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Best Link Building Services – Top Backlink Packages 2023

Whether you want to boost your company’s online presence or a content creator interested in making a name for yourself, acquiring the best link-building services makes all the difference. Link building is among the most important SEO tactics and the heavily weighted ranking factors on Google.

Google ranks websites that demonstrate authority, trust, and expertise. If other users are willing to link back to your site, Google recognizes it as an authority signal and rewards your web pages with high search rankings. Of course, we all want the best possible search engine rankings, and this is why it’s important to be careful when it’s time to invest in a company offering link-building services. Read on to understand more about the link-building service and the best link-building agencies.

I spent $10k on backlinks, here are the results…

What is Link Building?

Link building is a search optimization engine process that seeks out backlinks, also known as hyperlinks from third-party websites, back to your website. There are many ways to build links back to your website, and although they may vary in difficulty, it is one of the most challenging aspects of an SEO expert job.

Therefore, many businesses, including digital marketing agencies, hire professional link-building services from companies to help achieve this specific SEO task. However, it is better to outsource the link-building efforts and depend on link-building experts to develop a custom link-building strategy for you.

Having high-quality links to your website is among Google’s important ranking factors, and it’s a key trust signal for search engines that people enjoy your brand and content.

What is a Link Building Service?

A link-building service is a digital marketing service performed by an SEO agency or an SEO consultant to assist you in accelerating the number of backlinks to your website. White-hat link-building strategies may include guest blogging, broken link building, manual outreach campaigns to show people your amazing content.

While these sound great, the issue is genuine, and quality link-building services are not easy to come by. Many providers get low-quality links through spammy strategies that Google doesn’t like. The secret is to use link-building companies that improve your SEO performance and search rankings.

We have compiled a list of the best link-building services to help you ethically improve your SEO results.

1. Indexsy

Shameless Plug? Yes, but hear me out.

Indexsy is the best link-building service in the market today, where it focuses on niche edits and will help you secure links you deserve with your existing content.

Since the content exists and has been in existence for months or years, this ensures that you get a link from a page or a post that has aged well and become authoritative in its own right.

Indexsy link-building services operate in two steps:

  • Identify a relevant post for your site based on the metrics you have ordered
  • Reach out and try to secure the link placement within the post.

These links are the ultimate goal of all the links since they already exist on pages that have already garnered authority within Google’s index.


Indexsy offer different backlink building packages:

a). Starter Packages

This is the most popular package, and it has three packages also. They include:

  • Niche Edit Package Beginner (5 links)- $290
  • Niche Edit Package Advanced (10 links)- $575
  • Niche Edit Package Expert (50 links)- $2750

b). Authority Packs

This is the best backlink-building package for the high referring domains. It includes:

  • Niche Edits Authority Starter Pack (10 links)- $700
  • Niche Edits Authority Booster Pack (20 links)- $1350
  • Niche Edits Authority Domination Pack (50 links)- $3000

c). Traffic Packs

This is the ideal backlink building package if you want more traffic to achieve the highest impact.

  • Traffic Starter Pack (10 links)- $1200
  • Traffic Booster Pack (20 links)- $2300
  • Traffic Domination Pack (50 links)- $5500
  • Traffic Intermediate Pack (10 links)- $1500
  • Traffic Advanced Pack (20 links)- $2900
  • Traffic Expert Pack (10 links)- $7000

d). Build Your Own

  • Premium Single Link – $60
  • Premium Deluxe Link- $75
  • Platinum Single Link- $90

2. Page One Power

Page One Power is the best link-building agency if you want customized campaigns. It is a link-building agency that fulfills custom orders, and it’s aware that each site has unique needs for its link-building campaign. So, instead of offering a one-size-fits-all campaign, the company works with you to develop a link-building strategy for acquiring the best links for your business.

This approach works well because Page One Power crafts your content based on extensive research and information. As a result, it produces content that authoritative sites owners related to a client’s niche would want to link to.


When the Page One Power company reaches out, they perform a discovery call with you to understand your site’s current goals and standing. This shows the commitment and gives you a personalized quote for your specific link-building campaign. Once you secure your order, a project manager oversees a campaign’s success, and they will be available to discuss with you the progress and status of the campaign

3. Rhino Rank

Rhino Rank is among the industry’s best link-building services, offering different client services, including curated links and guest posts. As far as curated links go, they secure links and content which has been indexed for months or even years.

The company has a two-step process where they start by identifying a relevant post or page depending on your niche as your chosen matrics. The second step is reaching the website owner and securing a link placement in the content.


You can access Rhino Rank services as low as $95 as your initial investment. You will join hundreds of SEO agencies and clients who use Rhino Rank and connect with the collaborators and professionals the company has managed to assemble over the years. Rhino Rank delivers better results for a low price, and although it might not sound true, it is among the best for affordability.

4. HigherVisibility

HigherVisibility is an award-winning SEO agency that offers enterprise outreach services, and it’s perfect for press outreach and high-end links. Its philosophy centers around the thought that a link-building service should focus on establishing authority for its clients. It’s not enough to only have quality links on the highly trafficked sites, but the sites must be relevant to your business objectives and your industry.

Apart from HigherVisibility offering search visibility, the agency also offers transparency of its process by sending you monthly reports about your campaign progress. In addition, the company echoes the importance of building Google-compliant links to assist websites in achieving long-term and sustainable SERP rankings.


You have to schedule a consultation with the HigherVisibility team or fill out a form at the bottom of the site to learn about their link-building service pricing.

5. From The Future

This is among the best SEO agencies offering enterprise outreach services, and it’s suitable for high-end links and press outreach. In addition, the enterprise digital marketing agency provides several SEO services to help big brands in customer acquisition and speed up their growth.

Regarding SEO(search engine optimization), the company offers bespoke solutions depending on a client’s site needs to boost its search traffic. Part of the solution is link-building services. In addition, from the Future offers outreach campaigns that target high-end links and press syndication.

From the Future follows a four-step process:

Plan for the campaign by starting a detailed link analysis and an audit to identify the proper strategies to employ. This is followed by the link build team searching for prospects that meet Google standards from natural white hat backlinks. Once identified, the team determines the most appropriate value proposition to feature on the different pitches they have developed for your campaigns.

The link-building team will test the variant and link-type that yields the best results. For example, depending on the situation, guest posting and resource links may work better on some campaigns, whereas unlinked mentions and sponsorships may perform better on others. Lastly, you should receive a monthly report from the link-building company containing all the links acquired plus SEO metrics such as expected traffic, domain metrics, etc.


Generally, From the Future works with clients with a monthly budget of $7000 per month to allow them to enjoy the benefits of all the features. However, if you want link building exclusively, the company would suggest a lower budget.

6. Citation Building Service: WhiteSpark

Whitespark is a respected citation building service offering years of experience in the industry. The link-building company searches through hundreds of high-quality opportunities and submits applications to build consistent and powerful citations.

WhiteSpark services extend beyond Citation Building and offer a Google My Business Management Service to turn your Google listing into a high-converting, high-performing tool. In addition, they offer a Yext Replacement Service as a one-time payment alternative, and it can be a great option if you have local businesses.


Whitespark charges are $4 per generic citation or from the national business directories. On the other hand, citations of the local directories or those specific to your industry cost about $5 each.

You can send Whitespark a list of sites where you want your citation or allow the company to find the best places for your page from its database of business listing sites.

What Characteristics Make a Great Link-Building Company?

When hiring the services of a reputable link-building company, you can judge them by how they get you quality links. However, there is a wide gap between getting the juicy links and contacting a company. So what should you expect when working with any of the above link-building companies?

a). Discovery Session

Your business wants and needs are different from other businesses, which also applies to your link-building needs. Therefore, the strategies of acquiring links may have worked for one site but may not work for yours automatically.

The best link-building companies can generate links for different organizations, and they don’t directly jump to sending you proposals. Instead, the process starts with helping to customize a business strategy and allowing you to share your exact business needs during a discovery session.

b). Research & Strategic Recommendations

Once you book and discuss your business wants and needs with your choice of a link-building company, the link builders will combine what you tell them and their experience to conduct in-depth research. After this research, you will receive different strategic link-building recommendations best suited for your business. Most companies share this information via email or over a discovery call.

c). A Contract with Project Deliverables

Once all parties decide that the project fits, it’s time to get a contract in place. Again, the details such as deadlines, resources needed, deliverables, and budget should be outlined clearly and in detail.

d). Client Onboarding

The onboarding process is the next thing to expect from a top link-building service. It sets the stage for working with you to achieve your link acquisition and related business goals.

You should bring your house staff and share your website, blog, and analytics with the company based on your work scope. This onboarding process will also establish how the company manages your project.

What Should You Consider When Hiring a Link-Building Company?

a). Analysis

Check if the link-building companies you are looking at are performing a detailed competitor analysis to determine the number of links and the type of links other successful sites are building.

b). Pricing

Most SEO agencies offer various link-building packages at different prices. However, be keen and shop around because if the price is too good to be true compared to other link-building services, this could be a red flag that they might not be quality links.

c). Bespoke Link-Building Strategy

Ensure the link-building companies you are checking are proposing link-building tactics to build relevant links for your industry. In addition, they should have a roadmap where they structure a building links campaign.

d). Samples

Always ask for some link samples and some link-building case studies. It is the best way to evaluate your work quality and ensure they get links from high-quality websites.

e). Size of the Team

Often, the large link-building companies decrease the quality as the team of the size increases. The shift in mindset changes from focusing on building high-quality backlinks to concentrating on scaling their business.

What are Effective Link Building Services?

Before you hire any of the best link-building agencies above to acquire links for you, you should be aware of the kind of links you must build for your site. Below are some link types that will boost your site’s traffic and rankings that the best link building agency will do for you:

a). Guest Blogging

Pitch to the authoritative owners in your niche about the topic to write about. Unfortunately, you can’t find a link to your site in the content’s body or on the author’s byline.

b). Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is one of the things that could either go well or fail extremely because the method is quite similar to spam. It is contacting bloggers or journalists and showing them your content to try and get them to link back to your website.

The main difference between blogger outreach and spam is personalization, where a good blogger outreach campaign targets specific blogs and journalists. They write personalized emails pointing out why they should consider linking to your blog post.

Create content in the best way about a topic, then find sites linking to your competitors. Then, reach out to the sites and ask them to instead link to your content.

c). Resource Page Links

Like directories, resource websites compile a list of services that users may find helpful. Resource link building services consist of finding the resource pages and getting them to list your business. The perfect strategy would be to find a resource page that doesn’t link to a working site and request to link your website.

Find pages that list the best sites in your niche and request the site owner to add your site to the page. This method is only for useful sites and provides new insights about a particular topic.

d). Citation Link Building

If you offer a product or a service, you should consider adding your business to relevant directories to improve your online presence and increase geo-relevancy.

Sign up to some online business directories where you can place a link to your site and its NAP (name, address & phone number). The tactic works best for local businesses.

Another benefit of link building through citations is pricing, where most links may cost you between several hundred dollars to a few thousand per link. However, citations usually go for about 5 dollars each.

e). Broken Links

Broken link building is a strategy where you discover the broken links on the pages of a popular site in your industry and create better content about the same topic on the broken page. Then, suggest the site owner replace the broken link with your new content.

These broken link-building strategies work because dead links have a terrible user experience and most web admins try to avoid them while building links.

f). Brand Mentions

Brand mentions are the online citations of your brand or anything related to your brand where many may not link back to your website. The link-building strategy involves reaching out to any website that has cited your brand and requesting them to link back to your site.

Reaching out to the website will yield good results since the blog post’s author is already familiar with your brand and will willingly talk about your services.

g). PR Links

Create a unique angle about your business that people would be interested in knowing. Then, create a press release then distribute it to PR syndication sites for maximum exposure.

What are Link Building Tactics to Avoid?

Google provides users with the best pages to match their search queries because it’s in their best interest. However, some sites may dabble in link schemes where they will build unnatural links to their site.

While the sites may experience long-term gains in SERP rankings, these sites will experience an ultimate penalization since Google is now better at identifying inorganic links. Below are some weak link-building techniques and link schemes a respectable vendor shouldn’t offer.

a). Low-Quality Article Directories

You shouldn’t publish thin, low-quality spun content with a link to your site on or This technique used to work until 2011, when there was the Panda Update.

b). Low Quality “Link Building Packages.”

You should offer backlink packages that focus on the volume of links instead of their quality. These are composed of links built using a single type of low-impact link-building technique or a combination of link schemes.

c). Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

This is a black hat link-building tactic involving building a network of websites created to link out to other web pages. Post content with your site’s backlink on a network of blogs with one owner with high SEO metrics.

It is an obvious attempt to manipulate the search engine rankings. But unfortunately, most PBN providers will only rent links on such sites, and they will not stand the test of time.

d). SEO Press Releases

Press releases are written observing SEO and not because of how newsworthy they are. So, because of the frequency, it voids the effort put into placing them.

e). Blog Comments

Find blogs that will leave comments with a link to your site where it’s not illegal, especially if you mean to engage with the blogger and the readers. However, some spam blogs have generic comments with links to their sites.

f). Web 2.0 Platforms

This is an outdated link-building strategy that involves setting up a blog and creating articles with the idea that you can piggyback off the domain authority. This is an ineffective method where most service providers spam many links, which doesn’t work.

g). Low-Quality Directories

Submit your site to the online directories that users rarely visit. Unfortunately, this technique will not yield results, and it’s also time-consuming, and you have to wait for months for the guides to publish a submission.