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Surfshark VPN Review 2023

When it comes to looking for the best Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Surfshark ranks as one of the best yet reliable service providers available in the market. This goes hand in hand with them being reasonable in pricing offering clients with amazing discounts. 

Surfshark claims to be the most versatile, being able to offer safety when, using public Wi-Fi, torrenting, anonymous browsing and easily bypassing geoblocks giving you access to streaming sites.

We were able to delve deep in the VPN’s features including: security protocols, torrenting ability, device compatibility, number of connections and client support. Other factors we also noted were, the price and plans available to their customers as well as the features they give to their clients. 

Through this review, we hope we will provide you with the necessary information that might help you as you begin your VPN search. Have a look, 

Running low on time? Here is a summary of our Surfshark review:

  • How fast is Surf Shark? Is it as fast? Surf Shark is fast, though some servers might be a little slow. Offers consistent and dependable speeds.
  • Can it bypass geoblocks so I can watch my best shows? For sure, you can be able to watch your best Netflix shows through using Surf Shark. Be sure to have a look at more below.
  • Is it a safe option? Yes, it is, with its capable safety features and capabilities, this is definitely a trustworthy VPN.
  • Added info you might need to know:
    • How are the plans? Is there a money Back guarantee?
    • Is Surfshark user friendly?
    • Does Surfshark offer customer support? Is it reliable?

What you should know…

Surf Shark as a VPN claims to offer its clients with maximum versatility, being able to secure its user when surfing the dark web, torrenting and streaming.  But is it true? Is Surfshark as reliable as they claim to be? How does it handle geo-restrictions? How is its speed? Does it perform well in offering security and its services? 

Not wavered by reviews, we took it upon ourselves to look into the VPNs claims by looking beyond its reasonable plans and pricings to offer you with the right information. What good is a product without testing? Here in our review, we highlight Surfshark’s server coverage, speed, usability (user interface), Security and Customer support reliability around the clock. 

Surf Shark Security

Since this is a VPN, security is definitely on top of our list.  With Surf Shark you are more than guaranteed to have a secure trustworthy VPN. 

Security features include: 


This is whereby your information or data is converted to another form or code, making it impossible for people without necessary requirements to access the information. 

With Surf Shark you get 256-Bit encryption, guarding your traffic with the highest level of security available. Outside parties e.g., your ISP is unable to see your activity as you go about navigating in the web.

DNS IPv6 Leak Protection

DNS leak protection is what helps prevent security inconsistencies, flaws in your browsing, through routing DNS requests via your ISP not your VPN.  While browsing you might come across websites that might request for your real IP address, making it possible to trace your location. It is through IPv6 protection that you can prevent that from happening, in case you find yourself in such a website.

Surfshark does not leak DNS requests or IPv6 addresses, being able to successfully reroute requests to other locations away from your actual one. The masking IP employed by Surfshark makes it certain that Surf Shark is a trusted and efficient VPN. 

Auto Kill Switch 

Amongst the premium features Surfshark has to offer, this stands out clearly. In the case that a breach might occur, the kill switch intervenes and temporarily disconnects your internet. This prevents any breach that might cause IP or data leaks, while waiting for the VPN connection to be restored. It then helps you reconnect automatically.

Multi-Hop Mode

Commonly known as Double VPN, Multi-Hop is the name Surfshark has given to this feature. This is whereby Surfshark routes traffic through two servers instead of one. This gives an additional level of encryption. This feature is very beneficial especially for people in countries with major restrictions or professions that might need more security e.g., journalism.

Hack Lock

This feature offers you with the assistance in monitoring your email and passwords for any inconsistencies or breaches. In the case that happens you will receive a direct message informing you of the risk.

Blind Search

This search engine offered by Surfshark provides the user with a private and ad-free searching and browsing experience without recording user history.

 Camouflage mode

Through Surf Shark, in countries that may not allow use of a VPN, makes your traffic appear camouflaged i.e., your encrypted data seems as normal user data under Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) enabling you to use your VPN. Offered on Windows, Android and iOS.

No Borders Mode

For heavily censored regions, it might be difficult to access the internet or specific online services. Not with Surf Shark! You have the ability to go online wherever you may be.

How Fast is Surf Shark VPN? 

For a VPN service to be the best, they definitely have to offer the user with fast dependable speeds. A VPN inevitably slows down your normal internet connections. That being said, VPNs definitely impact the speeds of your internet, because they add extra processes in your navigation. This may cause internet speeds to dwindle.

For Surf Shark depending on the server you are connected to, and the proximity of your location to that particular server, you might receive a major fluctuation in your internet speeds.

Though there might be a drop of mbps in your connection while using Surf Shark, you still have reliable upload, download speeds with an assurance of no speed connections and failures while online.

Surf Shark and torrenting 

It is definitely one of the best, reliable options available in the market. An addition to the 256-bit encryption, DNS leak protection, IPv6 leak protection and other security features, is the no-logging policy where the company does not take in any logs or information from its customers and online data.

With Surf Shark you gain access to P2P servers, and it has compatibility to torrenting resources like BitTorrent and uTorrent in addition to VLC and Popcorn Time.

Most people will suggest that for those in need of a good torrenting VPN, Nord VPN is also an amazing pick, simply because of the number of P2P optimized servers they provide. You are guaranteed fast speeds and stronger encryption, providing you with maximum online privacy.

Will I be able to watch Netflix with Surf Shark?

With Surf Shark you will be able to unblock Netflix as well as multiple streaming sites and apps. It offers great speeds where streaming is concerned, being able to unblock Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer and HBO GO as well.

Does Surfshark keep logs? 

Far from 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance, Surf Shark is located in British Virgin Islands away from those jurisdictions. Their provided privacy policy confirms that they do not keep any records of usage or connection data.

The only information they store is, billing information, Password (which is encrypted) and your account email address (solely for customer service needs).

In the case where you feel uncomfortable, you are still able to pay anonymously through cryptocurrency services like Bitcoin. Though, Surfshark may collect advertising identifiers from third parties, to improve their marketing and promotional activities. You can choose to change or forfeit this function all together, in your settings at any given time. 

With Surf Shark you are sure to receive transparency and complete privacy when it comes to your browsing information, security and offered logging policy.

Be sure that they will not collect your Surfing/browsing History, Current Session information, Bandwidth, Net Traffic, Time-stamps and your IP address. 

Plans, Prices and Discounts

Surfshark offers the user with 3 reasonable plans namely, one-month, 6-month and 24 – month plan. The only difference being the time factor not the service aspect of things.

They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, with multiple discounts as well. The 24 -month plan comes with a fair price USD2.21 per month with 3 free months included. 

Also, they offer the customer with multiple billing options i.e., credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay and Crypto currency options.

User-interface and Compatibility

Surfshark presents the user with a simplistic, minimalist user-interface making it easy for them to use. The app is beautiful to look at and it is easy to navigate. Changing settings and accessing different functions is simple and straightforward.

As for compatibility, it is compatible with the following:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux
  • Browsers: Chrome and Firefox
  • Smart TV Apps: Fire TV, Apple TV

Another major positive that comes with Surf Shark Subscription is that it allows an unlimited number of simultaneous connections. You are able to use it, on all your devices provided that they are compatible. That ranges from mobile phones, computers, tablets routers and other devices, under just a single subscription. That is more than a bargain, considering the quality of service you receive.

Customer Service

When it comes to the service industry nothing stands out as much as Client Customer relations. Surfshark offers the customer with 24/7 live chat support available for anywhere around the globe. They are able to quickly and kindly assist, sharing much needed information and giving solutions to help you out.

Every inquiry is carried as one having a premium membership or subscription. Their customer support is definitely an added plus when it comes to their subscriptions.


Based on our research and Review, you can see that Surf Shark is more than just an ordinary VPN for you. Offering reliable prices and plans, at the same time giving you quality security services and features together with great customer care, Surf Shark VPN is definitely worth the money.

As a VPN it is reliable, fast and efficient, trustworthy but most importantly fully secure. 

Be sure to have a look at some of the Frequently Asked Questions below.  


Which is Better NordVPN or Surf Shark? 

Both NordVPN and Surf Shark are great VPNs. It all comes down to fewer differences and features. With both you are able to receive a no logging policy as well as an array of security features and capabilities (out of 5/9/14 Eyes jurisdictions). Surf Shark offers you a better price point as well as an unlimited number of devices you can connect to simultaneously. NordVPN on the other hand offers its subscription to cover up to 6 devices. When it comes down to servers and torrenting, Nord emerges the winner by a slight margin, having many servers in different locations as well as a majority of P2P optimized servers. For other factors both do incredibly well and will fulfill your online privacy needs. 

Who owns Surf Shark VPN? 

Surfshark VPN is owned by Surfshark Ltd. Located in the British Virgin Islands. Created in 2018, Surf Shark is one of the few new VPNs available in the market, offering employment in eight countries with 1700 servers covering over 63 countries. 

Is Surfshark good for Netflix? 

Surf Shark when it comes to bypassing geoblocks and accessing streaming services like Netflix is definitely possible and easier. You are able to log into different show catalogues around the world and enjoy the show you are really looking forward to watching. Surfshark also supports

Is Surf Shark better than ExpressVPN? 

When it comes to Surf Shark VPN Vs ExpressVPN, one thing stands out first, plans and pricings. Surf Shark offers its users with reasonable price points as well as a multiple of features like those seen above when comparing to NordVPN. Express VPN possesses faster speeds, and is consistent throughout all its servers while Surf Shark might be a little slow based on the location of your choice of server. Both VPNs are fast overall and are very reliable especially where streaming is concerned. For an all-round VPN, ExpressVPN is your pick but in case you are on a budget and still want to enjoy VPNs benefit don’t turn away from Surf Shark.

Is Surfshark HackLock worth it? 

Yes, it definitely is. Having the information concerning breaches as well as being able to stop them in the case there is an attempt is more than a worthwhile resource. VPNs main priority is to keep you safe and secure while browsing the Web. 

What is the fastest VPN in the world? 

Many reviews claim that NordVPN or ExpressVPN are the fastest VPNs available. That being said Surfshark itself isn’t slow. It is very efficient and is especially good where streaming from sites and apps is concerned. 

Does Surfshark hide your IP address? 

Surf Shark through its IPv6 protection as well as DNS protection helps keep your IP address incognito. One cannot be able to track your location as well as your browsing data or history with these reliable security features and other additional ones. 

Is Surfshark a reliable VPN? 

It sure is rated amongst the top though fairly new in the modern market, Surfshark gives its customers the best VPN experience money can offer. With unlimited simultaneous connections to devices, to multiple security features, reliable servers and quality customer support, it definitely is more than trustworthy and reliable. 

Does Surfshark slow down the internet? 

It is important you note that all VPNs affect the speeds of your internet because of additional processes they introduce e.g., connecting to different servers. Surf Shark is one of the few VPNs that holds a consistency when it comes to maintaining your internet speeds. They offer a majority of reliable servers that enable you to have an efficient internet connection while the VPN performs its required tasks.