It's layman's language, it's a snippet of a webpage or post.

When visitors search a term on Google, they will see pages, maybe the first ten. There will be a short description of each page, which is just a summary of the content. When it is compelling, visitors will click on the site and if they were seeking for insurance services, say a car insurance, they will contact the company with an appealing snippet.

This underscores the importance of optimizing your metadescription with insurance keywords and for local SEO. This way, the SEO strategies you have employed on the content will pay off.

9. Business Citations, Reviews and NAP

Insurance SEO services are incomplete without business citations, NAP and reviews. All these strategies are geared towards building local SEO citations.

The best places for insurance agency websites include Yahoo, Bing Places, Google My Business and Yelp. When you optimize your insurance business' profile in these places, you increase your Google ranking and online visibility.

This means you'll appear on the first pages of search engine results for local search when people look for insurance related products and services such as car insurance.

To get started, make sure you are on Google my Business as most website visitors use Google for their search query on insurance products, services or agency. This means that your digital marketing efforts should be closely intertwined with Google, as it's the main search engine.

A pro SEO tip - when your insurance agency profile is active, Google will drive traffic to your site and you'll find searchers who are ready to make a purchase or pay for a service. This will grow your revenue tremendously.

Something worth noting, ensure NAP (Name, address and phone number) consistency in all your online platforms. This sends a positive signal to Google that you are active and updating the contact information for you agency for local search results.

Maintain the same email address, name and contact details to avoid confusing potential clients.

10. Consistent Review of Your Website

It is important that you closely monitor your website's performance. This involves local SEO, technical SEO, customer reviews and feedback, and on-site SEO.

Research on current trends of independent insurance agencies' websites, look for ways of optimizing the agency for local search and incorporate a new SEO strategy will make things better. And this is a continuous process that your team should plan for on a regular basis.

As you analyze your insurance marketing agency, make sure to analyse your competitor's websites and the keywords they are ranking for that you are not. You can also consider other optimizations of these agencies that you need to make on your agency.

Insurance SEO will be much better with Google Analytics data and an eye of your competitors. And your team shouldn't get weary of this analysis.

What Can Insurance Agents Do on Their Own?

With the above ten SEO steps that independent insurance agents can use to rank better on search engines or appear on the first page of search results, you may be left wondering whether you should hire SEO experts for your business or try DIY.

Well, from a professional perspective, there are some tasks that are best handled by SEO experts but there are some you can do.

That said, SEO services that an insurance agency can do for itself include premium hosting, buying an SSL certificate, NAP and Google my business listings, reviews, and citations.

To give your customers a better experience, you can outsource off-page SEO, keyword research and content creation. With freelancing agencies available to help out, your team will have an ample time to focus on the core of your business and your clients.

SEO for insurance agencies is something worth investing in and with the right local SEO strategy, you can be sure to grow your business and appear on the first page of search results.

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Best (Real) Blogger Outreach Services

As an SEO agency, we understand the importance of link building.

Shameless Plug

While we don't offer blogger outreach services, we do have a niche editing service. If you're interested in learning more, simply follow this link (new tab).

With the self promotion out of the way, we'll be covering some outreach services we used before we built our own in-house team. Not all services are built equal, we have came across a ton of trash, and some go as far as sell black hat PBN links as "outreach". We took the hit so you didn't have to, don't let our sacrifice go to waste.

Our List of Top Blogger Outreach Services

OutreachPete - Enterprise Pick

OutreachPete provides blogger outreach services, similar to guest posts but without the footprints.

Each link you receive from this service is completely native and posted as the site owner or regular author depending on the size of the publication. Most posts are homepage featured, shared on social media and gain a good amount of pageviews.

The result is great links on fresh pages which are indexed quickly, have zero footprints and benefit from the full site authority compared to a buried niche edit.

What to Expect From OutreachPete’s Links


Every link is published within a niche-relevant post on a relevant site, ensuring that you get the absolute best placement for your money. OutreachPete has a team who are constantly creating new connections, finding new blogs to work with and so tough niches shouldn’t be a problem.

Organic Traffic

Unlike other blogger outreach companies OutreachPete has a guarantee that every single site they work with has organic traffic coming in. Organic traffic is the absolute best metric for moving the needle when it comes to link building. It beats DA, DR, TF or any other metric as it conclusively proves that Google values the site – and that value is passed onto sites they link to including your clients.

Multiple Quality Checks

As well as checking DA, DR and organic traffic OutreachPete goes further. They even look into traffic patterns to make sure there aren’t any big drops or unnatural penalties which could pass onto your clients

Some agencies have a guarantee of say ‘1000 organic visitors a month’ at a certain price point, but it doesn’t guarantee that 1000 visitors a month hasn’t just fallen from 50,000 – a big red flag. OutreachPete helps you avoid this trap!

Link Exclusivity

For every link OutreachPete gains for you they guarantee that you are the only client link placed in that article. There is no cramming in multiple clients, which dilutes your value and can create dangerous footprints.

Account Management

If taking up a monthly subscription you are assigned a dedicated account manager. Someone who works with you each month to learn your preferences, understand your needs and make sure that they are met every single time.

White Label Delivery

Again, as part of OutreachPete’s monthly subscription packages you can request that links are delivered in a report with your own branding or your client’s branding. This means no heavy lifting; you just take the document and pass it onto your client making an easy margin.


Finally, all links built with OutreachPete are under their implicit NDA as part of the service level agreement. Your information will never be shared with any unnecessary 3rd parties and never publicised in any way. This gives you full confidence to outsource your link building needs without any worry about client privacy.

Placing an Order on OutreachPete

To place an order simply sign up for their dashboard and you can buy outreach links on a pay as you go basis, or select one of their discounted monthly subscription packages. There are upgrade options for article word count at a reasonable cost should you desire to do so.

After paying for your desired links you are prompted to input your URLs and anchor text to go within the article content, and an order dialogue is opened up should you have any questions or special requests for your order.

You can also open a ticket via the order dashboard which is the quickest way to get a response from their team if you have any questions outside of your order.

Next, we have a popular company that has branded itself as a 360-degree link outreach agency that promises to help you “bolster your rankings, drive traffic, and improve your revenue.” It sounds like the total package, doesn’t it? Rhino Rank is an expert in finding content relevant to your website and project at an affordable price.

Have you heard the saying, “People will forget what you said and did but will never forget how you made them feel?” Well, not only does Rhino Rank specialize in SEO results, but it also ensures that its clients have a great experience working with them. Their tactful performance, professional demeanor, and their ability to work within your budget are all factors that make this company one of the best in the market.

Fun to collaborate and communicate with, Rhino Rank always delivers on their work while offering you unquestionably excellent quality.

What Makes Rhino Rank Stand Out?

Affordability and Pricing

If you decide to take on their services, you will join hundreds of great agencies and businesses that came into and have never left the Rhino Rank family. For as low as $95 as your initial investment, you can enjoy the unique and high-quality services that this company has to offer.

You will also have access to their impressive roster of collaborators and professionals that they have acquired since they started kicking ass. It may sound too good to be true, but Rhino Rank delivers better services than similar service agencies of its price range.

Collaboration and Professionalism

Trust is hard to find in the SEO community. This is why when you find a service provider that walks its talk, you hang on for dear life. At least, this is what the hundreds of companies we mentioned above have done. They found Rhino Rank and have never let go.

This blogger outreach company has drawn an attractive crowd of top agencies in their fields, businesses, and many top-notch freelancers. Why? Because of their unique curated links, which lead to the fantastic results the company is known for, no matter how competitive the market is.

Guest Posting

Rhino Rank uses its extensive connections to get your company, or your clients’ companies name-dropped on top high-traffic sites across the web. This company’s Guest Post system is top-notch. It makes an effort to connect you with influential sites in your niche whose endorsements will be a game-changer for you. Rhino Rank has managed to utilize this new strategy better than anyone else in the market when it comes to curated links. When you purchase a curated link from Rhino Rank, you are assured that you’ve purchased a legitimate link.

The company has gained a reputation for getting links on high-traffic sites, making them stand out against their competitors. In addition to the fact that their services are the most cost-effective in the market, you can be sure that you’re getting the best deal in the market.

Some Facts about Rhino Rank

Works with agencies, businesses, and freelancers

The company’s curated links and guest posts are designed to keep you winning when ranking on SERPs. If you’re looking for an affordable white-label solution for your SEO needs, Rhino Rank’s got you covered.

Curated links are unique to the market

Are you in a demanding market and are worried about winning in your specific niche? Not to worry, as Rhino Rank drives results even in the most demanding markets, including yours. With curated links that are 100% unique, this company reformulates the status quo in all things link outreach.

The Power is in your hands

With Rhino Ranks, you have total control over all your link building campaigns. Do you want to set up an aggressive marketing campaign that will give your competitors a run for your money? Well, this link outreach service allows you to set the rules. From the URLs you want to promote to the anchor texts and niches, you have full discretion over the process.

FatJoe offers their clients genuine guest posts at an extremely affordable price.

Check out their current pricing (new tab).

They provide educational and relational content to client links but are not biased to your client's product or service (Google likes that). The bloggers offer an impartial take by writing non-promotional content, allowing for excellent and mid-tier quality blogs to ensure your blog links are naturally introduced to the readers. The content follows a ghost blogging style. 

Placing an Order on FatJoe

You can choose the number of domains (i.e., from your clients) when you order, and you can put together your DA (Domain Authority) requirements and word counts; to typing in your anchor text and target URLs for each line. 

They cover three stages: 

The Outreach Stage

In this stage, you provide anchor text, target URL, and agree on the length of your client's placement. The team then reaches out to bloggers and sees available options for them. 

You'll provide the anchor text, the target URLs and decide your client's placements' content length. Our outreach team will reach out to bloggers and evaluate suitable opportunities available to us. 

The Content Stage

The copywriting team will develop blog posts that bring together the clients and their audiences. This content is unique and original in its natural editorial style. Your client links are mentioned in a natural in-content manner.  

Placement Stage

FatJoe does not offer you the luxury of pre-approving blog post placements. They allow managing live progress and viewing placements secured on your user dashboard. Be sure to expect quality editorial links and experienced services from Fat joe.

With Fat joe, you can expect:  

  • Genuine Outreach
  • In-Content Links
  • Magazine Quality
  • Domain Authority (DA)
  • No Duplication of placements


OutreachMama provides two link building services namely, guest posting and a pure outreach package.

  • Outreach Package

This is an 8-phase monthly outreach, geared towards the PR more than SEO agency. It involves creating a strategy, pitching, prospecting, outreach, creating content, response handling, link acquisition, and monthly reporting. All these phases are focused on growing your link profile and keeping up with Google's evolving ranking algorithm.

  • Guest Posting Package

This service allows clients to access Outreach mama's blogger connections.

The process of establishing these blogger relationships is rigorous and seeks to ensure they meet certain minimum thresholds. Some important metrics include DR, DA and organic traffic.

You can also find some link building guides and resources.

Placing an Order on Outreachmama

You can order recurring packages or one-package through the dashboard. You customize your order and provide specific information such as content length, niche parameters and content review.

If you have questions you can fill in the contact form and you'll get a response within minutes.

OutreachMama's Link Building Approach

OutreachMama’s blogger outreach service aim at improving diversity on your link profile. For example, resource page links, specific blog outreach and getting placements on articles linking to your competitors.

Outreachmama's DR of 70 and monthly traffic of 1000, according to Ahrefs are great indicators that they've worked on their SEO and they can help you out.


outreach services

LinkPitch.io is an outreach-oriented link building agency that helps in building link campaigns that are personalized, quality, and have a long-term positive impact. They provide unparalleled and high-quality services that match up with blogger outreach trends and SEO.

LinkPitch.io Link Building Approach and Tactics

Link Pitch uses a multi-faceted approach to get links from credible sites - such links that will stand the test of time and improve your profile.

Below are the steps involved

  • Email outreach to build a mutual and long lasting relationship with individuals of editorial control on target websites. Link Pitch targets bloggers with high domain authority and ranking.
  • Content evaluation of the client's site. This is to ensure that the content on your site is worth some linking on the basis of merit. If the proposed content has potential but doesn't merit the thresholds, Link Pitch offers suggestions to improve the content.
  • Balanced approach to determine content that would work well for email outreach and identify the best link building strategies to use.
  • Determine link building strategies for each content, with a goal of getting the best search results. Popular strategies that Link Pitch uses include broken link building, unlinked mentions, resource pages, and content promotion.
  • Link prospecting. With the above strategies in place, Link Pitch can reach out to prospects using Google search operators and pulling up a list of sites linking to a particular page.
  • Personalization and Emailing. This process involves finding the editorial decision makers in companies and writing personalized emails to them.
  • Reporting and Evaluation. This involves assessing the performance of blogger outreach, whether they were successful or not. It also includes reporting and sending white labels reports to clients.

Placing an Order on LinkPitch.io

They do not have a dashboard to fill in your request details. As such, you can fill the contact form or email their representative to know how to commence the process.

Once you've filled the contact form, you'll wait for about half an hour before getting a response.

Heroic Search

Heroic Search is a blogger outreach service centered around relationship building and manual outreach. They have solid connections with journalists, bloggers, editors and other agencies.

With these connections, Heroic Search ensures clients get high-quality links even for complex niches and assignments. You can get one-off packages or monthly campaign packages.

Heroic Search promises to offer:

  • In-house link acquisition team
  • Free content creation from in-house staff
  • Transparency of tactics and methodology
  • Relevance-based link building
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Contextual, followed links
  • Detailed reporting on a regular basis

Heroic blog outreach service is 3-phased,, involving:

  1. Research and strategy. It involves evaluating your backlink profile to see what needs improvement and researching on your competitors to know their weakness and opportunities you can exploit.
  2. Prospecting and Outreach. This is the process of generating long lists of potential prospects and filtering to have websites with high domain authority, high organic traffic and relevant niche.
  3. Link placement and rapport. This is the negotiation stage where the prospects agree to link placement and build a strong relationship with Heroic Search.

Placing an Order from Heroic Search:

This is a simple process. You'll fill an online questionnaire with details such as your name, email address, number of links you want and link building tactics you agree to.

Heroic Search SEO

Heroic Search has a domain rating of 62, according to Ahrefs.

Click Intelligence

blogger outreach

Click Intelligence is among the best blogger outreach service that uses data driven marketing to give their customers a significant and competitive edge above their rivals. This brand uses a combination of link building, content creation and technical knowhow for a sustained return on investment.

Whether you are a small business or a global enterprise, Click Intelligence can help you improve your profile and grow your traffic.

Their services cover:

  • Blogger Outreach
  • SEO services
  • content production
  • technical SEO
  • Link building
  • Paid Social and PPC
  • Free digital marketing and white papers

Forward Linking

outreach services

Forward Linking is among the best blogger outreach service provider that helps its clients to appear on niche-relevant and authoritative sites. The outcome is increased brand exposure, better search engine rankings and high-levels of organic traffic.

As a forward thinking agency, they are always on the lookout on current trends in the digital marketing space and search engines. As such, they vet bloggers and ensure their outreach efforts are targeted on the best websites in your niche.

The promise real links and real traffic and their outreach strategy can be described as transparent, personalized, relevant, ROI focused and long term.

Placing an Order on Forward Linking :

Before placing your order, decide which among the three plans suits you. You may use the contact form to ask the way forward or write to the support through the email provided.

Forward Linking Outreach Tactic

Forward Linking has plenty of link building techniques but their best blogger outreach and link placements include broken links, guest post links and resource links.

This service takes three phases namely the pre-launch, launch, and post launch.

Phase 1

  • Website Analysis
  • Selecting Content
  • Keyword Selection
  • Link-Building Strategy

Phase 2:

  • Project management
  • Prospecting
  • Outreach

Phase 3:

  • Results and analysis


outreach services

BibiBuzz is a blogger outreach service run by a solopreneur who has mastered the art of building natural, niche-relevant and diverse link profile.

The link-building process involves:

  • Brainstorming phase where you discuss with the owner what you want
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content Auditing
  • Content Ideation, where necessary
  • Prospect list creation
  • Outreaching for guest posting services

While the main blogger outreach strategy is for guest posting, the owner can adapt to your desired campaign and map out the process for you.

One thing that makes BibiBuzz among the best blogger outreach service providers is the presence of a project tracker that helps clients know the progress of the outreach efforts.

Ordering from BibiBuzz:

The whole process is quite easy. You will use the contact form to discuss the details of your desired project.


LinkBuilder has a domain rating of 34, and over 1000 monthly traffic. It is a brand with blog outreach services that emphasize on competitive analysis to build links that will stand the test of time, enhance your brand awareness, and grow your traffic.

LinkBuilder.io Outreach Tactic

Their major focus is high-quality, impact, results and constant analysis of their clients' ROI to determine if the outreach efforts are bearing fruits or not and what needs to change.

The multi-faceted process includes the following:

  • Phase 1- Strategic Brainstorming

Some of the things considered in this phase is the strategies and content to use and also development of the outreach persona.

  • Phase 2 - Prospecting to know who to target

At this stage, the team looks for linking opportunities, contact information and also personalizes contacts.

  • Phase 3 - Outreach Communication

The process involves creating email templates, launch outreach campaigns and schedule follow-ups.

  • Phase 4- Relationship Development

At this stage, LinkBuilder.io aims at building trust and nurturing relationships to earn link placements as they don't come easy nowadays.

  • Phase 5- Deliver results through Tracking and Optimization

Involves tracking links, measuring results and white label reporting to clients. Then future planning starts

Ordering from LinkBuilder.io

Placing an order starts with a custom order, set up based on your requirements. After this, you'll have access to the dashboard where you can manage the account.

Stellar SEO

Stellar SEO is a digital marketing company that offers content marketing, blogger outreach and guest posting services, social media marketing and also influencer marketing services.

With them, building authority around your niche becomes a lot easier translating more social media shares of your content, increased brand awareness and more sales for your company.

Stellar SEO Outreach Approach

Stellar SEO focuses on quality links, personalized approach and a robust outreach campaign. So if you are a business owner that needs to know good from bad SEO or has been messed up by a link building agency, you can expect impressive results from Stellar SEO.

Stellar SEO has a scalable blogger outreach strategy suited for agencies and or a small business. They carefully select authority sites for guest posting service and build a long-term relationship with bloggers for future links.

How to Place your Order on Stellar SEO

The process is straightforward - just fill the consultation request with details such as your name, phone number, website URL and the kind of help you want.

Outreach Monks

Outreach Monks is one of the best link building and content marketing agency. It is known for its white label link-building, local SEO, and finding high-authority websites to place your guest post. Whether you are a new business or an agency, Outreach Monk can help you reach the bloggers you would love, increase Google rankings and gain consistent organic traffic.

How To Order from Outreach Monks:

Outreach Monk has easy-to-use dashboard, where you can place your custom orders, check their status and also receive your white label reports.

If you are not sure about something on their website, just fill their contact form.

Outreach Monks Link Building Approach

Outreach Monks has two link building models:

  • Landing a guest blog post on already established blogging connections
  • Custom outreach model to new bloggers

Outreach Monk ensures that the website they reach out to have impressive metrics such as RD, DA, DR, CF,TF and monthly organic traffic. When seeking for Outreach Monk's services, you can also provide the websites you would like them to reach out to or let them do the prospecting and pitching for you.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is among the best blogger outreach providers that focuses on influencer marketing campaigns. It filters through millions of influencers in social media platforms especially Instagram and YouTube to find the ones that will capture the attention of your audience.

Ninja Outreach helps businesses in various ways:

  • Finding Influencers, Emails and Business profiles

If you want to find social media influencers in any location or niche or business profiles, just use the search bar on Ninja Outreach's website. You'll find millions of email addresses and profiles on their rich influencer database.

  • Influencer Marketing and APIs

Use tools to reach the influencers and know the best ways to benefit from their followers.

  • Manage Outreach Campaigns and Multiple Projects

These tools will help manage your outreach and marketing campaigns through a built-in CRM. With it, you can add team members, organize leads, filter results, track history, email opens, clicks, and replies.

You can also hire their team to provide the influencer marketing service and help in quality link placements for increased search engine visibility of your website.

How to Order from Ninja Outreach

Make sure you've understood the service you want, the pricing policy, and then sign up and follow the simple process.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Blogger outreach?

It is a type of content marketing where you reach influencers in your niche such as bloggers for link building or guest posts. The long term goal for blog outreach is to increase traffic in your website or even build awareness to increase sales. Since the outreach process is time consuming and overwhelming, marketing professionals might outsource blog outreach services to industry experts.

Who writes the blogs?

During a blogger outreach, the service provider has in-house writers, who are well-trained and experienced to write relevant blogs. However, this can change depending on the policies and agreement you have before hand.

Can I suggest the anchor text to be used in the guest blogs?

Well, most times the blog outreach service provider will have the content writers weave in the relevant anchor text. This is more likely to be natural and impact your site positively by increasing click rates. But you can suggest preferred anchor text (s) and the context.

Is it worthwhile to seek blogger outreach service to secure a guest posting opportunity?

Well, this depends on your content creation strategy and goals. But seeking a company that performs bulk blogger outreach services may be better than trying it yourself. Since influencer marketing is time consuming and requires various tools that you may not have, outsourcing can help you to concentrate on other aspects of your website as experts get real links, steady traffic and real results.

Are paid guest blog posts better than non-paid?

No. As long as the website for guest posting has high domain rating, offers real links and will provide a match anchor text, it doesn't matter whether it's paid or not.

What should you consider before you place your order on a blogger outreach service provider?

Many things but primary ones include domain rating, use of white SEO methods, turnaround time, cost per month and your business goals. You should also consider their portfolio, independent reviews and the nature of their website.

Are white label reports important?

If you are looking to place an order for outreach service, ensure that you can receive a white label report. It reflects your business's uniqueness and its geared towards your goals.

What links are placed on the blogs?

Blogs will have do-follow and no-follow links. Different companies have different policies when it comes to links. During a manual outreach, you should find out what links are allowed and plan accordingly.

If I choose content creation and personal outreach services, should I choose paid or free outreach tools?

This will depend on your goals, resources and turnaround time. If you want a tool that can provide real-time data, track metrics and help with your posting services, you'll need to pay. But that does not mean you can't get free resources if you are just starting out on your business.

How long will the backlinks remain live?

Your guest posts together with the links will remain as long as the website is on existence. The blogs can stay even for a decade or more!

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Best Blogger Outreach Tools

If you are looking at growing your traffic and increasing sales, you should consider incorporating a sustainable blogger strategy. It involves setting realistic goals, finding the right bloggers, collaborate with them and measure results. But even with this understanding, you may feel stuck in finding relevant blog outreach tools.

Some questions that may linger include how to start, what to start with, either guest blogging or link building or how to devise the right outreach campaign.

Also Read: Best Blogger Outreach Company

In this post, we will consider various tools that you need to kickstart your blogger outreach, in the hope that we clear all the doubts. 

List of Top Blogger Outreach Tools of 2021


BuzzSumo is an amazing tool that will help see how your content is performing on social media and search engines. Besides that, it can be used to generate blog post titles and as a blog outreach tool. That is, you can use it to know top content performers in a certain industry.

With the information of brands topping the industry, you can reach out, introduce yourself and pitch for guest blogging or link building. As you pitch, keep the brand and reciprocity in mind.

The top features in BuzzSumo tool include:

  • Find top content based on the number of social shares
  • Filter by location if you want location specific content
  • You can also filter by type such as brands and influencers

BuzzSumo is easy to use and it will take you a short while to know the influencers in your industry or niche.


As the name suggests, it's a tracking tool. It will help you build strong relationships, reach your niche influencers and measure their impact on your business.

Traackr is borne from the understanding that blogger outreach is a time-intensive engagement, and you want to maximize every content. Something else, since success is not guaranteed, you want to focus on relationships that are likely to impact your business positively.

With the knowledge and metrics of the impact of social media influencers on your website, you can organize your outreach strategies in a better way. You'll also know what is working and what is not. It is a great tool when you don't know where to start with social media influencers.

Other features that Traackr offers you are:

  • Option of importing existing contacts
  • Tools to track conversions
  • Filtering options on location, and type

If you are committed to finding influencers in your niche and craft a relevant and focused outreach, then consider getting Traackr.


Tomoson has simplified things for you. Unlike other traditional outreach tools that help you reach and communicate with your influencers only, this one offers something more.

It is build around top influencers in virtually all industries. When you land to their website, just click, find influencers and on the search bar, enter your industry/niche such as fitness. This search will give you various opportunities and brands.

You can click on each influencer to find information such as

  • Total reach
  • website visitors
  • social media audience
  • completion percentage

The greatest benefit of this tool is its ability to provide all relevant information about the influencer to allow you decide whether they will impact your business positively or not.

It won't cost you anything to search the influencers, making it incredible if you are just starting and don't have a huge budget on outreach.


If you ask a popular SEO agency, they'll tell you Ahrefs is a great tool to generate keywords and to help you know about your competitors. But you can use the tool in guest posting in several ways.

First, you will know the brands that have mentioned your competitor and you can reach out to them for link placements. For example, if you have written a high quality and authoritative blog, you may ask your competitor's mentions to consider linking to it. While this may sound tough, if you have quality links on your site and high domain authority, it should not be an uphill task.

Secondly, you can use Ahref's content explorer for link building. Through this feature, you can know sites to pitch for content marketing. For example, you'll find a blog with a broken link. You should then create relevant and similar content to the broken link. After that, you can reach the referring domain and ask them to backlink your site instead of the post with a broken link. This manual outreach strategy saves time and allows you to get high-quality links without much hassle.

That's not all, you can explore more features on Ahrefs for link building and content blogger outreach.


Besides the interesting name, Pitchbox is among the best blogger outreach tool providers, geared towards saving your time by avoiding the unnecessary details of your influencers.

It has many features to help in optimal search engine blogger outreach and may take you a while to master the tool. However, when you've known the ins and outs, you can be sure to meet your blogger outreach needs to authority sites.

Some key features include:

  1. Prospecting - You'll find specific opportunities in your niche for targeted prospecting such as website URL, contact information, social media profiles, audience, among others.
  2. Integrated email clients - This tool is meant to provide organized outreach emails through Pitchbox. You'll be able to manage all blogger outreach emails from one place.
  3. Scalable Outreach - The goal of scalable outreach is to increase the response rate. And here you'll find customizable templates for your targeted influencers.
  4. Relationship Manager - For each relationship, you will get the most important information such as social media activity, and contact history.
  5. Automated Follow-up - Most prospects will take a while to convert. But with automations, you can keep in touch with potential brands.
  6. Performance Reports - This tool helps you to measure results and know what's working and what's not. You'll also know how and where you can improve.


If you want a blogger outreach tool that is efficient, personalized and will help you research influencers and manage relationships, then BuzzStream will do. It has features like other outreach tools, but with something more.

When you sign up as a new user, you will create an account with them. As you type the names of your influencers on the search bar, you can add new bloggers, link building profiles, and social media profiles to your account, by a click. And its this feature that has attracted countless clients to BuzzStream.

And to make things even better, BuzzStream will help you save time in ways that you can't imagine. Imagine not having to spend hours on end on blogger outreach! Amazing, right?

Well, you don't have to imagine. Once you upload custom URLs, this tool will crawl the websites, note and record the contact details, organic traffic stats, social media metrics and reach. This will make your guest posting easy, and you save much time.


This is an amazing tool designed specifically for content marketers. With respect to blogger outreach tool there are two features that you can utilize - Notifier and Connector.

The Connector feature allows you to schedule and send personalized outreach emails using your Gmail account. You'll have access to tracking, scheduling and even templates.

The Notifier on the other hand, will find mentions of other brand on your posts, notify them for link building or to attract a guest blog. The mentions and notification opens doors to build relationships that can lead to high-quality link placements.

There are other features of the Content Marketer that you can utilize when you you take time to understand how the tool works.


This is the tool you need for smarter outreach that delivers remarkable campaigns. As among the best blogger outreach tool, it is tailored to sort you out regardless of your blogger outreach and guest posting stage. It will help you reach your influencers, get their contact information and social media engagement metrics.

Beyond these tools, Inkybee has this outstanding feature called Ongoing Blog Discovery feature. It is a smart software that crawls the internet to find relevant blogs in your niche and this adds extra influencer opportunities. It's primary focus is outreach campaign.

If you feel worn out by the blog outreach campaign and you feel like giving up, you need to try out this tool. With the automated features, you will save time and the hassle of manually looking for blogger outreach.

And better still, the tool is easy to use and generates thousands of results in seconds. The blog results can help you in link building strategy and guest post options.

Something else, you can filter and refine the results for relevance. Filtering options include country, language, states and more.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is incredible when it comes to blog outreach and link building. It will offer you the following features:

  • Automated Email Outreach. This automation is what you need when you are looking to save time and track results. With it, you can know the number of clicks, and replies.
  • Customizable Templates. This tool helps craft unique templates in custom fields. You'll use these personalized emails to pitch for a guest post.
  • Track Email Stats - Email metrics are important as they help you evaluate your campaign. You'll know what group is opening your emails more, the click-rate and reply-rate. With this data, you can know where to focus your resources and which strategies are not working.

That said, if you are looking to increase your response-rate, Ninja Outreach is a tool worth consideration.


Klear is a influencer marketing software that provides a simplified way of finding contacts in your niche, so that you can focus on crafting personalized messages and sending to your prospects.

It takes a three-stage process that involves:

  • Choosing your specific niche
  • Discover thousands of influencers in your niche
  • Manage the contacts to get link building and guest posting opportunities

With hundreds of influencers in your industry, you'll realize that you have more opportunities than you can utilize. As such, you'll need to filter for relevance and focus where your blogger outreach will bear the best results.

You need to have your goals clear and know which metrics matter to you. Combined with the influencers' report, you can do the following:

  • Filter results based on important metrics for your business.
  • Categorize results based on the level of influence
  • Add your own data for better decision making process.

With that information, you can look at your sites by important metrics such as search engine rankings, social influence and link builder profile.

So if you are looking into small but relevant data, this tool is a must-have.


GroupHigh is a blogger outreach tool which uses a software, described by the company as faster than fast. The company promises that the tool will save you time, improve bog outreach and link building.

And true to their word, GroupHigh got you covered from prospecting phase, link placements and outreach tracking.

Bloggers prefer GroupHigh for a number of reasons but on top of the list is the over 15 million 360 degree profiles of professional bloggers on any topic. As you scan through these websites, you will find enough opportunities for guest blogs and link placements geared towards building authority of your site.

After combing your way through the database, you can narrow your options of the best sites for you blogger outreach strategy. You can then use GroupHigh Pitch feature to reach your influencers. If you want your outreach efforts to pay off, make sure your pitch is personalized and focused.

GroupHigh remains one of the best tools to manage and monitor your campaigns. You may use its features to know bloggers you've contacted. You can also know which influencers have posted and on what subjects. 

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Lawyer SEO – Guide to SEO for a Law Firm

Irrespective of what type of business you run, search engine optimization must never be ignored. However, what is SEO, you might ask?

In case you didn’t know yet, SEO is a way of enhancing the search result rankings of your law firm’s website across all of the major search engines. It helps you fall in line along with the algorithms, which are utilized by giant firms such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. That allows you to appear on the top search.

It is a procedure, which should be integrated for you to get relevant visibility online. Simply put, the great your SEO efforts are, the greater your firm's website and business rank. That’s critically essential for firms because first page rankings convert to more trustworthy and dependable lawyers.

Imagine if your firm website or lawyers do not show on the first page of search results. The possibilities of somebody discovering you are low. No one has the time to click the “next page” nowadays. Hence, your company could receive free marketing and reap the advantages with a bit of website management and targeted keywords.

How Is Marketing in Law Transforming?

Keep in mind that law firm marketing strategy used to be easier and hassle-free. Ad budgets are composed of local commercials, posters, and direct mail ads, which are of similar types of writing.

You see, everything is transforming. More individuals are selling their satellite TVs and cable for connected and smart TV devices. You would be hard-pressed to look for somebody that runs errands without their phones. Do not forget that your target audience spends at least seven hours per day online. That’s twenty-seven percent each year. Hence, you could visualize what they do once they require an attorney.

Guess what. These people go online to ask Google, where they have their choice of representation for any requirement conceivable. Keep in mind that an average individual performs three to four searches each day. That’s a big opening to get your firm in front of the ideal audience with an SEO strategy.

What Is The Reason Law Firm Must Have SEO?

The most typical question we hear from our associates is quite basic: “we have a difficult time keeping a stream of quality clients.”

Are you an attorney network? Perhaps you are working as a marketing leader in your firm. Whatever your case might be, we understand that the legal sector is over-flooded. The race for suitable clients is aggressive, not to mention that the practices on Google’s first page are getting most calls.

You will find two methods to reach there:

Throw away thousands in the coveted ad-space bidding battles or;

Obtain leads in organic search from Search Engine Optimization

Apparently, playing Russian roulette along with your impressions and money is not at all times going to work out in your favor. Perhaps, you might have tried it and thought you need another strategy. That is where a law firm SEO and their SEO services have you covered!

What is Search Engine Optimization for Law Firm?

SEO for attorneys and firms is the procedure of polishing and improving your presence online. This method helps your firm's website accomplish top rankings for attorney SEO and lawyer SEO keyword research, which connect your law services.

Remember that attorney SEO for lawyers is important and critical. It puts your practice in front of people at the exact time they are looking for your services. That indicates appearing when somebody types in “personal injury lawyer,” “divorce lawyer,” or “employment law lawyer,” among others.

You will also find a motive behind why search engine optimization results to an extraordinary 14.6 percent conversion rate, unlike to 1.7 percent from outbound leads like print ads and 5.14 percent from TV advertisements. There is no denying that search engine optimization for legal services truly works.

Just a tip. If you are looking for a search engine optimization experts that specialize in law, we are here to help you. We are the best agency you can depend on when it comes to law firm SEO.

How does SEO work for law firms?

SEO is not a complicated and tough subject. Search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google utilize technology to crawl web pages. These are then categorized and indexed in the most comprehensive library of the planet.

Machine learning algorithms are utilized to decode the search terms every time you enter a different search. It will then present you with website pages, which might best aid you. That is where firm SEO professionals come to the rescue. A law SEO agency will help you decode the search terms, which are receiving the most attention. It will help you in both off page and on page optimization and content marketing strategy, which will help search “crawlers” index the page.

Remember that the majority of individuals access information through search engines. SEO marketing is simply the best way of getting in front of your target clients, especially if you’re working to reach potential clients.

Imagine the last time you were looking for a specific service or product. Do you still know the means you find the thing you were searching for? When people want some information, they depend on Google. The majority of people today are internet users. However, only a few people pause to think about how search engines arrange the blog posts online so that it shows whenever they click the return button.

It will help if you stress SEO to boost your Google rankings. Keep in mind that your target audience is local to the city/cities where you practice your work. You must concentrate on localizing your legal SEO efforts if you want to get potential clients within your region. Without it, you will have a difficult time producing relevant leads.

You will find a lot of strategies you can utilize to your law firm visible on search engines. The answer is to make your company visible for the proper search terms and within local map results.

How SEO Can Help Law Firms

Are you still thinking about how SEO for lawyers makes a big difference? You might not know it yet, but ninety-six percent of people utilize the internet to look for an attorney. Folks these days barely use yellow page or recall the big billboard they passed during a commute this afternoon. Today, the internet has become a quick, accessible, and free. That is the main reason it is the first place an individual opts to when they are in a hurry.

On top of that, seventy-two people of people who get in touch and go to employ them only call one lawyer out of eighty-seven percent of people. That merely indicates that they do their search in Bing, Yahoo, or Google. Choose a law firm SEO, and nearly three-fourths of them prefer the first one they selected.

Now, what if your law firm is not ranked in the top three of the Google search? Then expect you are going to be washed out by your rivals. Are you still not persuaded by these facts? Below are some of the practical ways search engine optimization could substantially help your firm this 2020!

Attract new clients

Attorneys fail to value how rarely their prospectives acknowledge when they have a legal claim. Subjects such as child support, employee rights, products liability, and negligence claims aren’t well understood by the public, even though they take their legal expertise for granted.

Legal overviews of the cases you represent help possible clients understand they have a valid claim or not. Is your website helped inform them? Then they are more likely to employ you to represent them in the court. It would be best for your law firm to allow an SEO for lawyers to take advantage of this time to fill your content with relevant legal keyword research, even though you cannot write this content by yourself.

Do you think your firm flourishes without the help of SEO lawyers and web experts? Perhaps. However, SEO management is a vital aspect of law firm marketing, which will cost you more to overlook than to get, especially in a sector fueled by competition.

High return on investment

There is bound to be competition irrespective of the focus of your law firm SEO. That could get intense in the field of law. Fortunately, you can place yourself ahead of your rivals without spending too much money and time on your efforts if you increase your SEO efforts effectively.

It is a lot of work at the start. However, clients will start coming in after your website is optimized, and your law firm begins to follow the best SEO practices.

More conversions

Did you know that there are more possibilities to convert your potential clients into paying ones if the more of them reach out to you? What’s more, you will have more time to concentrate your efforts on other aspects of your law firm with SEO bringing more clients to you.

That suggests more face-to-face moments with new clients, more research, and time for you to get ready with your cases without annoying marketing interruptions.


One of the major aspects of search engine optimization is identifying the necessity of your target audience and creating your content and law firm’s website to compliment that need. That not only offers you credibility with search engines but also along with your existing and potential clients. Isn’t that amazing?

Targeted traffic

People visiting a search engine are more likely aware of what exactly they are searching for. Optimizing the website of your law firm for particular keyword research within your sector allows you to make your company widely accessible for that type of targeted traffic. That is much more efficient and useful compared to using PPC ads on social media channels. Did you know the reason why? That’s because the audience sees those ads do not need your law services.

Do not forget that relevant traffic is ten times more advantageous compared to that of irrelevant traffic.

Established market position

Your law firm would be more established in the market if you rank higher you in the search engine. The reason behind that is because individuals see higher-ranked law firms as more dependable, responsible, and professional, unlike those law firms that are ranked lower.

How can you achieve that established market position? That’s easy-peasy. You can accomplish that by using tried and tested SEO strategies, which will be discussed later on.

More engagement

The bounce rate of your website could be through the roof. In case you didn’t know, the bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors who leave your site after seeing a page only.

You might be appearing in organic search results for the wrong terms if you are not utilizing the right SEO strategies. Probably, you are not delivering your potential client the necessary information they need every time they engage with your site.

Higher ranking on Google SERP

Search engine optimization is the one that increases the ranking of lawyer websites. Do you like to attract a huge amount of clients to your site? Then lawyer SEO is the best answer for you!

It will help your law firm’s website rank higher in the search results page. It suggests your site will become more visible to any potential client. More clients will connect with you with more visibility. Therefore, apply SEO to it, especially if your website ranking is low.

The bottom line is, it is clear that search engine optimization is crucial for law firms or attorneys in general. The application of SEO in any site could transform the entire look of the website and its performance. Above, we have mentioned the significance of SEO for lawyers. In the next section, we will explain in detail the different lawyer SEO strategies you can utilize today.

As a law firm, you should invest in this tool and improve the overall performance of your website and social media by achieving a decent rank on Google’s SERP.

Attorney SEO Strategies: Where to Begin

The concept that search engine optimization is composed of integrating strategic keywords is a big misconception. SEO is composed of a series of strategies or components, even though adding relevant keywords into your site content conveys the purpose of your page to a search engine.

You are now fully aware that search engine optimization can disrupt your law practice. However, you might not have an idea of where to start. In this section, we will walk you through some practical SEO tips. You might want to be able to deal with some of these on your own. Nonetheless, you might want to ask the help of an SEO expert to execute some of the most complicated and advanced strategies.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Your law firm site must be optimized, allowing the search engines to understand it easy and simple for your site visitors to navigate. A few areas you might like to get help dealing with include the following:

Content Marketing

The content of your website is essential for search engine optimization. It must be composed of the right keywords and keyphrases for the demographics you wish to target. Do not forget that keywords help Google search and other search engines to match the queries of their searchers along with relevant search results.

You can utilize Google Insights for Search, Google Trends, and Google Keyword Tool to determine and target famous keywords and key phrases in your web content. You must also post valuable and relevant content often to your site, apart from optimizing it for the search engines.

That will help your site visitors to know the value of your legal services. Remember that the visitors to your website come to you with problems and concerns. Your job is to ensure you are presenting them with the right solutions and answers.

Off Page SEO

Having a powerful off-site lawyer SEO strategy will play a crucial role in your website’s ranking. Your law firm must concentrate on off-site factors like social media marketing, high-quality backlinks, and directories, among others, to outclass your competitors.

You can boost your SEO by utilizing off-site factors, which are relevant, dependable, and professional. Your SEO drastically strengthens when reputable sources link to your profile. Off Page SEO is also enhanced by utilizing strong links like adding internal links. These links are anchored with target keywords.


Did you know that there’s a new cyber-attack happening every thirty-nine seconds? Forty-three of those attacks target small businesses. HTTPS became a ranking indication for Google way back in 2014.

Do not forget that eighty-two percent of consumers reported that they would not browse a website, which was not secure, according to a survey conducted by Hubspot Research Survey. Therefore, you are risking harmful data leaks and lowering your site traffic if your site is not secure.

Internal Linking

Linking page internally on your website enhances your rankings in the search engine. Link building helps improves the overall user experience. You can utilize this strategy to boost the performance of those lower-ranking pages on your site.

Keep in mind that search engines love well-made and well-organized websites. You can ‘silo’ your site by making content groupings around various topic areas. For instance, your main page could be “employment law page, along with multiple supporting pages that connect to it, all associating to law employment cases.

Mobile Friendliness

These days, consumers spend at least four hours on their smartphones regularly. Furthermore, over half of every search for legal service comes from smartphones. Site visitors must not have a difficult time with a content that is not mobile-friendly, especially when he or she reaches your site. Each law firm site must be 100% responsive, along with click-to-call phone numbers for those mobile phone users.

Video & Image Optimization

One aspect of search engine optimization, which is frequently overlooked, is optimizing the videos and images on your website. For instance, you can include descriptions to your photos through alt text. That will alert search engines what their function is.

You might also want to create a max image or utilize a tool, which helps compress photos without substantially compromising its overall quality.

On Page Optimization

The website of your law firm should have the necessary meta attributions, URL, image, title tag, and header for search engines to index the content. Remember that Google Search utilizes data that helps sort your website. It also helps the searchers discover it much easier.

Your job is to ensure any keywords or keyphrases you utilize are relevant to the content you deliver. If not, your search engine rankings will suffer the most, not to mention that a fewer visitors will be able to see your website.

Local SEO

SEO lawyers attract most of their business from those targeted geographical regions. Hence, optimizing for local search is very necessary. In short, if you are a “Boston law firm,” that must be the term utilized on your social media posts and website, together with your name and practice areas.

Your Google My Business listings, as well as other online business directories, are a foundation to excellent local SEO page. You need to claim each listing and finish them carefully with the information of your practice. That includes your name, address, phone number, email address, and so much more. Doing so will ensure it matches precisely across every platform.

To sum up, lawyer SEO could be complicated and challenging at times. The majority of attorneys and law firms get into the business to spend their effort and time on it. You will find a few of these local search strategies you can do on your own, like posting to social media or updating your online directories.

Nevertheless, you must think through enlisting the services of an SEO expert for the rest. With that in mind, having a rudimentary expertise of a proper SEO could help you make sense of a plethora of services provided. What’s more, it will give an idea of what you must be receiving from your online marketing team.

Common FAQs on SEO Law

We receive a plethora of queries from attorneys. For sure, you have any questions about attorney SEO law too. But there’s no need to worry because this section got you covered! These ones are asked the most.

Q: Do I need a .lawyer or .law domain?

When it comes to SEO, it does not matter whether your law firm is .law, .com, or any other top-level domain. Keep in mind that Google and other search engines will crawl through your web page irrespective of what domain name you employ.

Just do take note that some SEO plug-ins can’t read domain names, which aren’t .com.

Q: My website is ranking very well. Do I need to continue with SEO?

Unluckily, SEO isn’t a one-time deal. Keeping to polish your SEO strategy, in the long run, will make sure you’ll keep up along with the existing methods search engines utilize to sort your content. Remember that SEO is a long-term technique, which is built upon in the end.

The market is continuously transforming with the growth of new trends and businesses. Google also continuously changes its ranking calculations and algorithms to keep any business form SEO monopoly. The algorithm of Google is proprietary knowledge. Hence, no one knows how it really works. What we do know are the SEO marketing strategies made through trial and error throughout the years. That’s why there are tools such as Google Analytics are widely utilized. You can experiment with new methods too to determine what works.

Ensuring that your marketing is updated along with new best practices is vital, especially if you like to sustain SEO.

Q: Why do attorneys require SEO?

According to data, it shows that at least one-third of customers utilize a search engine to explore local businesses regularly. Moreover, the use of a mobile device has more than covered desktop use for location-based searches. Therefore, it is obvious that consumers are looking for search engines as the prevalent way of looking for businesses such as law firms.

If it was not clear, law companies wanting to produce leads and grow must have a presence online.

Q: How long should I need to wait to see the effect of my SEO efforts?

You will find a plethora of aspects affecting the time it will take a law website to rank for a particular keyword or keyphrase. Nevertheless, they could be boiled down to the following:

the amount of effort and money assigned to an SEO campaign

the level to which a site SEO has been optimized already

the competitiveness or demand for the target keyword or keyphrases

In short, the existing condition of a site SEO and the amount invested into it to rank can affect how long it takes to accomplish the first position ranking. It could take at least four months or over a year to get where you like to be.

Q: How much should I pay for SEO to an SEO Companies?

Costs could depend massively on an SEO law campaign. What an attorney SEO pays for the SEO campaign could be a mirror of the following:

existing resources on your web page

competitiveness of their keyword phrases

the total of money it will take to obtain market share in search results

practice niche

the SEO company they go with

Q: I don’t have any good law-related content. What should I do?

Quality and relevant content is the core of link building strategy. That suggests you should have a quality content and blog posts on your firm's website to make your link building viable and worth your investment. Don’t you have any relevant content to your blog posts or website?

There’s no need to worry about your content issues. We have exclusive content marketing and link building services accessible for you. That will help you shore up this particular weakness and get your content running.

At the bottom of your site, add the words "All Rights Reserved." A copyright header like All Rights Reserved will provide you more

Q: Can I utilize Google Maps to increase my local SEO?

Of course! Google My Business and Google Maps are essential aspects of strategic SEO law firms. The higher your law firm's ranking will show in the search engine list if the more your map location is clicked.

Take note that the way Google boosts your ranking is to consider the proximity of your firm to the individual searching. It will determine whether your firm, as well as its legal services, is relevant to the search query of the person as well as ho high, your name recognition is in the marketplace.

Q: Do I need mobile optimization for my firm?

We mentioned earlier that the majority of site visitors utilize their smartphones when searching for firms. Are you not certain how your site looks on a smaller device, like a smartphone? You can go to your site on your phone and check how responsive it is.

Can you navigate all the content without any fuss? You might need mobile optimization if your site looks like a mini, difficult to read version of your site. It is more likely you will require a new website.

Q: How can I find the best SEO agency for SEO for lawyers?

An excellent way to check on the website of your competitor is to know how their websites are organized. That includes the quantity of content, and the overall user experience you have while navigating their website.

The next thing you need to do is to go straight to Google and look for an SEO agency for attorney SEO. Feel free to visit the sites on the top five results and check out their individual sites. Your job is to ensure the SEO law agency you’re seeking has particular SEO and firm marketing experience at the same time.

Q: What is the best method to track return on investment with SEO?

Each SEO initiative is connected to Google Analytics and more refined tools such as SEM Rush. Using such tools enables you to receive analytical reports monthly. That helps you determine top search queries, top landing pages, site traffic, and the duration people are spending on your website. It also provides insights on particular search engine rankings according to particular keywords and phrases.

The good thing about this strategy is that you will find a plethora of ways in which you can determine your Return on Investment.

Q: How can I boost my law firm marketing with SEO?

We already mentioned the best strategies to use. But keep in mind that your law firm's marketing efforts will boost and enhance massively if you are also using SEO strategy for your firm. It would be better to develop testimonials, blogs, website contents, articles, and others on your practice and apply SEO to the new content and practice area.

Q: Which is the best firm SEO company?

You will find numerous SEO companies for firms in the market today. You need to ensure the SEO company for law firms has a particular law firm SEO experience. On top of that, ensure the company doesn’t like to take over and redo your site for a hefty price.

Do not get associated with a multi-year or multi-month contract, too. Keep in mind that dependable and trustworthy SEO agencies for firms will scale their search engine optimization services to meet best your requirements. It will not oblige you to make a massive financial commitment to them. With that being said, you can plan to spend $1,200 to $1,500 every month for these law firm's SEO services.

Bottom Line

With the proper mix of strategies, persistence, and expertise ensure your law firm's website will be making its way up the ranks in no time. Creating your SEO is, no doubt, an exciting endeavor, which can take the public presence of your company to the next level. That’s true, whether you are creating it on your own or with the assistance of a digital marketing agency.

Remember that digital marketing isn’t just about making a site and waiting for results to take place. Do not miss maximizing the newest SEO strategies to promote your firm efficiently.

We hope this guide has helped you understand everything you need to know about lawyer SEO services. Do you have any concerns about this post? What are your insights? Feel free to share your insights with us by leaving your comments below!

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Dentist SEO – Building a Presence for Your Dental Business

Currently, the US has over 200,419 active dentists in 2019 according to ADA. The number is expected to grow this 2021 and in the coming years.

For that reason, the competition will be tough and difficult. Good news! There’s an excellent way to stay competitive, stand apart from other dentists, and become the go-to option for many valuable clients.

Search engine optimization is one of the most effective marketing strategies for dentists and other professionals out there. If you have already established a website, it’s perfect to try dentist SEO this 2021.

But what is search engine optimization? What are the challenges and mistakes that most dentists commit? Why should you invest in SEO? This comprehensive guide got you covered. Without further ado, let’s get started!

A Brief Overview - What is SEO and How Does it Work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy tailored to optimize the dentist's website to increase search listings or rank higher on Google and other platforms.

In simple words, SEO has been developed to boost web traffic and help your target patients find your site on Bing, Google, Yahoo, and other popular social networking sites over the internet. Any of these search engines have indexed listings of sites from all corners of the web. Google, for instance, is packed with a smart and innovative search algorithm that attempts to place the most relevant, interesting, and credible information at the top of the listing.

SEO Challenges Dentists Experience

Since the popularity of search engines, the importance of dental SEO has increased. Dentists and other professionals have tried to optimize their web pages and other content. But only a few businesses reap the benefits.

New marketers, however, commit costly mistakes when using this digital marketing. Some of them are discussed below:

Keyword Stuffing

Before, keyword stuffing really worked. Businesses could manipulate their page’s ranking on search engines like Google as easily as possible. But things have changed today. Most search engines have developed their technology to filter out any keyword-stuffed pages, giving opportunities for useful, reliable, and quality content.

Despite the dangers, many dentists still stuff their blog posts, web pages, and other types of content. If you are also tempted, pause, and think before, you reach your target market. Today, your website can disappear from the search engine.

Your content will be boring, so your visitors will leave your page right away without any hesitation.

More than that, your article may increase its bounce rate or be penalized. Instead of keyword stuffing, develop something creative, interesting, useful, informative, and of good quality, too.

Individual Web Pages for Specific Keywords

Aside from keyword stuffing, marketers usually dedicate a single page to target an individual keyword. Is it good or bad? Well, it is not worth-it. The trick here is to use enough keywords in your page without compromising its quality. You can be creative in incorporating them into your page title, headline, or meta description. You can do some research online. But don’t copy. Make it as your inspiration. Be unique at all times. Remember that you are wanting to build a unique brand identity.

The Absence of Social Media Marketing

Yes, it’s true that Twitter followers or Facebook likes do not affect your search rankings. But your social profiles are an exception. If your post starts to create noise online, it can lead to web traffic. People will start to browse your site, increase conversion, and promote a good return on investment.

Unfortunately, growing your follower’s base will not be as easy as 1-2-3. It requires a lot of time, effort, and patience. Also, it is crucial to provide something timely, fun, and thought-provoking.

For those who don’t have social media accounts yet, set one up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other networking platforms. Don’t be left behind. Always go with the flow so that you won’t miss any good opportunities along the way.

Unable to Maximize the Power of Mobile

In the past decades, the popularity of mobile phones has skyrocketed. This means people shop online, browse the internet, watch videos, and stream songs using their smartphones.

If your web page or blog post is not mobile-friendly, you will be losing a number of high-paying customers to your competitors.

When done right, mobile-friendly content can improve user experience, increase average time on your website, promote a faster website load speed, take mobile SEO to a different level, and have a competitive advantage over the other businesses.

To make a mobile version of your content, all you have to do is to use media queries, utilize a responsive theme on CMS, incorporate percentages, focus on simple design, never block JavaScript, optimize image size, and utilize standard fonts.

Failure to Consider Local

Four out of five consumers perform local searches on their mobile search engines according to Google.

Google also said that 18% of individuals make a purchase. So, local SEO can play a critical role in your digital marketing.

However, optimizing for local search can be a complicated process. But everything will be easy when you know how to get it done.

To level up local SEO for dentist, there are three factors to weigh in mind. These include prominence, relevance, and distance.

Unable to Try Other Dental Marketing Strategies

Search engine optimization offers many benefits for dentists and professionals. But don’t overlook other strategies to generate leads and create a buzz in different parts of the web. You can integrate other dental marketing techniques into your business for constant success.

What Sets Search Engine Optimization Apart from other Dental Marketing Techniques?

You have promoted your dental practice on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. You have used email marketing. Now, what next? It’s time to try search engine optimization.

Why would you optimize your web page, blog post, or other types of content? Here are some benefits you can expect at the end of the day:

Rank Higher on Search Engines

Have you ever tried searching for a service online? What page do you usually click? Studies show that people usually open the website that’s on top of the search engine. This leads to great client conversion, a high customer base, and a good return on investment.

Imagine if your platform has a good search engine result. You can expect web traffic and profits within a short period of time.

But don’t be satisfied with your ranking. You might lose that spot if you stay relaxed. Always be updated with the SEO trends. Also, avoid keyword stuffing. Strive to provide something interesting and of good quality.

Improve your Internet Visibility

Dental businesses thrived long even before the development of the internet.

In this 21st century, everything is different. The online world has given those with dental services a new way to market and operate.

However, there are dentists that are stuck in traditional marketing strategies. Some are stubborn while others are scared of change.

Since everyone has been switching to the world of the internet, you cannot afford to lose a variety of patients from this platform.

If you are in a transitioning period, it would be hard to increase your internet visibility. Don’t worry! On-page optimization got you covered. Aside from dentist SEO, don’t forget to publish blog content, get active on popular social media networks, run targeted FB ads, guest blog on related websites, and encourage customers to leave online reviews.

Help Potential Patients Find You Online

Everyone is online nowadays. From kids, teens to adults, people of all ages are internet-geeks. Whether you’re a dentist or are searching for patients, search engine optimization is essential.

You can find new customers and patients will know your dental service, too. However, strive to incorporate professionalism, innovation, excellence, and commitment into all your offerings.

Exposure to The Right Market

Email marketing has segmentation. This means marketers send emails to a bunch of people according to employment, gender, and online behavior.

Dentistry SEO is the same thing. How is it possible? When specific keywords are used, your web page will be exposed to the right patients with peace of mind and convenience.

Gain Insight on Your Audience’s Needs

As a dentist, you probably have a hectic schedule. You meet different clients or supervise team members every day. Of course, you may not have time to know your target customer. Regardless of your schedule, it is important to study and be aware of your clients. While there are techniques to grab, dentist SEO will be one of your best bet.

Once used properly, you will be able to gain insight into your audience's needs, pain points, and requirements.

Deliver Information about your Dental Practice

Before building brand awareness was complicated. Today, it is easy and seamless. Thanks to dental SEO and other modern marketing approaches.

When creating a web page, make sure it is of good quality. Never focus on quantity. Interesting, fun, easy to read and reliable information is what matters the most.

If content development is not your area of expertise, there are experienced and certified professionals whom you can count on and trust.

Although the services require additional costs, all of your efforts will pay off at the end of the day.

Increase Web Traffic

Search engine optimization boosts your internet visibility. This means your target market can find your website online. As the number of patients who browse your web page increases, its traffic doubles.

If you encounter some troubles increasing the traffic of your website, dentist SEO can be of great help. Once your blog posts are keyword optimized, fun to read and reliable, your page will be on top of any leading search engines.

Generate Quality Leads

Dentist SEO enables you to increase the rank of your site in search engine results. This means you can expect more exposure for your brand. This leads to more traffic, clicks, and sales over time.

Apart from that, dentist SEO generates leads. As long as you ensure that you are visible in reputable search engines, acquiring qualified leads and client conversion will be as effortless as possible.

But how to turn these leads into sales? Simply, provide any informative content and build authoritative links. Seek assistance from qualified and certified experts to make this goal happen.

Loyal and Repeat Patients

Acquiring new patients is hard. But obtaining repeat and loyal customers is more difficult than ever. Dentist SEO can make the process easy and convenient. Apart from that, your service can make a big difference.

If you provide something that addresses the pain points of your patients, it would be easy to increase the number of repeat clients. Your customer support is another important factor. Make sure to answer their queries and other concerns as quickly as possible. Be approachable, accommodating, friendly, and professional at all times.

Also, treat them as a family. Plus, provide them discounts and other interesting packages.

Best SEO Dental Practices

Now that you’re already aware of why dentists have been turning to search engine optimization, let’s find out some of the best SEO practices. Keep reading for more details.

Easy to Navigate and User-Friendly Website

Creating a website has been a trend for the past decades because it allows professionals to improve their digital advertising efforts, save money on distribution/printing expenses, offer easy access to new clients, improve employee productivity, educate/expand your market, extend the local search, promote products/services, build your reputation, and level up customer service.

Despite the advantages of websites, it is important to make them user-friendly and easy to navigate. How to do that? If you haven’t tried building a mobile-friendly or responsive navigation, now is the best time.

After that, keep the navigation simple and ideal for those who are less tech-savvy. You don’t need a stunning website if it is hard to browse. A simple site with a great level of usability is more imperative.

How about your logo? Make sure it is easy to find. It should be in the top left corner of your dental website. Then, it should be clickable.

What else? Don’t overlook the speed of your site, include CTAs, provide easy-to-digest content, and make it shareable. This is where a dentist SEO specialist can come into play. With the right expert, you can focus on other important business aspects while your internet presence increases.

Create Unique Content

Content is king. It ensures higher visibility in Google and other search engines. It leads to more referral traffic, social traffic, conversion potential, brand reputation, tighter customer relationship, and more.

But creating and developing content for your website is not as easy as marketers think. The secret here is to establish a solid story angle, shoot picturesque photographs, leverage your expertise, and guarantee that your content is trendy.

Also, there are web content writers that you can depend on. However, be careful when selecting the right expert. Although you have a busy schedule, don’t be in a hurry. Take your time. That way you can find the company that suits your unique needs and expectations.

Utilize Keywords

Keywords are essential to your blog posts and web pages. If your content is optimized, your website would be on top of the search engines. As a result, you can enjoy great web traffic, client conversion, and continuous success.

Now, how to use keywords properly? You can incorporate it into page titles, meta descriptions, subheadings, content, images, URLs, anchor text, social media, external listings, and directories.

To find keywords for your content, brainstorm possible terms that your target patients are searching for in search engines. Then, find related terms on Google and other popular platforms.

Once you found proper keywords and began writing your content, avoid stuffing the terms. Google might penalize your website and make it invisible to your possible audience.

Also, don’t be quantity-focused. Always strive to offer quality content to enjoy long-term results.

Develop Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

Both meta descriptions and title tags draw readers to your website from the SERP. These are visible to your patients and can play a good role in your digital marketing efforts.

For that reason, crafting a compelling and readable meta description/title tags should not be underestimated. To improve its click-through rate, using the best keywords are worthwhile and meaningful.

But never duplicate your meta description tags and double quotation marks. If you found the process tricky, there are professionals that can get the job done with quality results. You can ask your friends for some referrals to save your time and avoid unnecessary efforts.

Share Content on Social Media Networks

Aside from publishing it to your websites, don’t forget your social media accounts. Start making your blog posts and other types of content available to your Facebook friends, Instagram/Twitter followers, and YouTube subscribers.

Remember to provide links to your website. As soon as they realized the quality of your services, they would definitely go to your site and take action. So, maximize the number of your friends/followers list.

Implement Google Search Console and Google Analytics

Let’s say you have published content on your websites. What are you going to do next? It is crucial to track your progress and getting the procedure done manually is not possible. This is where Google Search Console, Google Analytics, and other tools can come into play.

Avoid Technical Errors in Your Site

You have devoted your time to creating your website or hired an expert to handle the project. But it might not be free of errors. Perhaps, it has long metadata, expiring domain name, duplicate page content, and long forms. As much as possible, fix any of these errors before things get worse. Of course, it might not be your expertise. Worry no more! There are experts you can hire.

Bottom Line

Is the traffic of your website, client base, conversion, and ROI poor? Dentist SEO is one of the most effective solutions you should invest in today. Once your content or website is well-optimized, many business opportunities will be possible in the future. As your search engine result improves, double your effort to protect that spot from your competitors. Also, develop your services or products to make your patients happy and satisfied throughout the decades.

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Real Estate SEO – A Comprehensive Guide For Real Estate Businesses of 2021

You have advertised your real estate business on popular social media platforms. You have used email marketing to turn web visitors into prospective customers. You have invested thousands of dollars in traditional advertising methods.

How was the experience? Perhaps, each of these strategies helps make your goals happen. But don’t be contented with that. What are the other methods that can ensure success? Well, real estate SEO is next.

Many real estate agents have attempted to optimize their web pages. But only a few who have succeeded. What’s the secret? Whether you are a beginner or don’t have a prior experience, knowing everything about real estate SEO can make a big difference.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What is SEO in Real Estate?