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Top Freight Forwarders – From Air to Ocean Freight – FBA to Enterprise

Freight forwarding is one popular way of moving goods or items in bulk from one place to another and, in this modern time and age, it also works as a good DHL global forwarding. It makes it possible for businesses to supply their customers in a fast and reliable way wherever they may be without the company having to equip themselves with the needed vehicles or suffer the worry of transporting the items. The Top freight forwarders work under Armstrong associates inc. The main work of freight forwarding companies is to plan and move the items to the destinations provided by the client company.

The freight forwarders of today have evolved to accommodate the varied needs of their clients and have expanded to cover not just land transportation of goods and items but also ocean and air freight forwarding. That's why they are known to be the best global freight forwarding volumes. Still, among the different freight forwarding companies that exist today, a few have withstood the test of time and continue to be on the top list of freight forwarders around the world. This article is a shortlist of the top 10 freight forwarders operating today, along with the pros and cons of getting them as your main partner in transporting your goods and products.

ForwarderOne - Perfect for FBA Sellers

ForwarderOne is a top freight forwarding company that understands daily business transactions. It features a good logistics gross revenue among the other global freight forwarders. It has a full knowledge of real problems and difficulties of the job. Hence this platform was created. Here you will browse all freight forwarders which you can trust and give you the best shipping rate.

Moving freight across all borders with different shipping modes, below are some of the best freight forwarders the company has partnered with:

  • FBA Ocean Regular Line + Truck Ground Delivery
  • FBA Matson Ocean Express Line / UPS or FedEx Ground Delivery
  • Shopify Partners
  • Amazon Logistics
  • Evergreen
  • OOCL


  • It partners with only the best in the business, so that means you will get the best service possible
  • It is global in scope and allows for the transport of products and goods in the most varied ways
  • Getting a quote is fast and easy
  • Shipping status can be easily viewed using the most advanced features
  • Customer service is proactive and assures that the products being shipped, despite the air metric tons, is maintained in the best possible condition until it reaches the designated buyer
  • This global freight forwarding has been digitized, and information are integrated into the most reliable system


  • Currently affected by the pandemic

DHL Supply Chain and Global Freight Forwarders

Top DHL Supply Chain & Global Forwarding has its main headquarters at Bonn, Germany, and has for its parent company, Deutsche Post, and several subsidiaries. It has a wide range of logistics and supply chain services that has always been considered of the highest quality. Known worldwide for its distinctive company sign, it has been part of the business world’s highly competitive freight forwarding sector.


  • Trustworthy Staff and Assets
  • Up-to-date Equipment
  • Fast, Secure and C-TPAT Transport Procedures
  • Consolidated Partnerships
  • Presence in 150+ countries provides protection from individual economic downturns.
  • Customized customer’s logistic services solutions are made available by the company to its clients
  • One of the best airfreight forwarders that have good logistics and supply chain services


  • Currently transitioning to new Transportation Management system with predictable growing pains.

DB Schenker

Top DB Schenker is a top freight forwarding company headquartered in Essen, Germany, and is part of the Deutsche Bahn group of companies. It has air, land, sea freight, and contract logistics. It prides itself in providing shipping solutions that are customized according to a client’s specific needs. This also works as a good ocean freight forwarder. Aside from ocean freight forwarding, it also offers air freight forwarding services.


  • E-services of the company have been incorporated into one portal, providing easy tracking.
  • Provides warehousing for a short period
  • Provides green mobility services that are geared towards the delivery logistics of lithium batteries
  • Provide innovative solutions to supply chain problems


  • Work culture is not ideal.
  • Has faced problems with delays in shipments

Kuehne + Nagel International AG

One of the top 25 best logistics companies you would ever found is the Kuehne + Nagel International AG (Kühne + Nagel) is found in Schindellegi, Switzerland but was first founded in Germany. Like most of the top freight forwarding companies, Kühne + Nagel also provide air, sea and overland freight transportation around the world.


  • Provides instant quote options to its clients
  • It provides the best inventory management and packaging
  • Stands on its reliability
  • Provides webinars on the logistics industry which are helpful to small or new logistics companies
  • Provides e-commerce logistics
  • The staff provides you with further information about it
  • Its lead the world to be the best freight forwarder that offers a good turnover of supply chain management.
  • You can search their site easily.


  • Found only in 109 countries, including the US, New Zealand, the Netherlands, and China.

Nippon Express

The search for the top freight forwarding company is over with Nippon Express has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and is found in over 48 countries and regions.


  • Service is of high quality and uses the most advanced logistics technology available
  • Provides customers with solutions that are customized
  • Geared towards companies that are just starting
  • Its rate depends on different factors to create top growth comparisons
  • Varied logistics services are available in different sectors of business


  • Limited area of coverage


According to air cargo news, Sinotrans is a top logistics company that is considered as one of the biggest in China. It is listed on the Hongkong Stock Exchange and is geared towards bringing world-class services to parts of China and Hong Kong in terms of providing logistics solutions.


l It offers good logistics management and has social media pages on Twitter Facebook

l According to the experts, this freight forwarding company is considered to be a good forwarder in the ocean.

l Provides world-class services using intelligent logistics services

l It provides social welfare programs geared towards poverty alleviation.

l The company reported good worldwide logistics among the other trucking companies.


l Relatively young

l Financial problems that had been previously faced by the company

UPS Supply Chain Solutions

Top UPS Supply Chain Solution is a company providing an extensive range of logistics solutions to its customers. With its long history as a logistics company, UPS is a well - known brand around the US.


l Advance logistics solutions are made available to their clients.

l Customized customer care and individualized logistics solutions are created for each client.

l Use of simplified logistics services solutions that are geared towards the needs of its customers


l Concerns that its operations are still operating in the past

CEVA Logistics

CEVA Logistics is one of the top 25 freight forwarders who have consistently shown that they are capable of providing their clients/ customers the best and most worry-free services available. Aside from these considerations, they also provide the most competitive prices possible to ensure that every money spent by their customers will be invested in services that assure that their products, having traveled halfway around the world, remains in perfect condition and will be able to create the most profit for the client company.


l Provides logistics that is geared towards the personal needs of the customer

l Provides flexibility in dealing with the individual customer needs and the challenges required in fulfilling the demands

l Is able to maintain a high percentage of renewal from previous customers


l A company affected by logistics problems that badly affected its earnings

DSV Palapina A/S

DSV Palapina A/S is a top logistics service and transport company that has its headquarters at Hedehusene, Denmark. It operates in 3 business areas that allow it to maximize its equipment and operations.


l Allows its customers to manage their transport services through their self-service options personally

l Uses an improved drone system in managing their warehouses


l Adversely affected by the pandemic.

Kerry Logistics

It is a company that prides itself in providing Asian based top global solutions to us. It is listed on the main board of the Hongkong Stock Exchange, and it is under two master brands: Kerry Logistics and Kerry Express.


l Can be found in 58 countries

l Provides supply chain solution with a definite Asian twist


l Affected by the pandemic


How much is the cost of freight forwarders?

The price depends on the company you are working with.

Do they offer discounts?

During the holiday season, most forwarding companies offer fair discounts to their regular customers.

Is it worth it to avail of forwarding services?

Of course. We didn't see any reason not to hire a forwarding company.


  • Get the freight forwarder that offers good transportation, whether it is settled in China, the USA, or Japan.
  • Ensure to opt for the top 25 Ocean freight forwarders that can be found in the United States
  • Hellmann worldwide logistics, Kintetsu world express k n in Hong Kong, Yusen Logistics trade war, Hitachi transport system, and C H Robinson in North America are some of the best transportation sectors.
  • DSV Panalpina and Yusen logistics NYK are a company that offers good logistics management
  • Consider the exchange rate of the company.
  • If you are in the USA, you can find a a lot of ocean group freight forwarders.

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