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What Are Niche Edits (aka Curated Links)?

There have been several ways to build links, and a niche edit service is one of them. These niche edit services are designed to get you links and mentions to your website from old blog posts or existing articles published on the web. Search engines use this link mentioned as an indication for domain authority and this, in turn, helps a website rank within search results.

In a hurry? Here’s our TL;DR:

So, what the heck are niche edits? In short, they’re a lazy person’s guest post. Instead of pitching guest posts, you pitch site owners to place your link in an existing piece of content. Check out our industry low pricing below:

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What Are Niche Edits?

In the simplest terms, they are a lazy person’s guest post, where rather than pitching guest posts, you pitch site owners to place your link in an already existing piece of content. Niche edits are also known as curated links, broken link building or contextual backlinks and have been around for several years.

At Indexsy, we didn’t invent the term “niche edits,” and where this term was initially used is not known. However, we use the term to separate our marketing from others and all the buzz around this practice. If you have existing content, maybe an article, blog or post from years, weeks, days or months ago and then did some editing on the content on your website, it can be considered niche edits.

Are Niche Edits Considered White Hat?

There are three types of niche edits when broken down: white, black, or gray hats. You should be aware of which ones are credible and the ones that are not, but also the ones to avoid for marketing and niche editing.

a). White Hat Niche Edits

This is the most organic approach, which means manually reaching out to website owners to trade content value for a free link. These edits are the safest outreach of linking curation. Furthermore, they work with traditional outreach strategies such as broken link building.

Although these niches work, they are time-consuming, but it doesn’t mean you won’t achieve an inexpensive link campaign. Instead, choose sites that offer top-quality white hat link building to ensure a global outreach that will beat the competition in the market.

b). Black Hat Niche Edits

Black hat niche edits are bad and unsafe. They are SAPE networks that belong to black hats, and these are examples of the bad and worse types of link providers. They provide their clients with previously used hacked websites for anchoring or injecting niche editing links.

Black hat SEO services still sell hacked or used links and refer to them immediately as niche edits that they are not. Black hat niche edit and marketing is done without the consent and permission of the post, blog content or link owner hence why they should be avoided.

c). Gray Hat Niche Editing

Although often we only talk about white and black hat marketing, there is also the gray niche editing or marketing. Gray hats are for those who want to play safe and buy niche edits. Many SEO agencies choose to use niche edits to gain extra profit. For example, they have been selling curated link pages or niche edit marketing, which is how gray niche editing works.

Clients will pay for the outreach, and the agencies will perform the marketing, where in doing so, one should be careful and alert. Some curated link sellers can access hundreds of websites to edit the website’s content without the owner’s or webmaster’s knowledge or consent.

Guest Post vs. Niche Edits

There is no right or wrong answer on which one you should pick between these two, and your marketing goal should shape your choice. Your choice should be based on the available resources, your goal and whether you need to build a long-term backlink strategy or need something immediate.

Their differences will help you understand which is better for you between the guest posting and niche edits:

  • For niche edits, links are added to an existing blog post or articles already indexed with proven traffic. However, guest posting has links embedded inside a new article.

  • You can’t influence the article title with niche edits, but guest posts allow you to insert the main keywords in the article title.

  • You stand a higher chance of getting traffic with niche edits since your links have already been inserted with already indexed posts or pages. However, you may get traffic only with valuable and relevant content for guest posting.

  • Niche edits need little to no investment since you are not writing the article from scratch but creating new content, as with guest posting needs investment in terms of time, money or both.

  • Niche edits will give almost immediate results and guarantee you a high ROI.

  • Authority sites will welcome requests for niche edit links than for new posts.

What to Consider in Niche Edits

Using a link-building strategy such as niche edits should be done carefully to keep anchor text diversity and link velocity in your mind. They should naturally fit and be relevant to the subject because if not, it could cause problems with Google and hurt your domain rating and reputation and the host’s.

Although niche edits work, you should rely entirely on them, and you should also network to build a database to ensure you are ready for link losses. Some of these losses may be due to foreclosed sites or retired webmasters.

To achieve maximum success in your site, choose to ensure a balance between niche edits, guest posts and any high authority outbound links. Using a link-building agency such as Indexsy will guarantee you results based on the agency’s reviews and past performance.

Why are Niche Edit Links Important for your SEO?

Niche edit links are a link type that assists you to move forward without waiting too much to see your rankings improve. Niche edit links found on domains with great domain authority, right anchor text and other metrics are the link types that digital marketing experts wish they had.

Not all backlinks are equal, and one of the main reasons contextual links are important is that search engine algorithms give them plenty of importance. In addition, niche edits help improve the credibility of your website, and these are links with the most power and juice, and the relevant content also adds up.

In general, here is why niche edit links are powerful:

  • Indexation– A niche edit is indexed in the SERPs

  • Effectiveness– A niche edit is way more effective

  • Traffic– Most niche edit backlinks have high-quality traffic coming to them

Are Niche Edits Hacked Links?

No. Niche edits are built and not hacked or inserted in their nature. This means that it’s the practice of editing old content to new with the owner’s knowledge, consent and intentions.

Hacked links are the possibility where a hacker inserts a niche edit link on the website without the website owner’s approval. However, there is a legit way of acquiring the niche edit links where you can contact the website’s owner and ask them if it’s possible to insert your link.

To achieve this, you can find a broken link on an existing blog post and ask the owner to replace the broken link with your blog post or page so long as it provides some value to their readers. Alternatively, you can ask website owners for a new link placement by emailing them a pitch.

How To Get Niche Edit Links

There are several ways to get niche edit links, and the first one is doing the legwork. You can choose to contact authors or webmasters to pay for the link opportunities or get them for free. To achieve this, you must spend time searching for similar content to your own and find posts that may benefit from an outbound link.

Alternatively, the second method will involve hiring a professional agency like Indexsy to do the hard work. Most companies that offer the SEO service will also provide link building as part of their package, where they will handle the outreach and build a contacts database for white hat opportunities.

About Indexsy

Indexsy assures its clients of a 100% in-house process where the in-house team is hands-on and trusted with the services offered. The actual build team comprises about 30+ employees who have mastered every service they do, including niche edit services.

With reliable employees, Indexsy guarantees you unmatched link building and content curation with exclusive multiple global and international connections to match every client’s needs.

We combine concepts of networking VA teams which pushed the whole link-building process along while the in-house team works to provide high-quality niche edits and backlinks. We provide link-building services that work.

Indexsy does not outsource and will not involve virtual assistance on our behalf, but you can check our website to see what the office or workspace looks like. Our team is 100% honorable, definitely globally competitive, and it’s always in-house.

The Services We Offer

In Indexsy, we have one main aim: to be able to serve every aspect and all types of SEO models. Therefore, we guarantee more traffic with quality links, higher ranks, and improved revenue to deliver and satisfy our clients.

We offer many types of SEO models, from niche edits to PBN rentals and setups, GMB verifications, local citations, social signals, guest posts and specialized verticals such as CBD, marijuana, casino and gambling. No matter what you want from SEO agencies, Indexsy has covered you, and you can expect results within 24 and 96 hours.

Indexsy has over a thousand growing properties, and we have been in the SEO business for over half a decade. We assure clients niche edits that are white hat outreach based. Each link provided will feature different personas with individual A-B class IPs, and every website in our networks has no signs of footprints.

We have been providing and will continue to provide indexed and trusted content to website owners, web admins and real hobby bloggers.

With Indexsy in the business for decades and continuously providing networks, offering services and commissions, you are assured that every client will be satisfied.