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Wise (Transferwise) Review & Test – An Agency Owners Opinion

When you’re looking for an agency to handle your money transfers for situations where you need to send funds abroad, what is needed is a reliable service provider who you can absolutely trust. Beyond this, you’re also searching for affordable and reasonable fees and exchange rates. Right?

A Review of Wise (formerly TransferWise): Why We Endorse This Reputable, Well-Established Service Provider

If you’re like most of us, that’s the case. And if this is the case, Wise, formerly TransferWise is an optimal choice. The fees & exchange rates are better than reasonable, the service is totally easy to use, and everything is extremely professional and secure. Compared to other options, the service, coverage, transparency, and customer support is excellent. We noted that their customer support is exceedingly helpful, and in general there is nothing that could detract from your experience as a customer.

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What is Wise (TransferWise)?

This company finds new, efficient, cost-effective ways for you to perform international money transfers. Not only do they provide this service, but they find every conceivable way to save you money.Every year, billions of dollars are transferred using TransferWise, and for good reason! TransferWise is a fully licensed and authorized service provider that manages to stay at the top of the game, and for good reason!If you have been keeping your eyes open, you have probably noticed TransferWise being mentioned on a plethora of media outlets. This is an established, reputable company that very rarely experiences any downtime or data breaches– everything is safe, secure, and worthy of trust.The range is expansive and impressively international. TransferWise allows you to send money to 71 different countries and allows transfers from 43 countries. Comparatively, this is excellent. There are over 1000 different routes and 49 available currencies to transfer. Also impressive is the efficiency of the transfer, as the process almost never takes more than 1-2 business days.

Fees and Cost – Same Exchange Rate as Google

The transfer fees are laid out for you. Nothing is hidden, and it only takes a cursory search to realize that TransferWise is doing it for as cheap or even charging less than inferior providers on the market. The exchange rate lands decidedly on the right side of the mid-market, and, as a rule, TransferWise will never allow for markup n the exchange rate, unlike many major banks. If “mid-market” does not sound too impressive, observe the practices of other institutions, who instead refuse to offer this level of value.

Their ability and commitment to always provide this mid-market rate is convenient, honorable, and rare.In terms of how to pay, the options are flexible. Usually, the primary option available when dealing in the majority of currencies is simply from the sender’s bank account to the receiver’s. However, a range of currencies also provide the option of using credit or debit cards, Apple Pay, Android Pay, the TransferWise or Android app, and sometimes other options depending on the currency.Again, the fact that the transfer fees are clearly laid out with nothing hidden is an excellent feature in itself. That the fees are also low is obviously a benefit as well.If you are curious about cost, you can obtain a quote without going through the registration process. All of the fees and information regarding exchange rates will be made available.

User Experience

There is nothing to complain about regarding the user experience. Take a look at the customer reviews online to see all sorts of people raving about TransferWise. Not to mention, should you require customer service, their trained team of professionals is fully willing to go above and beyond to sort out any complications that happen to arise– not that such a thing is very common!The homepage itself is incredibly simple and uncomplicated. Every step of the process is efficient and easy to comprehend. Opening an account is a smooth process, as is the entire process of performing a transfer– whether you are sending or receiving on a mobile device or a desktop computer. No element of signing up and getting started raises any sort of confusion or complication, and once you get started, it is all smooth sailing!The user experience has led to an abundance of grateful, happy customers, many of whom continue to use TransferWise as their primary option.In terms of safety, there are no criteria by which TransferWise fails. Being fully licensed and authorized, TransferWise is held to the highest of standards and secured with the most trustworthy measures on the market.On top of all of this, the live chat is a great tool to receive help, but the email and phone support workers are equally able to assist, should you prefer either of these methods– don’t be afraid to make a call; sometimes you just want to talk to a human. Furthermore, make sure to take a look at the FAQ page or the help center though, just to save some potential time and effort. These help pages are well constructed and informative.

My Conclusion on Transferwise

No matter where you are in the world, there is a great chance that TransferWise is an excellent option for you, considering you can send and receive money to and from such a vast array of nations around the globe. Not only is TransferWise able to deal in many currencies, but the service can also be used in a lot of different languages to suit the international reach of the company.The only way in which TransferWise could consider looking to improve is to extend alternative payment methods in more countries around the world. As of now, bank transfers are the only option in several countries, while in others you are allowed to transfer funds using cards, apps, or other means. TransferWise also does not offer the option of picking up cash from their locations, which a small number of people prefer.TransferWise works very well, all things considered. You can trust TransferWise; using the service provider is efficient, quick, intuitive, and affordable. There is really nothing about the decision to switch to TransferWise that could go wrong.If you are still curious, consider reaching out to the company’s excellent, friendly, and practical customer service team.


Is it safe to use TransferWise?

It sure is a trustworthy and credible money transfer option. Regulated by the Financial Conduct, serving a population of more than 7 million people, you can be sure to receive quality dependable services from TransferWise. From the amazing mid-market rate, low transparent transfer fees and great user experience, you should expect great reviews when looking deeper into this company.

Is TransferWise better than PayPal? 

TransferWise offers the customers seeking cross-border transactions, with cheaper international transfers in foreign currencies. They have lower conversion fees when compared to PayPal as well as a majority of banks. Both the companies offer similar features, though if you desire to save more on foreign transfers, have a multi-currency account and avoid exchange rates abroad, be sure to pick TransferWise.

Is TransferWise a good bank?

Though TransferWise offers electronic money accounts, it is still different from a bank account. As a customer you are not able to get an overdraft/loan and you cannot earn interest on your account. You can receive payments like a real bank account as well as receive a TransferWise debit card that you can use the same as a normal bank. Also, you should also note that although your money is taken care of, TransferWise is not guaranteed by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) that you might receive with a bank account

Will my bank Charge me for using TransferWise? 

This is the major difference when it comes to using TransferWise. You won’t be charged any additional international transfer fees by your bank.

What happens if TransferWise goes bust?

TransferWise does not offer money protection using financial protection schemes like Financial Service Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). They make sure not to lend your money or make high-risk investments with it. They safeguard your money, meaning that by law, they are required to keep all money in accounts that are entirely separate from those used to run the business. So, in the case anything happens to the company, your money is safe.

Is TransferWise safe for large amounts?

Yes, TransferWise offers a money transfer upper limit of $1 million per transfer, sending from a different country to the US. The limits for sending money out of the US vary, depending on your payment methods or where you reside i.e., country. You may also be requested to give additional information, based on the amount you are desiring to transfer for security and financial regulations.

Who owns TransferWise?

Based in Europe, this online money transfer service was founded by Kristo Käärmann and Taavet Hinrikus, January 2011. The two Estonians are CEO and Executive Chairman respectively. In 2019 they went ahead and sold less than a fifth of their holdings, offering stakes to Vitruvian Partners, Lone Pine and Lead Edge. Valued at $3.5 billion, TransferWise serves over 7 million people, processing £4 billion in transactions each month.

Do I need a bank account for TransferWise?

Yes, be it to send to your own personal account or your recipient’s account, there is a need for a bank account. Though, your recipient does not need to have a TransferWise account, all they need is their bank account.