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January 23, 2022 - 4 comments

The Ultimate Instagram Strategy: 0 to 9k Followers in 6 Weeks

Today, I’m going to show you the ultimate Instagram strategy that resulted in:

An increase of over 8000 followers.

Featured on Ask.com and local news.

Over 50 leads and 5 sales.

Boosted traffic by 750%.

Oh, and did I mentioned it all happened in just under 6 weeks?

Before we dive in (incoming shameless advertising), if you, or your company needs help with digital marketing, feel free to contact us here.

Instagram Marketing:

A Social Media Strategy That Works

  1. Pick a Theme.

Ideally, you want to post things that interest you, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. The most successful accounts on Instagram have an overarching theme to their posts, such as comedy, lifestyle, fashion, etc. People are more likely to search for accounts with themes that relate to their own personal interests and having a theme to your posts will make your account more reliable, leading to more followers! 

Not to mention, when the posts are consistent with your theme or topic, it adds to the aesthetic of your Instagram page and makes it more appealing to potential followers. You can have multiple accounts for multiple themes-I’ve had about 5-6 different Instagram accounts running at the same time at one point-go big or go home right?

  1. Create a Profile.

Believe me, this is the hardest part. In fact, I put off this whole Instagram business for months just because I couldn’t come up with a good username. If you are able to land a catchy username with no numbers or symbols, congratulations, you’re already halfway there!

Once you have created an account, make sure to add a short but witty bio to your profile with a relevant user photo. You could also add a custom hashtag for your account so that anyone interested can immediately see what you’ve posted.

  1. Socialize.

Luckily, this is rarely as painful as socializing with real people in real life. Socializing on Instagram is probably the easiest way to gain followers. Like the photos of your friends (or even randoms on your explore feed) because that’s a quick and easy way to gain awareness for your account. Go into the hashtags to find accounts and posts similar to yours and like a whole bunch of posts. Some brands even set up an auto-reply to automate this.

Make sure you follow lots of relevant accounts too. For example, for RSLW, I went to the page Artforthesick since they post similar images and followed them. If their page is private, you can use a private instagram viewer.

This will automatically influence the posts in your Explore feed (due to Instagram’s algorithms) and make it easier to find similar accounts to you. And guess what? By mass following the followers of that account, you have already built up a list of users that are interested in the theme (or similar theme) to your account.

Finally, find hashtags like #L4L #like4like #follow4follow, etc, and start the reciprocal process. Most users will like and follow your account too. Remember to also comment on other people’s posts to get your account noticed.

I’m not going to lie, it’s hard to come up with a unique comment every time you want to interact with someone new. For me, I actually just copy and pasted the same two comments when I first started out-no one suspected a thing.

You can even comment with just an Emoji: 

  1. Sometimes You Have to Cheat (Sort Of).

I mean, sometimes, even your hardest efforts don’t seem to bring in enough followers and engagement on your account. If you’re feeling lucky, try sliding into the DM’s (Instagram lingo for “messaging”) of an Instagram “celebrity” by asking for a shoutout. A shoutout is a quick way to gain followers by having another account mention yours in their post. It’s not cheating, like buying active Instagram followers, really, it’s strategy.

Once you have gained a sizable following on Instagram, you’ll find that other users may ask you (or even pay you) for shoutouts too. Some of the most successful accounts on Instagram today only got there by doing shoutouts for others and receiving shoutouts in return.

  1. How Many Is Too Many?

It’s hard to say really. Random posting schedules do not attract as many followers because people want their social media posts to be reliable. They want to be able to find new Instagram posts on a regular basis and not have to look at old information. I mean, no one likes that feeling of scrolling through their Instagram feed and running into old posts. People are constantly searching for new information and fresh content.

Your account is only really as good as how often you post. Aim for 3-5 posts per day. Too many and you risk flooding the feeds of your followers. Too few and your account could easily become insignificant.

  1. Prime Time on Social Media?

It depends on your followers’ demographic, but the best time to post may be in the morning and in the evening. You can use apps like Iconosquare to find out what the prime posting schedules are according to the times of the day when your account has the most traffic or activity.

For me, I found that most of my followers were active in the morning (between 8 AM and 11 AM) and then in the evening (anywhere from 5 PM to 10 PM). Here’s an example:

  1. All About That #Hashtag Life

There’s a fine line between looking desperate and making sure your posts get the attention of possible followers. We all know that one basic friend who bombs their posts with a paragraph of (often irrelevant) hashtags. A good Instagram strategy is to try and mix it up with a couple of regularly trending tags (try this site) and unique hashtags that might not have as many posts in them.

Be sure to remember that the tags should be on topic. Pictures with unrelated hashtags just look like spam, like this:

  1. Spend Time on Your Content:

This one might be obvious, but no one is going to pay attention to the thousandth coffee cup post on their feed. Cultivating a creative and unique spin on even the most tired subject will end up bringing your Instagram account needed attention and follows. The key here is to make sure the posts are relatable, inspirational, funny, or all of the above.

Good content should be able to stimulate some sort of emotion from the audience. Often, to find this content, you may have to spend a lot of time scrolling through feeds. But don’t fret, many successful Instagram accounts with so-called “original content” actually just repost it from sites like Tumblr and Pinterest.

  1. Interact with your Followers:

Once you’ve worked on what you’re posting each day you should respond to comments. People are more likely to keep following someone who they feel they know, even if it’s all business for you. If there’s a follower who constantly likes or comments, arranging a mutual shoutout is definitely the way to go. Keep working the angle of personal interaction for attracting and maintaining followers!

Hopefully some of these tips will help you grow the amount of likes and followers on your Instagram account exponentially. Soon you’ll be busy liking photos, talking with your growing list of followers, and taking more photos for your account. Hell, it might even become a full-time job! Have fun implementing this Instagram growth hack!

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6 Things About Email Marketing (YOU need to know)

…Sound familiar?

Maybe you’re chuckling because that’s what you do, too.

Yet you’re frustrated because your emails seem to be getting nowhere.  Well, allow me to introduce you to:

6 Things About Email Marketing (YOU need to know)

  1. Subject Lines Need To Be HEADLINES (yes, in capital letters)

Your target is the young, social-media savvy office worker. She’s constantly plugged into her phone, scrolling through hundreds of webpages a day…

“Perfect,” you think to yourself. “My marketing expertise is going to be right up her alley - she’s going to click into to my email right away.”

But…what’s this? Her eyes move right past the subject line of your email, and instead, she clicks on the email below yours that reads:

50% SALE – last chance @ Aritzia!!

(Note: this is a gif – linked)

Don’t you wish you could insert a little gif of a person waving, jumping up and down, while holding a neon sign in the subject line of your email? That would surely get her attention!

While we wait for advancements in email capacities, here are some of the types of headings you could use in your emails to improve their click thru-rate today:

  • How to: How to Double Your Revenue with one Little Known Email Marketing Technique
  • Humor: Forget Black Friday – Enjoy Wine Weekend
  • Shocking: How I lost 48 pounds in ONE WEEK
  • Testimonial: “MarketBeat made me $12,384.32 in one trade”
  • Time Sensitive: Tonight’s Deadline (Last Chance!)
  • Warning: Don’t Miss Out!

Symbols, free stuff, CAPITAL LETTERS – all of these help to make your email stand out!


  1. Your Readers Need to Know YOU

Communication is never one-sided – it is an interactive process involving someone on either side of the line! Just as you should know your audience, it helps to let them know YOU as well.

“Why do they care who I am?” You ask.

Well, would YOU rather read an email with personality or an email that looks like it’s been generated by a bot?

How do you prove you’re not a bot?

For starters, how about changing your email name from do-not-reply@abc.com (best way to PREVENT engagement with your readers, btw) to first.lastname@abc.com?

Second, if humor aligns with your brand - USE IT!

Imagine having to go through hundreds of emails a day…what are you more likely to read? An email with a creative title or an email without?

What are you more likely to remember – an email that made you laugh or an email that only “spoke business”?

Depending on your business image, it may be okay to embed totally irrelevant – but hilarious – content in your emails, just to give your clients a laugh! Hey, happy clients are more likely to buy-in, right?

Here’s an example from Bonobos. If you purchased from their website, you receive a confirmation email that includes a cute cat video. WHO DOESN’T LIKE CUTENESS?!

This may not have anything to do with your brand, but you can be sure with little gems like that in your emails, your readers will be 10x more likely to open what you send them!

  1. It’s a Mobile World

We live in a mobile world where people are always on the go. Increasingly more people are viewing their emails on their cellphones instead of their computers. Those of us who don’t have gigantic phablets, are not going to read your email if we have to keep zooming to see all of it!

Keep in mind that although a pretty layout with lots of columns and images look nifty on a desktop, it’s not so sharp when it’s been resized to its mobile equivalent.

Instead, consider using responsive templates – which will optimize your content for the screen it is displayed on (i.e. wider for desktop, shrunk for smartphones). Learn all about responsive templates here.

Also, they say that images speak louder than words.

…But not if I can only see a corner of it on my phone!

According to a research by Fractl, Buzzstream, and Hubspot, an ideal size for images is between 600-800 pixels. The same principle applies to fonts – the bigger, the better!

Don’t forget another key component of your email – the call-to-action! Here are some ways to make your link stand out:

  • Make sure it’s clearly identifiable (please don’t hide it in a sea of text).
  • Make it into a button instead of leaving it as plain text.
    • According to Apple, 44px by 44px is the smallest the average human finger can tap – something to think about!
  1. Cash Out on Capital Real Estate

A.K.A the preheader text. What’s the preheader text, you ask?

Preheader text refers to the few lines that show up in the email preview:

Most people neglect to capitalize on these few lines. Instead, they waste valuable real estate on lines such as “having trouble viewing this email?” (Doh!)

I know you’re probably starting to sweat, thinking “Shoot, does my preheader text say that?”

Find out how to make your preheader text reads exactly what you want it to here.

  1. Let Them Go vs. Make ‘Em Stay

Make the unsubscribe button clearly visible and easy to click. Some people think that if they hide the “unsubscribe” button really well, their readers will be forced to read their emails. Nuh-uh.

If readers are disengaged by your content, and are unable to easily unsubscribe…guess what? They’re just going to send you to their “blocked senders” list or worse, report you as spam!

You can make it easy for your readers to unsubscribe, yet still encourage them to stay on your subscription list through these methods:

  • Give them the option of selecting which types of email to opt-out from (rather than an all-or-nothing approach) – readers LOVE personalized content, and you’re still able to reach them.
  • Show your sincere regret at having to let them go. How about pulling at your readers’ heartstrings with this image:

….As I said earlier, WHO DOESN’T LOVE CUTENESS??

  1. Give More Than You Take

Do you send out an email with free resources for your readers once in a while? One freebie per two emails selling your services? How about reversing that order?

Try sending your reader TWO emails that GIVE value for every ONE that TAKES from them.

  • Emails that give value: provide free resources, tips, training videos (stuff they can use)
  • Emails that take from them: asking them to buy something or provide you feedback

You may be protesting “Hey, this isn’t a charity organization!” but doing good is never a bad thing. Maybe your readers will want to buy-in to your products or services simply out of sheer gratitude for all you’ve provided to them!

Have any other tips for Email Marketing? Let us know what’s worked for YOU and what you struggle with!