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Best Blogger Outreach Tools

If you are looking at growing your traffic and increasing sales, you should consider incorporating a sustainable blogger strategy. It involves setting realistic goals, finding the right bloggers, collaborate with them and measure results. But even with this understanding, you may feel stuck in finding relevant blog outreach tools.

Some questions that may linger include how to start, what to start with, either guest blogging or link building or how to devise the right outreach campaign.

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In this post, we will consider various tools that you need to kickstart your blogger outreach, in the hope that we clear all the doubts.

List of Top Blogger Outreach Tools of 2022


BuzzSumo is an amazing tool that will help see how your content is performing on social media and search engines. Besides that, it can be used to generate blog post titles and as a blog outreach tool. That is, you can use it to know top content performers in a certain industry.

With the information of brands topping the industry, you can reach out, introduce yourself and pitch for guest blogging or link building. As you pitch, keep the brand and reciprocity in mind.

The top features in BuzzSumo tool include:

  • Find top content based on the number of social shares
  • Filter by location if you want location specific content
  • You can also filter by type such as brands and influencers

BuzzSumo is easy to use and it will take you a short while to know the influencers in your industry or niche.


As the name suggests, it’s a tracking tool. It will help you build strong relationships, reach your niche influencers and measure their impact on your business.

Traackr is borne from the understanding that blogger outreach is a time-intensive engagement, and you want to maximize every content. Something else, since success is not guaranteed, you want to focus on relationships that are likely to impact your business positively.

With the knowledge and metrics of the impact of social media influencers on your website, you can organize your outreach strategies in a better way. You’ll also know what is working and what is not. It is a great tool when you don’t know where to start with social media influencers.

Other features that Traackr offers you are:

  • Option of importing existing contacts
  • Tools to track conversions
  • Filtering options on location, and type

If you are committed to finding influencers in your niche and craft a relevant and focused outreach, then consider getting Traackr.


Tomoson has simplified things for you. Unlike other traditional outreach tools that help you reach and communicate with your influencers only, this one offers something more.

It is build around top influencers in virtually all industries. When you land to their website, just click, find influencers and on the search bar, enter your industry/niche such as fitness. This search will give you various opportunities and brands.

You can click on each influencer to find information such as

  • Total reach
  • website visitors
  • social media audience
  • completion percentage

The greatest benefit of this tool is its ability to provide all relevant information about the influencer to allow you decide whether they will impact your business positively or not.

It won’t cost you anything to search the influencers, making it incredible if you are just starting and don’t have a huge budget on outreach.


If you ask a popular SEO agency, they’ll tell you Ahrefs is a great tool to generate keywords and to help you know about your competitors. But you can use the tool in guest posting in several ways.

First, you will know the brands that have mentioned your competitor and you can reach out to them for link placements. For example, if you have written a high quality and authoritative blog, you may ask your competitor’s mentions to consider linking to it. While this may sound tough, if you have quality links on your site and high domain authority, it should not be an uphill task.

Secondly, you can use Ahref’s content explorer for link building. Through this feature, you can know sites to pitch for content marketing. For example, you’ll find a blog with a broken link. You should then create relevant and similar content to the broken link. After that, you can reach the referring domain and ask them to backlink your site instead of the post with a broken link. This manual outreach strategy saves time and allows you to get high-quality links without much hassle.

That’s not all, you can explore more features on Ahrefs for link building and content blogger outreach.


Besides the interesting name, Pitchbox is among the best blogger outreach tool providers, geared towards saving your time by avoiding the unnecessary details of your influencers.

It has many features to help in optimal search engine blogger outreach and may take you a while to master the tool. However, when you’ve known the ins and outs, you can be sure to meet your blogger outreach needs to authority sites.

Some key features include:

  1. Prospecting – You’ll find specific opportunities in your niche for targeted prospecting such as website URL, contact information, social media profiles, audience, among others.
  2. Integrated email clients – This tool is meant to provide organized outreach emails through Pitchbox. You’ll be able to manage all blogger outreach emails from one place.
  3. Scalable Outreach – The goal of scalable outreach is to increase the response rate. And here you’ll find customizable templates for your targeted influencers.
  4. Relationship Manager – For each relationship, you will get the most important information such as social media activity, and contact history.
  5. Automated Follow-up – Most prospects will take a while to convert. But with automations, you can keep in touch with potential brands.
  6. Performance Reports – This tool helps you to measure results and know what’s working and what’s not. You’ll also know how and where you can improve.


If you want a blogger outreach tool that is efficient, personalized and will help you research influencers and manage relationships, then BuzzStream will do. It has features like other outreach tools, but with something more.

When you sign up as a new user, you will create an account with them. As you type the names of your influencers on the search bar, you can add new bloggers, link building profiles, and social media profiles to your account, by a click. And its this feature that has attracted countless clients to BuzzStream.

And to make things even better, BuzzStream will help you save time in ways that you can’t imagine. Imagine not having to spend hours on end on blogger outreach! Amazing, right?

Well, you don’t have to imagine. Once you upload custom URLs, this tool will crawl the websites, note and record the contact details, organic traffic stats, social media metrics and reach. This will make your guest posting easy, and you save much time.

This is an amazing tool designed specifically for content marketers. With respect to blogger outreach tool there are two features that you can utilize – Notifier and Connector.

The Connector feature allows you to schedule and send personalized outreach emails using your Gmail account. You’ll have access to tracking, scheduling and even templates.

The Notifier on the other hand, will find mentions of other brand on your posts, notify them for link building or to attract a guest blog. The mentions and notification opens doors to build relationships that can lead to high-quality link placements.

There are other features of the Content Marketer that you can utilize when you you take time to understand how the tool works.


This is the tool you need for smarter outreach that delivers remarkable campaigns. As among the best blogger outreach tool, it is tailored to sort you out regardless of your blogger outreach and guest posting stage. It will help you reach your influencers, get their contact information and social media engagement metrics.

Beyond these tools, Inkybee has this outstanding feature called Ongoing Blog Discovery feature. It is a smart software that crawls the internet to find relevant blogs in your niche and this adds extra influencer opportunities. It’s primary focus is outreach campaign.

If you feel worn out by the blog outreach campaign and you feel like giving up, you need to try out this tool. With the automated features, you will save time and the hassle of manually looking for blogger outreach.

And better still, the tool is easy to use and generates thousands of results in seconds. The blog results can help you in link building strategy and guest post options.

Something else, you can filter and refine the results for relevance. Filtering options include country, language, states and more.

Ninja Outreach

Ninja Outreach is incredible when it comes to blog outreach and link building. It will offer you the following features:

  • Automated Email Outreach. This automation is what you need when you are looking to save time and track results. With it, you can know the number of clicks, and replies.
  • Customizable Templates. This tool helps craft unique templates in custom fields. You’ll use these personalized emails to pitch for a guest post.
  • Track Email Stats – Email metrics are important as they help you evaluate your campaign. You’ll know what group is opening your emails more, the click-rate and reply-rate. With this data, you can know where to focus your resources and which strategies are not working.

That said, if you are looking to increase your response-rate, Ninja Outreach is a tool worth consideration.


Klear is a influencer marketing software that provides a simplified way of finding contacts in your niche, so that you can focus on crafting personalized messages and sending to your prospects.

It takes a three-stage process that involves:

  • Choosing your specific niche
  • Discover thousands of influencers in your niche
  • Manage the contacts to get link building and guest posting opportunities

With hundreds of influencers in your industry, you’ll realize that you have more opportunities than you can utilize. As such, you’ll need to filter for relevance and focus where your blogger outreach will bear the best results.

You need to have your goals clear and know which metrics matter to you. Combined with the influencers’ report, you can do the following:

  • Filter results based on important metrics for your business.
  • Categorize results based on the level of influence
  • Add your own data for better decision making process.

With that information, you can look at your sites by important metrics such as search engine rankings, social influence and link builder profile.

So if you are looking into small but relevant data, this tool is a must-have.


GroupHigh is a blogger outreach tool which uses a software, described by the company as faster than fast. The company promises that the tool will save you time, improve bog outreach and link building.

And true to their word, GroupHigh got you covered from prospecting phase, link placements and outreach tracking.

Bloggers prefer GroupHigh for a number of reasons but on top of the list is the over 15 million 360 degree profiles of professional bloggers on any topic. As you scan through these websites, you will find enough opportunities for guest blogs and link placements geared towards building authority of your site.

After combing your way through the database, you can narrow your options of the best sites for you blogger outreach strategy. You can then use GroupHigh Pitch feature to reach your influencers. If you want your outreach efforts to pay off, make sure your pitch is personalized and focused.

GroupHigh remains one of the best tools to manage and monitor your campaigns. You may use its features to know bloggers you’ve contacted. You can also know which influencers have posted and on what subjects.