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Top Shopify AB Testing Apps 2023

A/B Testing is a way used by shop owners of improving the conversion rate by testing two versions of an element on your website to examine which one performs better in terms of conversion for a specific audience. It is also known as split testing.

To get the best out of your sales conversion rate optimization investment, choosing the right A/B testing tool is very important. To find out the best elements to change on your site in order to increase your conversion rate, you should use split testing. You should choose the best according to which one provides you with the most as per your testing requirements.

1. Neat AB testing

This is a powerful tool that helps to boost your sales with AB testing by optimizing important elements such as images, copy, and pricing for your Shopify online store. This app helps users to build and run product attributes and product page A/B testing for the Shopify online stores.


Neat A/B testing has an easy to use interface that simplifies it for anyone to use it without any technical difficulties. When you add the testing app to your Shopify store account, it becomes available in your Shopify app section. You don’t need any extra installation or integration. Neat A/B testing app can be installed with one click.

Ease of Operation

The interface that Neat A/B uses is simple and it easily leads you to the windows where you get to select and edit elements you would want to optimize. You can change a variety of things from the product price, color, to the text, and images. It is easy to improve priority pages and work with them in general. However, you may need to change the code of this a/b testing manually since this tool does not interfere with other elements.


Neat is a very functional app that is the best for optimizations on product pages and ideal for simpler tests. It primarily focuses on the key pages and fundamental elements like the product theme and page.

Testing Limitations

Shopify A b test is focused on the optimization of the elements like text, layout, price, page layout, and images. This is the best a b testing if your main focus is optimization. It can be limiting when you want to do testing on website sections than on product pages.

The Neat service operates in two categories;

Product Page Layout Tests– This is to optimize the overall look of a product page

Product Attribute Tests– This test is for optimizing the product’s title, price, description, and product image.


This a/b testing tool is not free to use but it packs a 14-day free trial with the lowest plan starting at $29 and the highest plan being $99 per month for a pro pack. The four different price tiers are different according to the traffic and shop size.

How Neat a b testing works

The A b test works by switching your products’ attributes every 24 hours ( if you change the default option it is less) between your original app version and your test version. Any visitor is able to see the active version everywhere your products appear from the checkout to their order emails. Neat is able to track the conversion and report statistics back to you on the dashboard. When you are satisfied with the product a b test that converts the best according to your needs, click to make the changes permanent on your Shopify store.

2. Google Optimize

Google optimize can run tests on every platform such as WordPress, Shopify, and Wix. It allows users to build a variety of tests like the A/B, URL split testing, multivariate testing, ad, funnel, and more kinds of tests. Google offers more products and is a good choice for building and running simple tests because it is also linked to Google analytics. It is a flexible and versatile tool and can be used for a variety of businesses regardless of the budget and the scale.


To install Google optimize properly on your Shopify app account, you need to incorporate a few external tools for proper integration for the product changes you want to test. The installation process for Google Optimize is not that complicated but when compared to Neat A/B testing, it can be seen as complicated.

Ease of Operation

The app visual editor of this tool is the main playground for building experiments on Shopify websites for Shopify A/B testing. You can easily use this tool and be able to customize edits like building recommendation engines, JavaScript changes, and others. However, if you do not need any extra features, it can be irritating but if you do need advanced experimentation, this tool will work great because it comes with other options.


The A/B testing tool which can be used for any platform including Shopify, allows one to play with UX experiments, edit a product image, and also tweak with design. It has Javascript code editors and HTML that allow the website to have other advanced experiments. It offers good quality through the tool despite being a free ab testing app. Google Optimize generally has more running experiment options with more features.

Google Optimize is also available in about 37 different languages which makes it a perfect choice if you are looking to collaborate with your CRO experiments with any of your associates from any country or region.

Testing Limitations

Google Optimize experimentation and optimization possibilities are wide and can be used to build and also run all kinds of tests despite being free. You can be able to do complex a b testing of everything from split testing, a/b tests, full site redesign, and multivariate.

One of the things these a/b tests are praised for the conversion ability on the website’s graphical aspect. You can custom code anything you want with the help of JavaScript and HTML and this creates room for more optimization opportunities.


Google Optimize is a free tool that you run up to 5 tests at a go and allows all kinds of experiments to be run and built. It also has a pro paid version that is called Optimize 360 which goes for approximately $150000 per year. For any starters, it is recommendable that you use the free version for your Shopify a b testing unlike if you are a Shopify expert.

How the Shopify ab testing app works

Google Optimize has two main elements:

The Editor– This lets you create altered variants of your pages to be able to test different HTML content alternatives against each other. This editor is flexible and works with different types of devices including the mobile phone.

A Reporting Suite– This element is responsible for using data generated from your Google Analytics account which you should have linked to be able to give better insight into the experiments you had set up using the Editor.

Both these elements are used together to set up and analyze the experiments that best work on your website and the customer service is great.

How to get started

To install Google Optimize script to your theme, you should go to the point of Online Store>Themes>Actions>Edit code.

3. Convert AB Testing Tool

This Shopify ab testing app is a mid-range level solution to website personalization and a compliant A/B testing tool. You can be able to do a b testing without any fear of breaking rules because Convert does not store any personal data and it is affordable.

This ab test does not restrict you on the number of tests you can run at any time and you can be able to run an uncapped number of tests on any paid project.

With this ab test, it can launch personalization campaigns that match the specific audiences with advanced geo-targeting features.


Convert is easy to install, you should just set it up, use and finally integrate it with both of your Shopify a b stores.


This Convert sales conversion optimization tool has business-oriented plans that start at the price of $699 per month if you make payments annually. The charges are determined by both the features and the traffic and this makes it difficult to estimate the price for each feature separately.

It has an Essential Plan and a Pro plan and the main difference is that the Pro Plan has DMP profiling which is an automatic audience profiling system that assists the Shopify app user to section the visitors to the online store.

Testing Limitations

This Shopify a b testing tool has only one real limitation and it is you cant be able to use custom code in any of your experiments.


The pages are loaded on the client-side and it uses split test and also multivariate testing. The editor used with this product is the WYSIWYG editor. Another benefit of the Convert a b test is that their content is run their testing tool on a fast Content Delivery Network(CDN)and it plays a big role considering how a testing tool’s speed can greatly affect a test’s results.

How to use Convert a b test

The first step to split test is to log in to your Convert account and enter the information to be used on the Project Page. Projects page>New Experience> A/B>Name>Enter the URL>Continue. The second step is adding changes of any multiple parameters and change the name under variation 1 to mark it for later and press continue. The third step is to adjust any fields of your store that you want to test and press Activate Experience and your a b test is now running.

Benefits of using a b Testing Tool apps

1. Improved content

The creating process, the considering and evaluating the lists usually reduce ineffectiveness in the language and makes the final version the best for end-users.

2. Improved User engagement

The elements that are A B tested are the subject line, headline, imagery, forms, language, layout, fonts, call to action(CTA), and colors among others. You should test one change at a time for you to know which one affects the user’s behavior and which one did not. After knowing which one affects in a positive way, it will enhance the user experience and as a result, optimizing the site for success.

3. Increased conversion rates

A B testing helps to determine the ideal content for conversion visits that turn into sales and sign-up. When you test, you get to know what works and what doesn’t and as a result converting into more leads.

4. Reduced bounce rates

The more time visitors usually spend on on your site, the more they learn of the value of your content and as a result, leads to conversion.

5. High conversion values

The better the web engagement, the higher the possibility of conversion. What you learn from a b test such as the theme scientist, can be applied to a variety of experiences boosting conversions.

6. Easy analysis

A b test can be easily analyzed and knowing who the winner is very straightforward and this makes the website easily reach its goals.

7. Fast results

Any a b test small or big usually provides important and relevant results and the changes are engaging to the users. The quick results allow short-order optimization of new apps, low conversion pages, and new sites.

How long should you test?

When using the daily swap method, you should run a test for a minimum of 2 weeks despite the traffic volume. This gives each variation a full day of the week.

Besides, take extra caution when using any marketing strategy during your marketing promotions. For example, when you are using the daily swap method and you send out discount offers for products on email, feel free to split the email between two different days so that the discount traffic that is brought on the first day does not skew 1 variation.

How to AB Test Shopify sections and sites manually

Start by duplicating your live theme and label your new theme as variant B. Make the changes you wish on theme B and then swap the themes at regular intervals by publishing the next theme in your Shopify a b testing eCommerce store.

You can also use speed Boostr, which is a collective of Shopify developers that focuses on automation and optimization of websites in the world, but if you want also to increase your Shopify sales, consider utilizing one of the Shopify pre order apps.