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Lawyer SEO – Guide to SEO for a Law Firm

Irrespective of what type of business you run, search engine optimization must never be ignored. However, what is SEO, you might ask?

In case you didn’t know yet, SEO is a way of enhancing the search result rankings of your law firm’s website across all of the major search engines. It helps you fall in line along with the algorithms, which are utilized by giant firms such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google. That allows you to appear on the top search.

It is a procedure, which should be integrated for you to get relevant visibility online. Simply put, the great your SEO efforts are, the greater your firm’s website and business rank. That’s critically essential for firms because first page rankings convert to more trustworthy and dependable lawyers.

Imagine if your firm website or lawyers do not show on the first page of search results. The possibilities of somebody discovering you are low. No one has the time to click the “next page” nowadays. Hence, your company could receive free marketing and reap the advantages with a bit of website management and targeted keywords.

How Is Marketing in Law Transforming?

Keep in mind that law firm marketing strategy used to be easier and hassle-free. Ad budgets are composed of local commercials, posters, and direct mail ads, which are of similar types of writing.

You see, everything is transforming. More individuals are selling their satellite TVs and cable for connected and smart TV devices. You would be hard-pressed to look for somebody that runs errands without their phones. Do not forget that your target audience spends at least seven hours per day online. That’s twenty-seven percent each year. Hence, you could visualize what they do once they require an attorney.

Guess what. These people go online to ask Google, where they have their choice of representation for any requirement conceivable. Keep in mind that an average individual performs three to four searches each day. That’s a big opening to get your firm in front of the ideal audience with an SEO strategy.

What Is The Reason Law Firm Must Have SEO?

The most typical question we hear from our associates is quite basic: “we have a difficult time keeping a stream of quality clients.”

Are you an attorney network? Perhaps you are working as a marketing leader in your firm. Whatever your case might be, we understand that the legal sector is over-flooded. The race for suitable clients is aggressive, not to mention that the practices on Google’s first page are getting most calls.

You will find two methods to reach there:

Throw away thousands in the coveted ad-space bidding battles or;

Obtain leads in organic search from Search Engine Optimization

Apparently, playing Russian roulette along with your impressions and money is not at all times going to work out in your favor. Perhaps, you might have tried it and thought you need another strategy. That is where a law firm SEO and their SEO services have you covered!

What is Search Engine Optimization for Law Firm?

SEO for attorneys and firms is the procedure of polishing and improving your presence online. This method helps your firm’s website accomplish top rankings for attorney SEO and lawyer SEO keyword research, which connect your law services.

Remember that attorney SEO for lawyers is important and critical. It puts your practice in front of people at the exact time they are looking for your services. That indicates appearing when somebody types in “personal injury lawyer,” “divorce lawyer,” or “employment law lawyer,” among others.

You will also find a motive behind why search engine optimization results to an extraordinary 14.6 percent conversion rate, unlike to 1.7 percent from outbound leads like print ads and 5.14 percent from TV advertisements. There is no denying that search engine optimization for legal services truly works.

Just a tip. If you are looking for a search engine optimization experts that specialize in law, we are here to help you. We are the best agency you can depend on when it comes to law firm SEO.

How does SEO work for law firms?

SEO is not a complicated and tough subject. Search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google utilize technology to crawl web pages. These are then categorized and indexed in the most comprehensive library of the planet.

Machine learning algorithms are utilized to decode the search terms every time you enter a different search. It will then present you with website pages, which might best aid you. That is where firm SEO professionals come to the rescue. A law SEO agency will help you decode the search terms, which are receiving the most attention. It will help you in both off page and on page optimization and content marketing strategy, which will help search “crawlers” index the page.

Remember that the majority of individuals access information through search engines. SEO marketing is simply the best way of getting in front of your target clients, especially if you’re working to reach potential clients.

Imagine the last time you were looking for a specific service or product. Do you still know the means you find the thing you were searching for? When people want some information, they depend on Google. The majority of people today are internet users. However, only a few people pause to think about how search engines arrange the blog posts online so that it shows whenever they click the return button.

It will help if you stress SEO to boost your Google rankings. Keep in mind that your target audience is local to the city/cities where you practice your work. You must concentrate on localizing your legal SEO efforts if you want to get potential clients within your region. Without it, you will have a difficult time producing relevant leads.

You will find a lot of strategies you can utilize to your law firm visible on search engines. The answer is to make your company visible for the proper search terms and within local map results.

How SEO Can Help Law Firms

Are you still thinking about how SEO for lawyers makes a big difference? You might not know it yet, but ninety-six percent of people utilize the internet to look for an attorney. Folks these days barely use yellow page or recall the big billboard they passed during a commute this afternoon. Today, the internet has become a quick, accessible, and free. That is the main reason it is the first place an individual opts to when they are in a hurry.

On top of that, seventy-two people of people who get in touch and go to employ them only call one lawyer out of eighty-seven percent of people. That merely indicates that they do their search in Bing, Yahoo, or Google. Choose a law firm SEO, and nearly three-fourths of them prefer the first one they selected.

Now, what if your law firm is not ranked in the top three of the Google search? Then expect you are going to be washed out by your rivals. Are you still not persuaded by these facts? Below are some of the practical ways search engine optimization could substantially help your firm this 2020!

Attract new clients

Attorneys fail to value how rarely their prospectives acknowledge when they have a legal claim. Subjects such as child support, employee rights, products liability, and negligence claims aren’t well understood by the public, even though they take their legal expertise for granted.

Legal overviews of the cases you represent help possible clients understand they have a valid claim or not. Is your website helped inform them? Then they are more likely to employ you to represent them in the court. It would be best for your law firm to allow an SEO for lawyers to take advantage of this time to fill your content with relevant legal keyword research, even though you cannot write this content by yourself.

Do you think your firm flourishes without the help of SEO lawyers and web experts? Perhaps. However, SEO management is a vital aspect of law firm marketing, which will cost you more to overlook than to get, especially in a sector fueled by competition.

High return on investment

There is bound to be competition irrespective of the focus of your law firm SEO. That could get intense in the field of law. Fortunately, you can place yourself ahead of your rivals without spending too much money and time on your efforts if you increase your SEO efforts effectively.

It is a lot of work at the start. However, clients will start coming in after your website is optimized, and your law firm begins to follow the best SEO practices.

More conversions

Did you know that there are more possibilities to convert your potential clients into paying ones if the more of them reach out to you? What’s more, you will have more time to concentrate your efforts on other aspects of your law firm with SEO bringing more clients to you.

That suggests more face-to-face moments with new clients, more research, and time for you to get ready with your cases without annoying marketing interruptions.


One of the major aspects of search engine optimization is identifying the necessity of your target audience and creating your content and law firm’s website to compliment that need. That not only offers you credibility with search engines but also along with your existing and potential clients. Isn’t that amazing?

Targeted traffic

People visiting a search engine are more likely aware of what exactly they are searching for. Optimizing the website of your law firm for particular keyword research within your sector allows you to make your company widely accessible for that type of targeted traffic. That is much more efficient and useful compared to using PPC ads on social media channels. Did you know the reason why? That’s because the audience sees those ads do not need your law services.

Do not forget that relevant traffic is ten times more advantageous compared to that of irrelevant traffic.

Established market position

Your law firm would be more established in the market if you rank higher you in the search engine. The reason behind that is because individuals see higher-ranked law firms as more dependable, responsible, and professional, unlike those law firms that are ranked lower.

How can you achieve that established market position? That’s easy-peasy. You can accomplish that by using tried and tested SEO strategies, which will be discussed later on.

More engagement

The bounce rate of your website could be through the roof. In case you didn’t know, the bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors who leave your site after seeing a page only.

You might be appearing in organic search results for the wrong terms if you are not utilizing the right SEO strategies. Probably, you are not delivering your potential client the necessary information they need every time they engage with your site.

Higher ranking on Google SERP

Search engine optimization is the one that increases the ranking of lawyer websites. Do you like to attract a huge amount of clients to your site? Then lawyer SEO is the best answer for you!

It will help your law firm’s website rank higher in the search results page. It suggests your site will become more visible to any potential client. More clients will connect with you with more visibility. Therefore, apply SEO to it, especially if your website ranking is low.

The bottom line is, it is clear that search engine optimization is crucial for law firms or attorneys in general. The application of SEO in any site could transform the entire look of the website and its performance. Above, we have mentioned the significance of SEO for lawyers. In the next section, we will explain in detail the different lawyer SEO strategies you can utilize today.

As a law firm, you should invest in this tool and improve the overall performance of your website and social media by achieving a decent rank on Google’s SERP.

Attorney SEO Strategies: Where to Begin

The concept that search engine optimization is composed of integrating strategic keywords is a big misconception. SEO is composed of a series of strategies or components, even though adding relevant keywords into your site content conveys the purpose of your page to a search engine.

You are now fully aware that search engine optimization can disrupt your law practice. However, you might not have an idea of where to start. In this section, we will walk you through some practical SEO tips. You might want to be able to deal with some of these on your own. Nonetheless, you might want to ask the help of an SEO expert to execute some of the most complicated and advanced strategies.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive in!

Your law firm site must be optimized, allowing the search engines to understand it easy and simple for your site visitors to navigate. A few areas you might like to get help dealing with include the following:

Content Marketing

The content of your website is essential for search engine optimization. It must be composed of the right keywords and keyphrases for the demographics you wish to target. Do not forget that keywords help Google search and other search engines to match the queries of their searchers along with relevant search results.

You can utilize Google Insights for Search, Google Trends, and Google Keyword Tool to determine and target famous keywords and key phrases in your web content. You must also post valuable and relevant content often to your site, apart from optimizing it for the search engines.

That will help your site visitors to know the value of your legal services. Remember that the visitors to your website come to you with problems and concerns. Your job is to ensure you are presenting them with the right solutions and answers.

Off Page SEO

Having a powerful off-site lawyer SEO strategy will play a crucial role in your website’s ranking. Your law firm must concentrate on off-site factors like social media marketing, high-quality backlinks, and directories, among others, to outclass your competitors.

You can boost your SEO by utilizing off-site factors, which are relevant, dependable, and professional. Your SEO drastically strengthens when reputable sources link to your profile. Off Page SEO is also enhanced by utilizing strong links like adding internal links. These links are anchored with target keywords.


Did you know that there’s a new cyber-attack happening every thirty-nine seconds? Forty-three of those attacks target small businesses. HTTPS became a ranking indication for Google way back in 2014.

Do not forget that eighty-two percent of consumers reported that they would not browse a website, which was not secure, according to a survey conducted by Hubspot Research Survey. Therefore, you are risking harmful data leaks and lowering your site traffic if your site is not secure.

Internal Linking

Linking page internally on your website enhances your rankings in the search engine. Link building helps improves the overall user experience. You can utilize this strategy to boost the performance of those lower-ranking pages on your site.

Keep in mind that search engines love well-made and well-organized websites. You can ‘silo’ your site by making content groupings around various topic areas. For instance, your main page could be “employment law page, along with multiple supporting pages that connect to it, all associating to law employment cases.

Mobile Friendliness

These days, consumers spend at least four hours on their smartphones regularly. Furthermore, over half of every search for legal service comes from smartphones. Site visitors must not have a difficult time with a content that is not mobile-friendly, especially when he or she reaches your site. Each law firm site must be 100% responsive, along with click-to-call phone numbers for those mobile phone users.

Video & Image Optimization

One aspect of search engine optimization, which is frequently overlooked, is optimizing the videos and images on your website. For instance, you can include descriptions to your photos through alt text. That will alert search engines what their function is.

You might also want to create a max image or utilize a tool, which helps compress photos without substantially compromising its overall quality.

On Page Optimization

The website of your law firm should have the necessary meta attributions, URL, image, title tag, and header for search engines to index the content. Remember that Google Search utilizes data that helps sort your website. It also helps the searchers discover it much easier.

Your job is to ensure any keywords or keyphrases you utilize are relevant to the content you deliver. If not, your search engine rankings will suffer the most, not to mention that a fewer visitors will be able to see your website.

Local SEO

SEO lawyers attract most of their business from those targeted geographical regions. Hence, optimizing for local search is very necessary. In short, if you are a “Boston law firm,” that must be the term utilized on your social media posts and website, together with your name and practice areas.

Your Google My Business listings, as well as other online business directories, are a foundation to excellent local SEO page. You need to claim each listing and finish them carefully with the information of your practice. That includes your name, address, phone number, email address, and so much more. Doing so will ensure it matches precisely across every platform.

To sum up, lawyer SEO could be complicated and challenging at times. The majority of attorneys and law firms get into the business to spend their effort and time on it. You will find a few of these local search strategies you can do on your own, like posting to social media or updating your online directories.

Nevertheless, you must think through enlisting the services of an SEO expert for the rest. With that in mind, having a rudimentary expertise of a proper SEO could help you make sense of a plethora of services provided. What’s more, it will give an idea of what you must be receiving from your online marketing team.

Common FAQs on SEO Law

We receive a plethora of queries from attorneys. For sure, you have any questions about attorney SEO law too. But there’s no need to worry because this section got you covered! These ones are asked the most.

Q: Do I need a .lawyer or .law domain?

When it comes to SEO, it does not matter whether your law firm is .law, .com, or any other top-level domain. Keep in mind that Google and other search engines will crawl through your web page irrespective of what domain name you employ.

Just do take note that some SEO plug-ins can’t read domain names, which aren’t .com.

Q: My website is ranking very well. Do I need to continue with SEO?

Unluckily, SEO isn’t a one-time deal. Keeping to polish your SEO strategy, in the long run, will make sure you’ll keep up along with the existing methods search engines utilize to sort your content. Remember that SEO is a long-term technique, which is built upon in the end.

The market is continuously transforming with the growth of new trends and businesses. Google also continuously changes its ranking calculations and algorithms to keep any business form SEO monopoly. The algorithm of Google is proprietary knowledge. Hence, no one knows how it really works. What we do know are the SEO marketing strategies made through trial and error throughout the years. That’s why there are tools such as Google Analytics are widely utilized. You can experiment with new methods too to determine what works.

Ensuring that your marketing is updated along with new best practices is vital, especially if you like to sustain SEO.

Q: Why do attorneys require SEO?

According to data, it shows that at least one-third of customers utilize a search engine to explore local businesses regularly. Moreover, the use of a mobile device has more than covered desktop use for location-based searches. Therefore, it is obvious that consumers are looking for search engines as the prevalent way of looking for businesses such as law firms.

If it was not clear, law companies wanting to produce leads and grow must have a presence online.

Q: How long should I need to wait to see the effect of my SEO efforts?

You will find a plethora of aspects affecting the time it will take a law website to rank for a particular keyword or keyphrase. Nevertheless, they could be boiled down to the following:

the amount of effort and money assigned to an SEO campaign

the level to which a site SEO has been optimized already

the competitiveness or demand for the target keyword or keyphrases

In short, the existing condition of a site SEO and the amount invested into it to rank can affect how long it takes to accomplish the first position ranking. It could take at least four months or over a year to get where you like to be.

Q: How much should I pay for SEO to an SEO Companies?

Costs could depend massively on an SEO law campaign. What an attorney SEO pays for the SEO campaign could be a mirror of the following:

existing resources on your web page

competitiveness of their keyword phrases

the total of money it will take to obtain market share in search results

practice niche

the SEO company they go with

Q: I don’t have any good law-related content. What should I do?

Quality and relevant content is the core of link building strategy. That suggests you should have a quality content and blog posts on your firm’s website to make your link building viable and worth your investment. Don’t you have any relevant content to your blog posts or website?

There’s no need to worry about your content issues. We have exclusive content marketing and link building services accessible for you. That will help you shore up this particular weakness and get your content running.

At the bottom of your site, add the words “All Rights Reserved.” A copyright header like All Rights Reserved will provide you more

Q: Can I utilize Google Maps to increase my local SEO?

Of course! Google My Business and Google Maps are essential aspects of strategic SEO law firms. The higher your law firm’s ranking will show in the search engine list if the more your map location is clicked.

Take note that the way Google boosts your ranking is to consider the proximity of your firm to the individual searching. It will determine whether your firm, as well as its legal services, is relevant to the search query of the person as well as ho high, your name recognition is in the marketplace.

Q: Do I need mobile optimization for my firm?

We mentioned earlier that the majority of site visitors utilize their smartphones when searching for firms. Are you not certain how your site looks on a smaller device, like a smartphone? You can go to your site on your phone and check how responsive it is.

Can you navigate all the content without any fuss? You might need mobile optimization if your site looks like a mini, difficult to read version of your site. It is more likely you will require a new website.

Q: How can I find the best SEO agency for SEO for lawyers?

An excellent way to check on the website of your competitor is to know how their websites are organized. That includes the quantity of content, and the overall user experience you have while navigating their website.

The next thing you need to do is to go straight to Google and look for an SEO agency for attorney SEO. Feel free to visit the sites on the top five results and check out their individual sites. Your job is to ensure the SEO law agency you’re seeking has particular SEO and firm marketing experience at the same time.

Q: What is the best method to track return on investment with SEO?

Each SEO initiative is connected to Google Analytics and more refined tools such as SEM Rush. Using such tools enables you to receive analytical reports monthly. That helps you determine top search queries, top landing pages, site traffic, and the duration people are spending on your website. It also provides insights on particular search engine rankings according to particular keywords and phrases.

The good thing about this strategy is that you will find a plethora of ways in which you can determine your Return on Investment.

Q: How can I boost my law firm marketing with SEO?

We already mentioned the best strategies to use. But keep in mind that your law firm’s marketing efforts will boost and enhance massively if you are also using SEO strategy for your firm. It would be better to develop testimonials, blogs, website contents, articles, and others on your practice and apply SEO to the new content and practice area.

Q: Which is the best firm SEO company?

You will find numerous SEO companies for firms in the market today. You need to ensure the SEO company for law firms has a particular law firm SEO experience. On top of that, ensure the company doesn’t like to take over and redo your site for a hefty price.

Do not get associated with a multi-year or multi-month contract, too. Keep in mind that dependable and trustworthy SEO agencies for firms will scale their search engine optimization services to meet best your requirements. It will not oblige you to make a massive financial commitment to them. With that being said, you can plan to spend $1,200 to $1,500 every month for these law firm’s SEO services.

Bottom Line

With the proper mix of strategies, persistence, and expertise ensure your law firm’s website will be making its way up the ranks in no time. Creating your SEO is, no doubt, an exciting endeavor, which can take the public presence of your company to the next level. That’s true, whether you are creating it on your own or with the assistance of a digital marketing agency.

Remember that digital marketing isn’t just about making a site and waiting for results to take place. Do not miss maximizing the newest SEO strategies to promote your firm efficiently.

We hope this guide has helped you understand everything you need to know about lawyer SEO services. Do you have any concerns about this post? What are your insights? Feel free to share your insights with us by leaving your comments below!