Fraud Blocker Review – Managed WordPress Hosting

Update: We are no longer recommending as a hosting provider due to a change in management. Check out WPX as a hosting provider, they have superb customer service. Here’s our WPX review is a WordPress hosting company that has gathered a strong reputation in the last year and comes with an excellent customer service team that can solve your hosting issues in a matter of minutes. Furthermore, offers one of the best platforms you will ever see. It’s simple to use because it takes out the technical load, making it easy for beginners to start their blogging hobby or career with no hiccup, and even though it’s a new player, it has given competition to all the existing players in the industry. is a private company founded in 2020 by Ben Gabler and Aaron Dewell Phillips, who has gathered extensive experience, having worked in the web hosting industry for years. The company is focused on ‘Product First,’ which means that it pays attention to the details that improve the customer experience and is empowered with a PHP Version 7.4 that makes the website work fast.

Notably, it’s quite expensive, but it’s nothing new as most Managed WordPress hosting platforms are generally expensive. However, even though the price might be high, hosting compensates for the high price by offering Cloudflare Enterprise, which is integrated at their server level, DDoS protection, and Web Application Firewall. Read on this hosting review to understand more about the Managed WordPress hosting provider, the packages they offer, and who they are suitable for.

Who is meant for? hosting is ideal for any small businesses, eCommerce business owners, and agencies that value the security and speed more than or as much as the price. As per this review, they deliver reliable services at different rates that will fit any budget. In addition, the all-in-one platform is also one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers in the industry today if you are looking for higher SEO rankings, good security, and a top-notch customer experience on the WordPress website. is also one of the ideal hosting companies for agencies or businesses that would rather focus on delivering content than worry about maintaining the client’s website themselves. This is because the support team will take care of everything from server management to any security-related tasks, and you won’t need to worry.

Pros of Rocket Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Easy to launch your site in less than two minutes thanks to Cloudflare enterprise
  • Allows creating publishing of a staging site with a single click
  • The hosting service offers a one-click theme auto-updating, plugin, and WordPress login that will help you manage client accounts with a lot of ease
  • An impressive hosting speed as the CDN services and the multiple servers ensure that geography will not restrict the performance of your WordPress site
  • It is one of the web hosting providers that offer the option of automatic backups and a manual backup
  • Suitable for beginners because it has an easy to use control panel and most features are inbuilt, which will save a lot of coding time
  • The hosting platform offers the best security, and it protects your site from hacker threats, data theft, and malware
  • Comes with developer-centered features such as SSH access, keys, cron jobs
  • Fully managed service meaning the SSL certificate is preinstalled
  • The built-in CDN that comes with this Rocket hosting company is impressive and a high-performance one
  • Flexible pricing plans as you can choose a plan according to your hosting needs

Cons of Rocket Managed WordPress Hosting

  • The hosting service lacks tutorials and guides.
  • It is limited to the WordPress website, reducing the available options for any online business or site owner.
  • Its price is on the higher side for all the different packages, but you will reduce your overall operating costs with the features you get with Rocket net.

Features Of Rocket.Net Hosting

a). Panel Control

The control is one of the best Rocket.Net features, and it is very easy to use as everything is clearly labeled, and they also offer one click to the WordPress dashboard. You can use the control panel for all your WordPress websites to update plugins, manage plugins, deploy a WordPress site, and perform site staging with a single click. WordPress installation becomes very simple with so many features and an interface suitable for beginners who aren’t savvy.

b). Hassle-Free Site Migration For Free

Migrating sites from one server to another can be hectic, but Rocket hosting ensures you experience an effortless migration process. First, you have to create a Rocket Net hosting account then contact their experts. Notably, you can migrate small websites with WP-Admin using login access alone, but you may require FTP access for the large sites. In addition, Rocket net ensures the site stays online during the process, and you can preview results using a temporary staging URL they will provide.

c). CDN (Content Delivery Networks) Content Delivery Networks

Rocket Net has impressively managed server configurations, and it uses the Cloudflare enterprise-level service to deliver website content from 200+ locations globally. In addition, the hosting company offers a secure and reliable connection for all our visitors, and this ensures you won’t have to worry about slow loading, downtime, or bandwidth consumption.

Some CDN features include:

  • Full-page caching
  • Google fonts optimization automatically loads the font file on CDN servers and cashes them for 36 hours to ensure your pages load quickly without waiting for Google’s fonts.
  • WAF Protection for all your WordPress business sites against bots and hackers
  • Brotli compression. similar to GZip, that results in better page load time and fast loading of your assets
  • Automatic Webp conversion, which includes an image optimization feature that converts all your images to Webp format and carries both JPG and PNG

All these Rocket CDN features will help improve the page speed without hiring expensive web developers or installing speed optimization plugins to do it for you. Also, the CDN features help in improving SEO optimization for Google’s new ranking algorithm Core Web Vitals, which influences the ranking based on the page speed loading time.

d). Security

Rocket Hosting offers security features such as weak password prevention, brute force protection, SQL injection prevention, and other security tools to ensure your WordPress sites are protected all year 24/7 by the firewall system.

Additionally, offers a free hosting site backup apart from the security features, which means you can recover your website in less than an hour using the version control feature if your website gets corrupted.

e). Plugin Management

With the Rocket Net web hosting, you can update, add and even delete WordPress plugins directly from the control panel with no hassle whatsoever.

f). Automatic Daily and On-demand Backups

Rocket hosting provides awesome support as it features an automatic inbuilt update mode from the control panel that will automatically keep everything up to date, including the themes, WordPress core updates, plugins, and all automatically monitor your site. Additionally, for a manual backup, all you need to do is click on the “Create Backup” tab, and the entire site will be converted into a backup file of compressed zip format at no additional cost. Performance Test

All hosting web companies claim to have the fastest servers that will give you a better service and all-around great experience, and therefore, a Rocket.Net review needs to do the same. For the Rocket Net review, you will need a web hosting account and install a WordPress site, then fill the site with dummy data for theme testing. Next, you should test the website performance in three aspects, the speed test, stress test, and response rate test.

When it comes to Managed WordPress Hosting, Rocket Net is among the fastest in the world with an outstanding page speed performance and will show an average loading speed of 2.15 seconds. The Rocket.Net review should assure you that their servers are highly optimized for the best WordPress speed and performance, and this will guarantee your site will load faster thanks to the edge data centers. Additionally, Rocket Net offers exceptional TTFB across all server locations. There is no need to customize to get your content fully optimized as Rocket Net offers ultimate speed with full-page caching.

You can do a speed test with the Pingdom speed test tool, a stress test using a tool known as K6 (formerly LoadImpact), and a tool is known as Bitcatcha to see the response time for Rocket Net. Hosting Plans and Features

Rocket.Net Review Pricing Plans

As is a specialized managed WordPress hosting company, they offer managed WordPress hosting solutions for all website types, including blogs, eCommerce, personal websites, or business websites.

All of the managed WordPress plans include features such as:

  • Enhanced security that comes with a built-in website firewall, DDoS attack protection, malware protection, brute force, patching, and many more
  • 1-click WordPress installs, daily automated and also manual backups, and a simple 1-click staging website
  • High optimized WordPress web hosting that uses global CDN, cloud edge network, Brotli compression, and other cutting edge technologies to guarantee fast performance.
  • 24/7 support, Git Integration, SSH access, free SSL, and more

On the Pricing plans, Rocket net hosting company has four different levels of managed WordPress hosting plans. All the pricing hosting plans have a 30-day moneyback guarantee meaning you can get a full refund in this period, and if you don’t like the service and you would like to opt-out. They include:

a). Starter

This plan is billed annually at $25 per month and comes with one WordPress install and 25000 visits which is enough for a new project. In addition, you will get free WAF, CDN, SSL, and 10GB storage.

b). Pro

This plan costs $50 per month, billed annually, and has up to three WordPress installs and 100,000 visits for your WordPress sites. In addition, it comes with free CDN, WAF, SSL, and 20GB of storage which is enough space for the plan.

c). Business

The plan is $83 per month with annual billing, and it has up to ten WordPress installs, 250,000 visits, and free CDN, WAF, SSL. It is suitable for large projects as it can host up to 10 WordPress websites on a single plan, and with the 40GB storage space, it’s enough to accommodate all Business plan’s customers.

d). Agency

The agency plan costs $166 per month for the annual billing and has up to 25 WordPress websites install with 500,000 visits. This is the biggest plan with a 50GB storage space, which means around 2GB for each WordPress website, and it may be okay for some but not for every customer. Support & Customer Services provides 24/7 live chat support, which is among the important WordPress resources when customers are looking to get help on a specific issue they are experiencing with their hosting account or product. The expert customer service team will answer all questions and help customers troubleshoot any problems 24/7 through email, phone, or chat customer support giving your customers the best experience possible.

Frequently Asked Questions on Review

1. Do I still need to use a WP Rocket plugin?

It is an optional choice to use the WP Rocket plugin, and this is because Rocket Net has done the heavy work by providing features that are good on their own, and together, they make a powerful package to guarantee a fast website. These features include powerful CDN (content delivery network) with over 200+ different locations, auto image optimization, and Botlin compression.

2. Does offer free WordPress migrations?

Just like their name, fast hosting as a rocket, Rocket Net offers the fastest woocommerce site migration you will ever experience, and it takes only 15 minutes to do so. In addition, their customer support team feature several impressive managed server configurations and will migrate unlimited WordPress sites to their platform for free.

3. Can you use a caching plugin with

Yes, Rocket is fully compatible with all WordPress plugins, including the caching plugins.